Monday, May 1, 2017

Yay for May

Happy May!  It's so good to see blue sky, sunshine, and green grass!

Thank you for your prayers for Noah.  He slept for two hours on Saturday morning (our usual time with James and Noah).  Tim kept watch.

Plum Cake likes lipstick.  Pretty!

My neighbor's lilac.  Don't you love the dark variety?

Little Miss Plum Cake (Lizzy) likes taking photos of her shoes.  A future blogger, maybe?

And we have another Susan Branch fan . . . 

I found these white lilacs when I was walking around the neighborhood.  I don't think I've ever seen such lovely whites! 

It snowed all day Saturday.  Yeah, no fun.  We're over snow here.  

After Noah finished his bottle Tim found it quite interesting.  

Last weekend (when it wasn't snowing) I watched a bumblebee work.  He really danced to the music, didn't he?

I have book club this week (a little cleaning and tidying needed) and a sleepover with Samantha.  She has a day off on Friday so Thursday night she'll stay with us.  We have fun plans.
James is turning three this week!  He's excited about his birthday!
Aria turned 7 on Sunday!  She's getting to be so grown up.  Argh!  Babies stay babies such a tiny amount of time.  
Later this month I am staying with Kelli's three girls because they are going to Chicago for a few days.  I have to learn how to care for Bawn Bawn the bunny before then!  
I'm glad it's May.  When I was teaching middle school May held way too much fizz.  I like the idea of a mellow May.
I am glad my calendar isn't full of all kinds of craziness.  We're trying to keep it that way.
What does your May look like?
Thank you for dropping in!


Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Pom Pom, Thanks so much for commenting on my blog and listing me on your side bar! My favorite color of lilac is lavender. For our daughter's wedding she had an arbor with freshly cut lavender lilacs in it! I think your kitty wants a bottle to drink too! Why is it all little girls love red lipstick! How old is your oldest grandchild! I am glad that you can keep up to them! Nancy

M.K. said...

I'm a wee bit jealous of your gorgeous lilacs. We can't grow them here :( On the other hand, we also can't grow that much snow, haha! That photo of Plum Cake in the lipstick!!! Oh my -- you MUST make a copy of that and put it in a little frame. It's a real keeper, and if you don't make a hard copy (I've learned from experience) it seems to get lost in ye olde blogge and is so hard to find again.

May? We have Julia graduating high school without any hoopla. Then she starts summer job hunting. Lots of college hoops to jump through. The wedding coming up and a big trip up north for that. Finishing working during the school year. A church picnic on our farm. That's about it!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

So far nothing much happening in May, so far LOL.

Such beautiful pictures of your grands. Love the lipstick and yes you should make a copy and put it in a frame. Hope the baby is better and up and doing all sorts of great things.

Happy Birthday to all your little grands. You are so luck to have as many as you have. I only have 1 and wish I had a dozen.

Your lilacs are stunning. They don't do well in SO CA as we do not get a frost and I believe you need that for that bush. We always had some on the farm and oh the smell was wonderful.

Hope your snow is gone for good. Have a wonderful week.


Henny Penny said...

I love the Lilacs! and that little Plum Cake is adorable. You do have the cutest grandchildren!!

NanaDiana said...

Those kiddos are just adorable. Love the lipstick!! lol Those white lilacs you found are amazing. Usually the white ones are kind of 'sparse' looking around here and not nearly as full as the purple ones. Have fun with all the kids and their doings. It does keep us young, doesn't it? Those 'little' years go way tooo fast....xo Diana

ellen b. said...

That color of your neighbor's lilac is so gorgeous. I think we are only getting 3 blooms on our lilac this year. Yeah for a good sleep for Noah. He's such a cutie. Love those shoes! So sweet. I will be traveling the end of May to visit my dear old pop for his 94th birthday. Happy May to you!

Gumbo Lily said...

How can it be that Sweet Baby James is going to be 3? Babies really don't stay babies very long. Love seeing your sweetie pies.
Hooray for May! And Bees and Blooms!

Debbie Harris said...

Look at that gorgeous deep lilac, WOW!
I thought of you this weekend when I heard that you were getting snow, and snow you did!
The last week has been so cold, wet and snowy for us here. My husband and I had started painting our home and the buildings on the property making great progress until we got shut down with the weather. :( we're hoping to pick back up this week, but it looks like some of the same weather as last week. Oh well... inside chores are getting accomplished.
We picked up our new bunny yesterday and he's gorgeous!! He's 5 weeks old and such a joy after losing our dear Lakota in January.

Happy May to you ♡

Julie said...

Hello dear Pom Pom, your lilacs in your post look so amazing, I wish the screen was scratch-n-sniff!!! Your little Noah is growing up so fast. I close my cottage for June & July & I was just thinking today - 2nd May here - that if I didn't have a Group booked to come, I would close it for May as well. It is cold here now & beginning to get a little gloomy. I lit my first fire today & the house is toasty & warm. xxx

Cat Lover said...

