Monday, December 7, 2009


Something I'm going to do with my students is make big lists on poster paper of the presents I would give them if I was a billionaire. So I thought I'd do the same thing for you. Here goes:
SuKnitWitty: a round trip ticket to Denver, so you and I could go antiquing and a Smart Car
Flavia: a big pile of money for a fancy dinner with your husband, in the city (I'd fly over and babysit the kids) and a big table for dining outside
Gigi: a massage at the spa - one per week for a year! champagne
Maggie: a trip to Idaho for a retreat at Mary Jane's Farm (she looks like a fancy farm girl!)
Scrappy Quilter: loads and loads of the prettiest quilting fabric ever and a cozy, pink wing chair
Lisa: one year of financial support so you can write a book
Deborah: an expensive camera lens of your choosing and some delicious art supplies
Kerri: a pretty little motorcycle, a scholarship to writing camp in the USA, and a side trip to Denver to see me
Heartfelt: a wonderful gypsy wagon so you and your husband can take those adorable children camping
Angela: a Norwegian cruise with Bob and $1000 dollars to spend on books
Aslaug: another trip to America, a year's worth of money so you can pray and think about what to do next
Barbara: a golden teapot to celebrate your fifty years of marriage, a fancy stove
Frances: a nice driver to do the school drop offs and pick ups and a weekend in NYC with "the man"
Karol: a new bed complete with the softest, sweetest linens AND another Shrinking Violet doll
LibbyQ: an angel to rock you to sleep, play with your hair, sing sweet songs in your ear and help around the house, quilting supplies, concert tickets
Elizabeth: a hot air balloon ride and a trip to Paris for dinner and a play
Elly: a new car and a new furnace
Sara: monthly deliveries of Godiva chocolate, a weekend of babysitting (I'm fun) so you and David could go to Martha's Vineyard and play Scrabble
Carolyn: unlimited supply of fabric, dye, paint, buttons, lovely threads, AND a trip to Hawaii
Helen: free yarn for the rest of your life, a trip to Denver to see me, fancy rose bushes for your garden
Cathie: a new motorcycle, a trampoline, binoculars
Aisling: money for an MFA from the academic institution of your choosing, a fancy new camera
Lynn: a gigantic gift card for shopping at Cath Kidston
Shannon: a trip to Mexico, a big gift card to Home Depot
Brad: a pipe store, a Jeep, cowboy boots, and a spiffy new guitar
April: unlimited yarn, a bigger kitchen, 200 DQ Blizzards
Jenny: bills all paid, a little nest egg so you can stay home with Sam if you want to
Kelli: a Honda Pilot and a bigger house
Jeff: a trip to Thailand, a new Mac Book
Kristi: a red canoe, more time for knitting, a trip to Phoenix to see Mom and Dad (I'll come, too)
Teresa: a Nordstrom shopping spree and a new bike
Robin: painters to finish the walls, a life time supply of bird seed, and a fancy pair of boots
Deb G: a sailboat, a fun weekend in Vancouver, BC
Andrea: a new house, unlimited books and the Anne of Green Gables DVDs
Debbie Bailey: a train trip across the USA with your daughter, new slippers
Tina: a pretty new coat that looks fabulous with dresses, a red car, and a few more teapots
Carol: a beautiful picture framed to your specifications, a Cowichan sweater, and a serenade from a barbershop quartet
Michela: a new bike, fancy colored pencils, unlimited bulbs and plants come springtime, fine wine
Wayside Wanderer: Yardley Lavender soap, a pair of song birds, dinner at the White House
Gretchen Joanna: a spiritual retreat in Colorado, a fancy pair of bookcases, roller blades
Sharon: tulips delivered once a week (red) and a helicopter ride over Mt. Rainer
Mary: unlimited air fare to California, tickets to The Messiah, a fancy Japanese fan
Baley Peterson: a summer stay at Lake Michigan and a great reading chair
Susan B: a trip to Sea World with the grands and a hula hoop
Karen in Ohio: a new warm coat and tickets to the Nutcracker, cupcakes
Katy: a date night with hubby, loads of fun school supplies
Susie: bunches of Christmas ornaments, a guitar, some gourmet cooking ingredients, and a batch of my sugar cookies
Reve: a garden fairy to dig and hold an umbrella to shade you, lunch at the Brown Palace with ME, fresh flowers EVERY DAY of Christmas break, a big HUG!
I hope I didn't forget anyone. If I did, let me know and I'll cook you up a big surprise!

Whew! I'm tired after all that shopping. It's hard keeping it all even! Just kidding. It's impossible to keep it all even, isn't it? I hope you like your presents.

Wasn't that just as nice as actually receiving the gifts?

Please forgive me if I sound a little spacey. I really should be putting grades in the grade book and now I've spent hours blogging and I'm too tired to do my school work.

Time to hang up my Santa hat and get back to work.


SuKnitWitty said...

Oh Boy! First on your list and First to say Thank-you for thinking of me...SuKnitWitty. I will so enjoy a trip to Denver to go antiquing with you. Best of all I get to give you 'BigHugs' for all your sweet thoughtful gifts! Thank-you! Oh! Just one thing PomPom...could you ask Santa to pick me up on his way to Denver? Far as I know he has a perfect flying record and won't scan me for sharp objects...I'll need my knitting needles and scissors cause we are going to have time to knit together. XXXOOOSue

Bradley Maston said...

What a wonderful Christmas! You are such a thoughtful gift giver! You picked the perfect gifts for me and April! Now we just need to get you a couple of billion dollars! You are the most wonderful Santa ever! I hope the final weeks of school aren't too demanding!


