Friday, May 12, 2017

Mother Stuff and Knitting

 Isn't this sweet? Obviously it's from  Isn't it nice to think about your mama hanging clothes out on the clothesline?  My granny did it, too.  We hang clothes and linens on the line when the weather is bright and breezy.  It's part of the summer routine.  I love my mama and my granny for the way they took on domestic duties with such gusto.  Everyday doings became markers and accomplishments.  

I wish I could share a cake with my mama on Mother's Day.  Beam me to Washington! 

I'm still thinking Brambly Hedge when I plan changes for our family room.  Curtains to add softness, hanging mugs, hanging dried flowers (or silk flowers) and a small hanging cupboard or two would make for overall mouse coziness. 

Noah and I played in the basement on Monday.  I have intentions of moving my ironing station and my sewing machine down to the basement.  It's one of the few carpeted areas in our house so when Noah tips over, he is assured of a soft landing.  He was quite busy with the old toys.  I sat by him, criss cross applesauce.  

Even though I probably won't wear my Penguono sweater out around town (ha!) I love blending the wacky colors and working with soft fibers.  Can you see the welts?  They were intimidating at first, but I did it!  Now I know how!

Here's my knitting sidekick again.  

The 31 year old sweater is too big for Lizzy so I'll try it on Millie Rose the next time she visits.  We had to find yarn and a pattern to make a cardi for Lizzy.  It's a top down and should go really fast (probably faster than 31 years - lol!)

This morning I ironed three tablecloths and placed a white one on our battered picnic table.  I covered our dining table with a sunflower on a red background cloth.  The weather is warm, the skies are blue, and the birds are tweet tweet tweeting.  Soon we'll have the strong summer heat and backyard romping.  We are finally putting in our privacy fence which will be different after having 25 years of split rail fencing.  
I'm going to plant my bag o'zinnias this weekend!  I broke down and decided to plant a little summer squash, too.  It's tasty cooked on the grill.  No cucs.  I still have not recovered from the cuc/pickle tidal wave.

I'm still enjoying Keeping the Sabbath Wholly by Marva J. Dawn.  Reading her words is like enjoying a spiritual bath.  I'm also reading a bio (very old) of Beatrix Potter.  I know the story but I like the telling of it, over and over and over again.
I'm going to pull out my dear granny's diaries again because I find her daily records of her homemaker days absolutely delightful.  I am so thankful she penned her activities.
So on this Mother's Day I am overcome with thankfulness that I am blessed to be a mother.  I am thankful that our girls and our daughter in laws are blessed to be busy mommies and I'm ever so thankful for my own mother.  I love her face, her voice, her topics of conversation, her strong and steady faith in Jesus, her love for others. 
I'm meeting a friend for lunch today, so I had better get moving.
Thank you for stopping in to say hello!   


Julia said...

How fun to read that page from that old book and looking at the cloths on the line. I miss those good old slow days.

That kitty knows how to get the best sleep on that colorful sweater and Noah looks like a happy little guy with grandma always making sure he's safe.

Happy Mother's Day on Sunday.
Hugs, Julia

happyone said...

Lovely words.
I'm still hanging my clothes on a line outside. I don't even own a dryer.
Kitty sure looks comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Sweet illustrations. More time with dear little Noah. He's growing so fast. It would be nice to be beamed up to be with our loved ones on special occasions. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

Deb said...

Cute post, Pom. I hope you have a wonderful mother's day. "Hi Tim"

Susie said...

Thank you sweetheart, this post just made me smile and feel happy. I truly needed it too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

elizabeth said...

Delightful! Oh how neat to read those diaries!

Granny Marigold said...

Making changes in your family room a la Brambley Hedge sounds like a great idea. I can't wait to see how you accomplish that.

I wish my grandmother had kept a diary or even if I had had the forethought to ask her loads of questions while we still lived near to her.

Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Beautiful post Pom. I can remember helping my mother with the laundry. The old wringer washing machine and taking the clothes out to hang on the line. There is nothing better than drying your sheets outside. In the winter time we hung them in the basement. She would have loved the new washers and dryers now. So many wonderful memories of days past.

Have a wonderful Mothers Day and hope that your lunch was yummy. My girl friend took me out for lunch today as she doesn't drive so I take where ever she needs to go. We went to the Lazy Dog Restaurant in Brea, CA. You can take your dog, but you have to sit outside and it was delightful today.


Debi said...

I hang my clothes out when the weather permits. I just love the smell of clothes dried in the sun! Your sweater is lovely... I love the vibrant colors and doesn't it feel good to learn something new? I've never seen a pattern for a top down cardigan... can't wait to see yours when you finish it.