Hi Pom Pom, lovely photos of Timothy and Noah. Glad to hear Noah is on the mend.
Your lilacs are blooming and you received snow on Saturday. That must have looked very strange!
Our lilacs won't be out for a couple weeks yet.
May is a little busy here. A good friend is moving into our neighbourhood so we are helping with that. I also have a visit from a very dear friend to look forward to mid May.
Take care.

Julia said...

Oh my, your lilacs are gorgeous, mine are just in buds still. Wow, the lilacs are blooming and you got snow. How unusual that must be...

I'm starting May with a week of vacationing at my daughter. I so need some down time. Then there is gardening and planting early crops and lawn mowing.

Little girls grow up way too fast don't they . Little Noah is resting beautifully. Maybe the prayers helped.
Have a great week with your lovely family.
Hugs, Julia

Happy@Home said...

I can imagine it will be very nice for you to have a mellower May. I remember how busy that month was when my boys were in school.
Adorable pics of your grandchildren. I smiled at the shoe shots and Plum Cake's fondness for lipstick :).
The lilacs are all gorgeous. Enjoy them while they are taking their turn in the spring spotlight.
Happy May... Yay!!

Jennifer Hays said...

The lilacs are all so pretty. I don't think I've ever seen the dark kind before, how beautiful. Loved seeing the grandchildren. They're growing quickly. I'm glad Noah is feeling better. I hope you're having a good week so far.

Farm Girl said...

I wish I lived where I could see lilacs like you do. I think its just too hot. You captured so many beautiful colors.
I like your May now. Its nice to have you home all year. Thank you so much for inviting us into your life. I am so glad Noah slept two hours. I bet it was the little kitty motor running. That is a cute picture with Tim playing with the bottle. I can't believe that James is going to be three. I love Plum Cake and her makeup.
Have a lovely day. Your book club will be fun.

Melanie said...

Beautiful lilacs! My favorite flower. I still prefer the lighter color lilacs but the deep ones and the whites are gorgeous as well. Cute Plum Cake. The kids do grow way too fast! Have a blessed day.

happyone said...

I love all the colors of lilacs. There are so many of them in town that walking down the street I can smell them. : )
I too like May. It has wonderful weather. AND it's my birthday month. Not that I'd like another birthday already!! They roll around fast when you get old. : )

Granny Marigold said...

Plum Cake with her delightfully red lipstick is SO cute. You're right about them staying little for such a short time.
Today I had a surprise visit from my second oldest GD who lives and works in New York. We see her so seldom so her visits are extra special but also make me sad once she leaves because it will be a long time until I see her again. I think May will be a quiet month for me. I like quiet times so that's good. Take care.

elizabeth said...

lovely! yes, they stay little for such a short time! but what an important time! God bless you this May!! It's such a wonderful hope-filled Month!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Oh I love the gorgeous white lilacs! They are unique, I haven't seen any like those either! And such precious pictures of your grands, so funny to see Plum Cake with lipstick on, lol... and the shoe pictures too! Sounds like you have a busy but good May ahead, so much nicer than the deadlines in May when you are teaching! My kids are in their last week of college for the year, and finals next week, we will be very glad to have them back home for the summer! Our spring blooms are starting here, and I'm excited! Hugs to you today, have a blessed and lovely week!

Jeanie said...

Thanks so much for coming by Marmelade Gypsy to say hello! What a lovely family you have. I love those little shoe photos and your sweet cat, too! Happy week,

GretchenJoanna said...

I saw some lilacs like that in Oregon a couple of years ago and took a slew of pictures trying to capture their specialness. Then I forgot about them, and here they are on your blog!

You are so busy with the little ones, but what a joy they are to you. One of my "baby" grandsons is getting married this week - how's that for shocking! Yes, it will happen to yours, too, before you know it... XO

Marcie said...

Yay for May indeed, although my calendar is full of book signings and public speaking, getting a garden in, spring cleaning the house, etc. lol! I will DEFINITELY be taking time to smell the roses (or whatever manages to bloom here in the north during May.) I wish you a lingering, comfortable month, dear Pom Pom!

Lisa Richards said...

Beautiful lilacs and grandkiddos! I hope to have a pretty mellow May as well. I'll get to see my first born son and meet my future daughter-in-law on Memorial Day weekend. Other than that I hope to enjoy May like a retiree!! :) Enjoy your leisure, my friend! XXOO

Deb said...

Hi I love your spring flowers. Colorado is so pretty in the spring. Cool weather and lots of flowers! Fun week with the grandkids. Hope you have a great weekend.

Wood Fairy said...

May here is much colder than it should be, a hard frost wiped out my jasmine and geraniums, I planted a lilac last year and it is growing fast, no idea what colour to expect! Have fun with those small people. Betty x

Deb said...

Aw...your grands are so cute. I think that little Plum Cake would have me laughing. I am anxiously waiting on our lilacs; not long now. Right now we could use an Ark to get out of here. "Hi Tim"

Kit said...

Our lilacs are just getting buds and it looks like we won't have blossoms for another week or so. Have a great time with your grands! :) Kit