Elizabethd said...

Well, what a surprise! I'm not sure about the balloon ride, having no head for heights, but yes please to the Paris trip! What a kind thought.

All things bright and beautiful... said...

Oh yum - I love pressies!
Well what would I do then - well I'd invite you all to come to the Cath Kidston shop with me and we'd all have CK gifts (well you did say it was a huge gift card - lol!!)

Gigi said...

I do declare Pom, you are the most thoughtful, insightful girl I think I 'know'. I DO LOVE massages and it's been way too long since I've had one, but you know that, don't you!?
Now I must think of the perfect gift for you -- hmmmmmm?
Bless you Friend,

Lisa Richards said...

I'm not sure if you remembered me or not! LOL! I think that's a different Lisa, because you probably didn't know that I want to write a book. But I sure did enjoy reading the post!

I love your little Santa decorations!

Deborah said...

Pom Pom, you are so thoughtful! Thank you for the wonderful gifts :0)! My imagination went wild having fun with them! I enjoyed reading the entire list. I'm sure your students will enjoy this too.

Praying you have a wonderful week!


Angela said...

Gosh thanks- the cruise will give us a chance to relax and read all the books. and I may get to fulfil a lifelong ambition to see the northern Lights.
What a generous soul you are!!
love and blessings x

libbyquilter said...

you are truly amazing and i agree with Bradley when he says that you are a most thoughtful gift giver. i feel hugged and loved and completly cherished ~ thank you so much~!!!~

i would like to reciprocate your "gift" by sending you unlimited time with your grandchildren listening to their sweet voices as they sing and play, a boost of extra energy and good health to get you through your school year as you continue to nurture and teach those young minds, a new art journal and carry along supplies so that you might continue with that creative fun, candles, quiet time and a chocolate for each and every evening that you need it and last but not least a matching concert ticket (to mine)~!~ i've always wanted to see the Nutcracker ballet performed by professionals . . . are you up for that~!?!~
thank you again for a putting a happy smile on my face and the Christmas spirit in my heart.


MamaF said...

Oh Pom Pom i'm quite easy to tears and when my husband will come down he will wonder about my teary eyes and smile all together :). Thank you so much, being remembered in such a sweet sweet way is a priceless gift.
I'm so happy to know you !

Have a wonderful week !


Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! How wonderful...thank you Pom Pom! I love the sound of the pretty new coat! I could do with more teapots to make you lots of cups of tea! This was a very cute post, I loved reading know us all so well, don't you?

You have the biggest and best heart in the world dearest Pom Pom! I hope you have the best Christmas ever!


debbie bailey said...

I'll be looking for the train tickets in the mail! Darcie would LOVE riding a train. Me too. How did you know I needed slippers? I just bought some new ones, but they've stretched so much I can't even keep them on. Make them black or navy, please. Have a wonderful Christmas, Pom Pom!

åslaug abigail said...

I did like it. Very very much! And even if I'm not a billionaire, I'd like du send you a Christmas card, so do you mind sending me an email?
aaslaugskj AT hotmail DOT com

And if I WAS a billionaire, I'd wrap myself up and have someone send me over to give you billion hugs, and I'd bring a cup of tea, two actually (just hoping that it won't spill on me while I'm being sent over, and hoping it's still warm when I arrive). And then I'd try to tell you (without crying) hown incredibly thankful I am for the gift of your friendship, and... well, I'll have to think. While I go to work and start earning that billion!!

scrappy quilter said...

Awe that is just the sweetest list. If I could get you something it would be a book contract so you could publish a book. Your words are God's words to us. Hugs

Barbara said...

I can see why you spent so much time blogging today. Quite an extensive list.
If I had a big win onsomething (not much hope as I do not do any lottery or anything) apart from what I would do for others, for myself I would just like to travel in comfort.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pom Pom ~ You are so sweet to think of us all! Two of my favorite things ~ flowers and the mountains!! :)

I so appreciate the gift of your friendship!!


Sara Padrusch said...

You are the sweetest girl ever! That list made my whole week!

Love you!

Country Life said...

Thank you for my wonderful gifts!! My daughters and I have had The Nutcracker on our list of things to do for many years now. I'll have to tell them it's all arranged. :0)

I do need a jacket with the windy weather we've been having. My farmhouse windows are so drafty!!

Thank you most of all for thinking of me and for bringing a big, no huge, smile to my face when I saw my name on your list.

Blessings to you, my friend.

~Karen in Ohio

GretchenJoanna said...

Pom Pom, thank you for the gifts! The bookcase is my favorite, but all of them are good. When I go on the retreat in Colorado, I will be sure to stop by and see you. That way you can coach me in my roller-blading.

You are right, it's as good as getting the actual gifts, and maybe even better, because not being distracted by traveling and such, I can sit here and bask in the attentions of a kind friend.

Angela, if you are reading this, I often want to comment on your blog but I don't think it can ever happen until you switch your comment format to pop-up. I loved the story of the lost keys. It was so heartwarmingly funny with a satisfactory ending!

Kerri said...

I'm just giggling thinking of myself riding a motorcycle! I bet I would wobble a lot! I love the idea of writing camp, I used to want to be a writer when I was little. Best of all I would love to visit you in Denver! How exciting would that be! You never know, cross your fingers.

I wish you all the love and joy and support that you give to everyone you meet to come back to you tenfold! I think you probably already have that. When I was 10 years old we lived in Michigan for 16 months and you remind me a lot of my favourite teacher there. She was pure love, as are you. Thank you for being you!