Monday, May 29, 2017

Photo Troubles

 I'm sorry I have been away so long.  When I went to our Kelli's to man the fort (they went to Chicago) I didn't take my laptop.  I was busy going back and forth to our house, cleaning up after dogs with upset stomachs, cooking, doing laundry, watching Scooby Doo movies and falling asleep on their sofa.  When I came home I had to serve on a jury.  I had no time to adjust to my home routine.  I was also TIRED.  I am still tired and my phone won't email my photos, so I haven't had pictures (which is my favorite part of blogging).
I found some lovely garden center photos.  I'm trying to get in the mood to do my planting.  

I'm sort of on information overload.  Do you ever get overwhelmed with all the new information, whether it comes via piles of books, learning new things, talking to people and answering messages, or simply fatigue?

I'll be back as soon as I get my iPhotos figured out.  It annoys me. This has happened before.  I'm a little tired of my phone. Remember the days before all the strings were attached to us?  If someone didn't answer the house phone, you just had to try again later.  
There was a lot of freedom in that, wasn't there?
I like my big camera for blog photos so maybe I'll just blog with the photos I take with it instead of my phone photos.  They are better photos anyway.
Okay.  Gripe. Gripe. Gripe.
Maybe it's nap time.
Take care!  Thank you for popping by!  


magsmcc said...

I find this hard with an iPhone, because our big computer isn't an apple and the two fruits don't mix. I ghost write my friend's business blog and she sends me whatsapp pictures phone to phone but I don't have email on my phone and find it impossible every time to get sorted. Hassle. I think you'll soon be ship and shape and pommery again soon after some decent rest and contemplation time. Pomme being French for apple.... I am in desperate need of contemplation time this week!

Julia said...

I can sympathize with you PomPom. It's nice going away but life catches up with us quickly.
Having gone away meant that I didn't start my own seedlings this year so I'll have to buy which is good as I will probably be planting less.

I hope that you listen to your body and make it a priority to just relax. Things has a way of falling into place.

Welcome back home.
Hugs, Julia

Farm Girl said...

I wondered what you had been doing. You have been sooo busy!! I hope you have a lovely nap. Jury duty ick!! Peter was too.
Its that time of year I guess. Yes, I have been feeling that way too.
I hope you have a lovely day. Not to mention get all of your pictures in working order. Here is a giant hug from me O

Nana Go-Go said...

Totally empathising with you. I thought that as we got older, we would have more time to do the things we really want to do and not just the things we HAVE to do which can sometimes fill up our days and weeks without us really noticing. I say you deserve a little R&R!! I also agree with you about the 'no strings' thing. Things were a lot quieter then. My 86 yr old Mother even has a mobile phone!!That's a hoot and a half, I can tell you. Have a good week, my lovely pal. xxxx

Kim said...

Oh I remember THOSE days very well. I rather liked getting home and pressing the button on the phone for the messages. Love the flowers at the nurseries. Have a lovely, unflustered week, lovely Pom Pom......hope your techno gadgets behave.

Granny Marigold said...

Welcome back. I missed you. I hope you get lots of rest and feel ready to tackle the stuff that needs doing!!

Kit said...

You sound like me when I get over tired. Rest up and before long you will be back to normal ready and willing to plant and enjoy the start of Summer. :) Kit

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Sounds like you had a very busy time away from your home. As we get older I think it takes us awhile to re-adjust back to our schedule.

Good luck with your phone. I just use my camera, it takes better pictures anyway.

Love all the beautiful flowers. I purchased 2 6 packs to put into a big pot when I get the energy.

No sleep last night due to the fireworks being set off. They were the big cherry bombs that are so loud. My dogs are terrified of them and they shiver and shake. Finally dropped off at 3:00 a.m. I am like a zombie today.

Enjoy your holiday and have a great week.


Deb said...

Technology can be frustrating! You have had a busy few weeks, so take a break and rest up! See you again soon!

Julie said...