Kim said...

Monday was always wash day at my nan's house. I so loved helping her when I was a wee thing. Your Penguono sweater is a delight. I think it should be seen out and about. May your Mother's Day, sweet lady, be a wonderfully blessed one. Xx

Helen Philipps said...

Lovely verse reminding me of the same childhood sunny mornings in the garden with my mum hanging out the washing. How fascinating your grandmother's diaries sound...I love reading about everyday life and how things were done too.
Helen xox

Melanie said...

It's always so delightful to visit here! I think your idea of kitchen decorating is lovely. I love those colors. Your sweater is so pretty - all those pretty colors. I wish I could knit like that. I wish you could take a cake to your mother too. I'm sure she would love it. Have a lovely Mother's Day.

Jeanie said...

Noah is pretty darned adorable!

I know what you mean about Mother's Day -- I'd love to celebrate it with my mom, too! But you will be surrounded by loads of love, I think!

Farm Girl said...

It sounds like a wonderful day. I love all of your comfortable thoughts. I love your pictures and I love that you do what you love. You always makes me want to just cuddle in and be thankful.
I just finished a delightful few days of listening to The Railway Children again from Audible. Nothing makes me feel as calm as happy as that story.
That is a lovely book about a Mother. I think she is like you.
Noah is such a sweet baby. All of your little ones are. Have a wonderful weekend.

Gumbo Lily said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts about your mom and granny. I think you are a good mama too. The things that mean so much to you are telling about how you mothered your own children. And it's evident your grands are a huge part of your life. Lucky granddaughters who get the pretty knitted cardigans.
Happy Mother's Day to YOU dear Lady!

Kit said...

Happy Mom's Day! Love that sweater, and love hearing you talk about your Mom and Granny. :) Kit

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Happy Mother's Day! I enjoyed ready your blog post today.

Lisa Richards said...

I love the Brambly Hedge picture and the little mouse with cake!
The sweater is so pretty and cheerful!
I planted some summer squash and tomatoes yesterday and hope to get some petunias in the ground today. I may go back to the nursery and grab some taller plants, like hollyhocks perhaps. I have lots of day lilies coming up. Should be a riot of color!
I'm looking forward to dinner with the kids and grands. Happy mother's day!

Annesphamily said...

Love the poem and hanging clothes on the line. I learned to enjoy those household chores like laundry because my mom worked in the laundry as a young girl and then she worked cleaning homes for the rich people in our hometown. I love to do laundry. It is a good prayer time for me. No one around but God and me. Our youngest son always liked doing his own laundry and when he went off to college out of state, he was well prepared. I love all the photo shares and that sweet Noah. Oh joyful blessings for sure! I hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day! We were at the Rockies baseball game against the LA Dodgers. Both teams are excellent in their standings right now but I was happy our Colorado Rockies won the game. I appreciate your visits too. It is good to see you here. I have been backward this month with so much going on. I am hoping I will turn it all around. I love blogging so much so I don't want to lose those dear and faithful friends. Have a great week and take care! HUGS

Jayne M said...

I loved this whole post! So many things I love here - flowers, Beatrix Potter, old-fashioned anything.
I am looking forward to seeing your sweater. You can never have too much colour.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

What a lovely post! My Mom is in heaven but I sure miss my visits with her! At times I don't tackle my housekeeping habits with gusto! Love your kitty. We use to have one similar in color. Nancy

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

You always write the most interesting posts, just lovely little peeks into your world! I loved hearing about your grandmother's diaries, how precious that you have those! Your knitting projects are amazing as always! And Mr. Timothy always looks so cozy as he sleeps. I can't believe how fast Noah has grown, wow! He is such a cutie! Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day :)

ann said...

Hi Karen,I've been slow in commenting lately, so it was nice to just and enjoy your post. Noah is growing so fast and he is certainly a precious baby. Lots of work going on at your house. Do people really iron these days? I do. And I miss my clothesline. I remember hanging clothes with my mom. Not much snow here. Seems melt as it comes down. What about you?

magsmcc said...

Our Mother's day is in March, so it's lovely to be reminded again of thankfulness and its blessings! I am very inspired by the idea of recording daily domesticity. Actually, I like that very much. I so cannot wait to see this sweater.

Marcie said...

You've been quiet! Hope all is well and cozy in your corner of the world, Pom! Thinking of you today!

Nancy McCarroll said...

You just gave me a big old hug with your post, so here is one for you (HUG).

Have a wholly, holy wonderful Karen day tomorrow !