Friday, March 8, 2024

The March Wind Doth Blow

We've had a snowy morning, not the kind that piles up and requires shoveling, but the small wet sort of weather that reminds me that it is MARCH, not May. The daffodil painting was given to me by my sweet friend across the pond, Betty.  She is very talented.  I love it and I find it especially appealing this time of year.   We don't have things growing just yet.  I have not seen daffodils in the flower department at the grocery store.  

Easter is just over three weeks away and I am behind on my daily Lent study.  Lent seems to have gone by faster this year.  The book I've been using is titled, From Death to Life: 40 Days of Dying to Self and Living for Christ.  It's beautifully presented and I'm learning some important truths again and feeling so loved, so saved.

I made the bracelet below over five years ago. My friend Sondra was organizing a craft for a Bible study group I was going to and I jumped ahead, went to the craft store and made my bracelet.  Everyone else's bracelets were delicate and shiny, unlike my rather bold and simple version.  I do like it.
There is NO Irish soda bread at our grocery store.  Why?  I think the people who run our local store are not happy.  I get the feeling that they are all sort of tired and there is no creative vision evident in the displays.  We rarely see hot cross buns either.  I shall make some.  I've done it before and they did not turn out beautiful, but I think they might be prettier this time around.  Have you been in any happy shops lately?  I love yarn shopping but most yarn shops I have visited are not welcoming or cheerful.  Why is that?  Other people have said the same thing, so I know it's not just me.
Oh!  Our grandchildren are almost grown ups. Yikes!  That happened very fast.  They are LOVELY and smart and faith-filled, but Noah is our youngest and he is SEVEN years old.  I could be a great grandmother within five years possibly!  I guess it's okay to look like an old granny now.  LOL!
Thank you for stopping in, friend.
I hope your March holds the promise of spring!  Let's not forget to buy kites.  No, the grocery store doesn't have kites yet!
I might drop a suggestion or two in the suggestion box (maybe I'll make an old fashion suggestion box and leave it on the service counter, with a few of my ideas inside).  Ha!
Sending love and cheer xo 



happyone said...

Lovely to see a post from you. :)
Shops around here are still friendly. That's what comes from living in a very small town.
We've been having spring like weather, but I'm sure we will see some snow again.

Granny Marigold said...

Hi PomPom!!! It's a lovely surprise to see a post from you. I hope Spring comes to your neck of the woods soon and brings lots and lots of daffodils and tulips and whatever else your heart desires.
I've never tried Irish Soda bread; maybe I will find a recipe and make some.

Happy Spring πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
Spring has sprung here and the daffodils are dancing at thr roadside but it is still cold and we have had such a lot of rain. People are moaning about the rain. I have been on a reading marathon so hardly noticed the weather! My Lent course is at church on a Wednesday.
Lovely to read your news.
Love Lynn x

Between Me and You said...

How lovely of Betty to send you the beautiful card. I'm always telling her she should think about selling them. She's very modest about her art. Very easy to make soda bread. They say you should cut a cross on the top to let the fairies out!Our local store is selling lemon and blueberry hot cross buns. Unfortunately they're delish!My very face job was in a lovely local yarn store a few years back.There was always a lovely atmosphere. Sometimes people have just been in a job too long and lose their enjoyment or passion for working there and this current economic climate is very difficult for any business.No wonder so many close up shop. Daffies in abundance here. So heartwarming, just like your posts, Dear Pom. Finding it hard to accept the grands are sprouting so quickly! Clinging on to the 9yr old and 3yr old! The 15yr old gets more and more independent! She's even got a weekend job!(Pays for her nails and a myriad of skincare stuff).Still cold here even on the bright blue sky days.Much

ellen b. said...

Hello dear lady. Happy March to you. Yes, Easter is early this year and will be quite a bit later next year. Our oldest granddaughter turns 7 on the first day of Spring and our youngest grandson will turn 5 in April. They will be our only two and we are thankful for them both! I'll have to keep an eye out for a bunch of daffodils to buy to cheer up the last days of winter. Hope you have a lovely day!

Julie said...

We are going into autumn here now Pom Pom - its wonderful to feel the cooler air & to get to wear a cardigan. Us Grannies love to wear cardies. Bettys paintings are so wonderful - I love her work. xx

M.K. said...

Pom Pom, I have noticed that yarn shops are not the cozy friendly places they ought to be. The exception (to me) is a new fiber studio that's opened 30 minutes from me. She sells lovely yarn, but also fiber for spinning, and teaches ladies knitting, and has a tea station and comfy wing-back chairs in a circle, and a long table for sitting together, knitting, and chatting. I wish I lived closer. She's been so helpful.
Our daffodils are spent, and now the forsythia is in full bloom, the Bradford pears, and the Japanese magnolia is also. No snow for us!

Kezzie said...

So special to have faith-filled grandchildren! That's brilliant!
The daffodil painting is beautiful!xx

Lowcarb team member said...

Isn't the year going quickly, and it's only March!
We've just celebrated Mothers Day in the UK and I have been fortunate to spend time with family.

The daffodils are all blooming well here now, such a cheery sight.
My good wishes.

All the best Jan

Bonnie K said...

I like your suggestions. Too many trees here to fly a kite.

Elizabethd said...

A very pretty daffodil painting. My garden is so full of them right now, so cheerful.

Gretchen Joanna said...

Your grocery store is definitely in need of a consultant such as you. And yours is the second prompt I've received that makes me want to bake up some Irish Soda Bread. I think I'll do it tomorrow morning to take to our Sisterhood meeting to share.

I know how you feel about the grandchildren -- I hope your grandchildren stick around Colorado so you can be with your greats-to-come a LOT! <3