Yes dear Pom Pom, I certainly DO get overwhelmed with information & technology. I use my big camera for all my blogging photos now .. I am more familiar with it. My son wants to teach me to use Instagram on my phone ... I keep telling him "yes you can Son, but one day soon when my head is a little emptier of all the information!!!". I am not sure that day will come any time soon !!!! I think you are just tired dear friend & need to have a break & a good rest. Sending Love xxx

Gumbo Lily said...

"strings attached to us"....that is the truth. I'm honestly thankful that I cannot get calls on my cell phone at home, but I can get texts. It was a simpler time when we couldn't be located at every moment of every day. I still have a house phone and I don't always answer that either. I'm outdoors a lot. No phone!

Your nursery photos are sure pretty. I went today and picked out a few flowers to plant in my pots and barrels. And then I heard someone say that we have a freeze warning out for tonight! I'm not planting flowers this evening.

I hope you get all rested up and re-energized soon. But go ahead and take your time. Enjoy that rest that you need.

happyone said...

Sounds like you have very busy.
Beautiful flowers.
I got a bunch of plants planted today.

ellen b. said...

It's good to get this off your chest. Hope you get some good refreshing rest! Blessings..

Tina said...

Yep, I know what you're saying! I just wanted to hop by and let you know that I'm blogging again, over at It would be great to catch up with you again, PP! Love, Tina xx

Jeanie said...

Being busy is a good thing, so good for you. (I hope the jury trial was at least interesting.) Your flower pix are great. We were at the greenhouse this weekend too. Loads of color!

Thanks for coming by the Gypsy -- I appreciate your visit all the more because you've been really flying!

Weekend-Windup said...

Sounds that you had really a tough time. Beautiful flowers which makes my eyes feel fresh:)

Henny Penny said...

I completely understand where you are coming from! Cell phones are wonderful, but I long for the old days when there was more time. Cell phones drive me crazy...there is no getting away. None! You have been so busy! Hope things settle down. Once you get in the yard and start playing in the dirt, you will feel better. The flower pictures are beautiful. I enjoyed them!

Kristi Burns said...

You need more rest PomPom! You are a Grammy with a servant's heart but servants need time to refuel. I agree with you on all the demands for our times due to Smart Phones. While it is nice to share portions of your life with friends and family, it cannot own you. Lake time teaches me to slow down and know God. As we age I believe God's wants more of us and we need quiet and rest to listen to Him. I love you!

Cat Lover said...

Hi Pom Pom, sounds like a very busy time for you! Hope you feel back to your energetic self soon.
I don't have a cell phone and tend to phone people on their home phones only resorting to their cells if it is something urgent.
Hope you get everything worked out with your camera.
Take care.

Pom Pom said...

You are all so kind and understanding! I have been taking some lovely photos with my camera. Yay! Thank you for commenting, sweet ones.

Beca said...

Running around busy all the time takes a lot out of you. It's like you fall out of your rhythm and it's hard to get back on it. Happens to me all the time. Thankfully school is out and things will slow down a bit.
xx Beca

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hope that you get your energy back and feel better soon! Maybe a few flowers planted will help you feel better. Nancy

Jean | said...

Karen, that's okay ("gripe gripe gripe"). I'm exhausted and on "information overload," too! I'm trying to get in the mood to plant, but it's just not happening.

M.K. said...

Bless you, Pom! Every few years it seems trouble crops up with our blog photos too. :( It's so hard to adjust to new technology, and it wearies me. As you say, there was real freedom (and privacy, and peace) in the old days before we were all connected to everybody and everything, all the time.
I'm pondering about making a couple of front porch potted assortments with some of the pretty flower types you have here. Bright annuals -- I usually avoid them, but I think it would be lovely to have some real color around here. I tend to have such utilitarian plants!

GretchenJoanna said...

I am enjoying my photo/message options, but so confused when I try to get photos back and forth between my PC and MacBook and iPhone. I need a tutor.

Also, I relate to your tiredness. It's interesting how different my own recovery time is, between a cross-country plane trip a few weeks ago, with no driving or little grands, and a road trip that of course included lots of driving, and several littles.

I hope you are feeling stronger every day, and that we both figure out at least a little more of our devices...