Thursday, December 17, 2009

Be a Who

I like the Grinch movie with all the lovely Whos. I liked their clothes and their baubles. The older Grinch film, the animated one, was the best though. The Whos loved and cared for each other even though the presents and all the trimmings were gone, thanks to the grinch. People are hurting about now . . . a student came in crying yesterday. She'd had a hard morning because her dad got mad at her for listening to a radio station that is taboo in their house and then she was pelted with a football as she walked into school. Her sad eyes were REALLY sad. She isn't looking forward to a "broken home" Christmas vacation. Yesterday we did the gift thing I told you about. I'd already done it with three classes and this last class LOVED their "gifts" and were hilarious "giving" each other gifts. I laughed! They are FUNNY! We played the mailman game, where they write notes to each other with no talking and no harassing the mailman as he or she delivers the notes around the room. They left happy. Two more days before they go home to their lives. I hope their parents are good-hearted Whos. Wasn't Dr. Seuss smart? He named the people in his story the Whos. Who am I at Christmas time? What do I care about or more importantly, WHO do I care about? I like people. I like you. Be a Who.


åslaug abigail said...

Oh, it's very true (and very easy to forget for those of us more fortunate) that for a lot of people(invluding children) Christmas is the time they DON'T look forward to. Simply because Christmas is a lot about family. And when your family is HURTING themselves, HURTING you, then Christmas HURTS. I'll be praying for your student, I'll be on a train tomorrow. Seven long hours on the train is like MADE FOR: Praying and knitting =)

Hope you have a good weekend,
Pom Pom,
I enjoy your blog so much.
I enjoy your
so much.
I enjoy
Thanks for being my friend!


MamaF said...

You're always so sweet and caring.
I am myself living in a sort of ... how explain ... two faced Christmas time. I'm enjoying it and loving it with my family : children and husband. But I find it still hurting as a doughter. Actually it's pretty weird, as a kid we didn't give any Christian meaning to Christmas (!) so it was just a fun day with presents. As an adult, when i started living (not only Christmas ) as a Christian, i started having huge problems with my mother, since she never accepted this. So usually during Christmas time i feel so torn in two, but of course i try as much as possible to let the light of love and peace and joy shine and cancel the shadows so to say :)

It's so good to know you :)


Anonymous said...

You are so full of love pom pom, I'm so glad I met you in blogland!

I've never seen the grinch film, but I read some of the dr.seuss books as a child.

It must be wonderful for those students to have YOU as their teacher! :)

Gigi said...

You good teacher, you! It's mind boggling how many sad stories there are out there, isn't it?
My home bound students are all sad cases, and frankly, I'm more concerned with what I can do to brighten their days a little bit, and maybe take their minds off their misery for a few minutes, than with how much they accomplish with their 3 R's.
Keep spreading the joy, Mrs. Who!

Bear said...

I miss you Auntie Karen! Have a Merry Christmas. Love you.

Michela said...

I've felt many times like your student ..and maybe I'm still feeling like her.
Have a very merry Christmas!

Deborah said...

I'm sure you made some very special memories for your students. Don't you wish you could take each on of those hurting little ones in your arms and bring them home with you?

Blessings Dear Friend!

Bradley Maston said...

What fun!

The whos down in whoville, the tall and the small, love Pompoms blog. It's fun for them all!