Sunday, February 4, 2024

Nice February

Hi February friends!  I'm still working on the Beekeeper's Quilt, so I sewed the hexagons together and now I am more aware of how long it takes to make ONE hexagon because I have been attaching them as I go.  Oh well.  

Here is my basket of dollies.  When I am ironing I often pick them up, one at a time, and admire them.  Jenny said, "Your generation likes dolls."  Hmmmmm.  So?

This little sweetheart turned 15!  Now she has her learner's permit and can get behind the wheel! She was so little when I started this blog.  This blogging thing has gone on a long time!

 Bill is doing well.  He feels so good and he is very willing to go to all of his follow up appointments.  We're so grateful he's on the mend.

I have been sitting around a lot.  I've been reading and studying.  I have been knitting.  I even bought a log book to record my walks but I only have one walk recorded.  Yesterday it snowed so much but today is better - the snow is leaving. 

Remember we got a new mattress?  Well, it isn't a dream mattress at all.  It's foam, but it's hard.  Sometimes I wake up in the morning and groan.  Ouch! I'm not sure why I can't get it right. Bill doesn't complain, but I didn't want to choose too soft of a mattress so we have a mattress that is too firm.  Do you have this problem?  I think I could sleep well in the softest mattress there is available.  Jenny and Kelli have purple mattresses and they are very soft, but also very expensive.  I don't even like to sit on hard chairs.  I am always on the lookout for booths at restaurants and cushy chairs at other people's homes. End of complaint.  πŸ˜‚

I have soup in the crock pot.  I put in sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, onions, bacon, orange peppers, chicken broth, a can of cream of mushroom soup, almond milk, a little cheese, and salt and pepper.  Do you think it'll taste weird?  I'm going to go upstairs and taste it.  We might have to go fetch burritos for dinner!  LOL!

I dropped my apple watch and it cracked.  It doesn't work now.  I have had it a very long time and I have decided that I am fine without being tethered to 🍎.  Free!

I hope you have a happy love month!  I used to want to buy new heart things but I am over that now.  I might make heart cookies.

I hope you know you are loved by quite a few people.  I hope you know that you are loved by the King of kings.

Talk soon.


Julia said...

The Bee Keeper quilt would make a perfect seat cushion I think. It looks soft and cushy. I like to have a cushion on wooden chairs too. So much more comfortable.

I put a memory foam on my mattress and I love it. I sleep like a baby on it, but everyone is different. Kids grow up so fast and in no time they are ready to leave and go their own way. I find the time is slipping by too fast for my taste.

We had snow also but spring is not that far away.

Take care and stay well. Hugs.

Kim said...

Oh, look at all those happy, woolly hexies.... love them! Your Beekeeper's quilt is going to be beautiful, and cosy. Mattresses are difficult to decide upon. I like a firm (not hard) one with a lovely and soft cushiony part on top. It takes me forever to choose the right one. Oh, I know I'm loved by the King of Kings. =) Something for which I'm thankful and grateful for every moment of every day. Have a beautiful day beautiful Pom Pom♡

Julie said...

Hello dear Pom Pom. Yes we bought a soft mattress & The Mr didn't like it so we sold it & bought a medium ... he still doesn't like it but I won't get a firm one as they are so hard! Mattress's, like pillows can be difficult things. I think your soup will be wonderful & I love dollies too!!! xx

Granny Marigold said...

When we bought our mattress we both found it too hard so I bought a 2"foam which helped a lot. The foam has been replaced a couple of times but the mattress will last forever. ( It is 44 years old).

Sorry you dropped your watch and it broke. The same thing happened to my phone. I don't like getting used to new things.

Have a wonderful February πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Angela said...

When my husband had sleep apnoea we had two different mattresses side by side in the same bed frame. It was wonderful. You should investigate them. Now we have a medium /firm one from ikea which we both love.
After a somewhat turbulent January (lots of dental visits, and my very old car going away to Rust In Peace, I'm looking forward toa happy February full if Pancakes, and Children (my grands, and the holiday club - VBS - at chapel)

M.K. said...

Hi, Pom Pom! I didn't know Bill was unwell. I must've forgotten :( I hope he is fully mended soon.
We struggle with mattresses too. My son loves Memory Foam mattresses, so I bought 2, but I got the "medium" grade for firmness. It's a bit too squishy, and that makes my back ache a bit. Adam used to want as-hard-as-possible in mattresses, but now he wants soft! It's a struggle!
I'm dyeing wool, spinning, and knitting (a chunky brown sweater). Just started it. I'm a slow knitter.
Much love to you!!

happyone said...

The most comfortable mattress I've ever had was a feather bed mattress that you put on top of a regular one. I just sank down in it. Loved it.
Those are interesting knitted hexagons. :)

Jeanie said...

Your soup sounds great and the bee pattern is terrific -- can't wait to see it finished. It'sawful when you spend as much as one does on a mattress and it doesn't work for you. I need a new one.... but hate to go there!

Gretchen Joanna said...

I predict that you will like the soup. Please let us know! I ate soup for lunch and dinner today, two different kinds that were left over, and I think I have one more bowl full to eat tomorrow and then I must make a new batch without spinach or black beans or ham :-)

Once I slept for four nights at a monastery where the bunks were boards with no padding at all, and I had brought my sleeping bag but no pad. I was 20 years younger then, with a bad back, and I remember that I woke in the morning with sore hips, but that after I got up and walked around, for the rest of the day my back was overall much happier. That's when I realized I need a firm mattress.

I hope that your wakeup groans are short-lived. A friend of mine and her husband invested in the type of mattress that has individual controls for each side, but we never wanted to spend that much money for a bed...

ellen b. said...

Good to hear from you and Happy February to you. Mattresses are a hard thing to get right. Sorry yours is hard. Happy 15th birthday to your little sweetie. Good to read that your Bill is doing well. Take care!

Lowcarb team member said...

We have a medium mattress and I can remember when we bought it we were both encouraged to lay down and try it out to ensure it suited us ... and it does!

Can you believe it's the 8th of February already!

Take care, my good wishes.

All the best Jan


Your basket of dollies sounds delightful. It's wonderful to have little treasures like that to admire and enjoy, especially during tasks like ironing. Each dolly likely holds special memories or significance, making them even more precious.

Keep embracing the things that bring you joy, whether it's quilting, doll collecting, or any other hobby or interest. They're a beautiful expression of your individuality and passion.

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Kezzie said...

The soup sounds tasty! I'd give it a go.
I love the Hexagon quilt so far!
Your dolls are great. We all have things we love.
I like the reminder about the King of Kings! Thank you for that!xx