Thursday, March 14, 2019

One Mermaid Tail Down

One mermaid tail down, five more to go.  Do you like the water-y over skirt?  

You may have seen on the news that Colorado got a lot of snow (airport was shut down).  Tim is cold and tired of freezing temps.

 I found a baby picture of Timothy.  Can you believe how cute that face is?

 I made granola and it tastes so good, but makes me feel a little blah.  I think I'll give it to Jenny's family.  Gluten free oats still have gluten as it so happens. 
 Still loafing around on the heated blanket.  Soon the heated blanket will be put away.  Tim will miss it. I probably will, too! 
 If I could ever get away from my multiple knitting projects and sewing responsibilities, I might work some of my cross stitch kits.  Yikes! 

 Old ping pong tables are nice for cutting fabric.
 Do you love purple potatoes? I do.  I think I need to buy a new pan, don't you?

 I made some cookies with almond flour AND coconut flour (and a little of that Italian flour) and they are pretty tasty.  They aren't pretty, but tasty.  Isn't it a little scary that some of the food additives were invented to make our food look better but not actually BE better for US?
 It was a pretty amazing snow storm!  This is over at Jenny's house. 
 I ordered some Icelandic Lopi wool from The Woolly Thistle.  Isn't it pretty?  More pinky purple.  I can't resist.

I really do love to do things that are homey and involve sitting (lol) but soon the weather will be bright and cheery and I'll go outside more.  
Thank you for stopping in to see what I've been up to.  I'm so thankful for my blog because I can go back and back and back and look at all of our doings and see growth.  I believe God's hand is clearly evident both in the seen and the unseen.  Encouraging.
Take care, good visitors.


Kit said...

I am so glad you posted!I have been wondering how you fared with the cyclone. Good to hear you and yours are okay. It missed us and we are supposed to get up to the high 40's this weekend. I hope it warms up for you. :) Kit

Kim said...

Love your mermaid's tail and yes the concoction of watery overskirt is fabulous! Those mermaids will glide through the water ever so beautifully. =) Surely not more snow. Oh well, it looks as though you can cosy down and enjoy some more knitting and snuggle time with your Timothy. He was such a sweet little kitten, wasn't he.

Julia said...

Your mermaid costume looks amazing and the fabric is so appropriate... I hope that we will see your granddaughter model it.
I love those cute granola jars. Too bad the granola doesn't agree with you.
I can't believe that you have another knitting project on the go. You must be a quick knitter,
I'm not a fan of potatoes with purple flesh but I love purple potatoes with white flesh. I roast them in my oven with olive oil, salt, and pepper. I know they all taste the same but I'm a bit old fashion I think. I am a little uneasy at what they do to change the colors of veggies and potatoes.
I hope this is your last big storm. Spring is so very close.
Hugs, Julia

GretchenJoanna said...

Haha - I see that we both showed photos showing our hands and the book that we were reading, you under a blanket and me under the sun! My son's family in CO were without heat because of that storm and I think that if the outage had been longer than a day they'd have had to go to a hotel. They are very thankful for a house!

Your cookie looks good to me, without the additives. I'm sure that's because I can imagine how tasty it is, from the way it look and your mentioning the ingredients. On the other hand, if it were all covered with icing and brightly colored, I wouldn't be attracted to it, because of my long experience. ;-)

I am pretty amazed by your costume design.

Terra said...

The mermaid tail costume looks just like a real mermaid, I know, I saw one once. Well, not really. You would like the restaurant I had lunch at last week, no gluten in the whole place. They make tacos using a tortilla made of flours like coconut and almond, etc. and organic pasture raised beef and wild fish, etc. Delicious.

Granny Marigold said...

Six mermaid tails! And the one you made is adorable too. I wonder if you'll make them all alike.
Have you thought of getting a cast iron pan? They last forever but they sure are heavy.

Wood Fairy said...

looks fun making mermaid tails. noticed the comment above mine, I have le creuset pans, they are heavy being cast iron, but last a lifetime, mine have a non stick coating, although they are from france I think you would get them in the USA or similar. They are really good.

Farm Girl said...

So much snow!! I do love that color of wool! Oh my gosh what cute mermaid tails!! I am so impressed. Were they hard? I know my granddaughters would love those. Every thing looks cozy and I love the baby picture of Tim.
Have a delightful day, I hope you aren't buried in snow.

happyone said...

I should do a counted cross stitch project too. I have a few ready to do.
Never had purple potatoes but I love potatoes cooked any way!
Didn't know about all your snow. Ours is all gone and we've had some nice warm days, BUT that could all change. We usually are still getting snow into April.

Gumbo Lily said...

The mermaid tails are so cute! Well done! So you are going gluten free? Do you feel better without it? I hope you warm up soon, and I hope we do too. I'm ready for spring.

M.K. said...

I meant to say last time that yes, I do think our flour/bread products here in the US are sub-par. There are quite a few foods that US companies sell here with inferior ingredients ... but they sell better versions overseas to countries with higher food standards who won't allow the kinds of additives our gov't still allows. It's very sad. Yes, some of our food is so bad for us, and I think it contributes to our general poor health in the US. I was thinking of my high school graduating class in 1981. I don't think there was a single obese student, among the 63 of us. A few were a little chubby, but nobody back then was really huge. We've done something to our food and to our bodies, and I don't think there's much political motivation to change it back. Very sad.

Your pink wool is so pretty! I'm knitting a baby blanket (no surprise!) for the grandboy on the way.

Lisa Richards said...

We're finally getting some warmish weather to melt our snow, but we have a loooong way to go. Love the mermaid tale! Where do you find those cute jars for your granola? Knit, read, knit, read! :)

ellen b. said...

Your still young but I think the older we get the more we will appreciate going back on our blogs and seeing what was what! :)
That looks like quite the blizzard you got. Glad you have indoor hobbies to keep you busy. We've gotten some Spring like temps and lots of sunshine the last couple of days! Happy weekend to you.

Marcie said...

You have a lot of fun things going on indoors. I keep sneaking outdoors, bundled up and watching my step on the still icy surfaces. Craving spring! Thanks for sharing your special kind of cozy!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

It has been a crazy winter for sure, and we are all ready for spring here too! Looks like you and Tim have had a lot of cuddly moments together! And I love the gorgeous new wool you have on your needles! We have had a tremendous amount of snow here this winter as well, and now spring is warming things up, which has been really nice! So nice to visit with you today :) Blessings!

Jeanie said...

You are on the way to being mistress of mermaids! I adore sweet Timothy!

Kezzie said...

The mermaid tail is wonderful! You are so clever!!! I am impressed!
Tim is my favourite- he is such a cosy cat!!! Your icelandic wool is beautiful and ebullient!
Woooh, so much snow1!! I feel quite chilly at the thought of it!
Purple potatoes!?!??!x

Marcie said...

It has been a while since you posted. Hope that all is well. Thinking of you! :)