Monday, September 26, 2016

Yarn, Flowers, and Hygge

 I always forget that in the fall flowers look stunningly bright.  Mums, zinnias, even the petunias perform a late show.

Do you know what this is?  I did not plant it.  A bird did.   

 The coleus are still so hearty and the nasturtiums are fresh.

 Bill gave me a huge basket of mums for my birthday!

 Jenny's family gave me roses!
 My mom gave me money and I went straight to the yarn store to buy fancy yarn.  Hedgehog Fibers and Madeline Tosh.  Socks and more socks!  
 Christie and Jeff bought me yarn, too! Lamb's Pride for a fun West Knits pattern. So between three of the kids (Kelli gave me adorable bird mugs and earrings) and my mom, I am RICH in yarn! 
I thought this stash basket made for a lovely color pop. 

Bill broke one of Jeff's old swords while sword fighting with Atticus and Finn so he ordered James another one and it came with this funny hat (and a genie pot which he thought looked like a teapot so he doesn't want THAT!)
 It's been so fun to have Plum Cake and Samantha here.  They are so sweet!  It's absolutely heaven to cuddle with them in the morning and sit outside and talk to them.  
 We've been conducting Granny's Writing School.  Ha! 
 After we went to the yarn store and pet supply store, we stopped at Trader Joe's.  This shopper was SUPER!
Timothy has adjusted to Jenny and Scott's pom (not a cat chaser) and their beautiful cat George (pouting in the basement even now). He is the NICEST baby cat.  He never scratches, loves to cuddle, meows very quietly and is over-the-top ADORABLE!  

And now for a little hygge education from The Book of Hygge by Louisa Thomsen Brits

"Hygge gives us a framework to support our very human needs, desires and habits.  There is a simple, material structure beneath the immaterial rewards.  To learn to hygge is to take practical steps to evoke it - to shelter, cluster, enclose, embrace, comfort and warm ourselves and each other.  Cultivating the habits of balance, moderation, care and observance will then comfortable ensure more hygge in our daily lives." (pg. 20)

So tonight after a taco supper, we will huddle around the tv and watch the presidential debate (argh!) but I am going to light a candle to make it at least a little bit hygge.  

The sky is blue so blue and the leaves are making the outside look magical.  I drank apple juice for lunch.  I DID make the mistake of buying one of those plug in air fresheners for the laundry room.  Wood smoke.  Blech.  The fake smell of it gives me bad dreams.  I threw it away.  I can't tolerate many candle smells so I must remember to buy cinnamon and pine and MAYBE lemon and that's ALL.

Candles ARE very hygge.  
Now I shall brew a cup of peach tea and eat another piece of my lemon cake.  I bought a pink and white polka dot tin tea set at Homegoods and Plum just informed me that she'd like to have an outdoor tea party right now.  Done!
Thank you for coming by!  


Kezzie said...

Lots of lovelies!x

Deb said...

I enjoyed your post, PomPom. How sweet that you shared tea outdoors with Plum. Adorable. I love tea with my grands, too. Give that Timothy a hug for me.

TexWisGirl said...

adorable baby. lovely blooms and colors.

Henny Penny said...

Such a bright, cheerful, colorful post. Plum Cake is adorable! What a sweetie pie she is. I need to buy a few pots of mums!

Susie said...

Such pretty yarn colors. You are going to be busy making cute things. I love to see kids pics. So cute. I like to see them drawing and writing. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

Farm Girl said...

How nice and I love to be reminded about Hygge. I can't abide any candles anymore with scent.
I love your little kitty he looks very princely. Yes, debates. Tonight. I must get dinner so we don't have heartburn. I was thinking do you think the Romans felt the same way before they brought in the Christians to the lions? Just a thought. Have a lovely evening and tea party.

Granny Marigold said...

Your stash of wool is so colourful and lovely. So many projects to knit now.
Timothy is adorable. So nice that he seems to be so easy going.
Too bad about the broken sword. It's funny though that Atticus abd Finn like to play sword fight. Just today Grandad and the littlest were having a sword fight and somehow a baby tooth that had been hanging by a thread got knocked out. What relief ( he had been afraid he'd swallow it at night).

Nancy McCarroll said...

A tea party, fun! Bright flowers, indeed. You scored on the pretty yarn! Always a spot of cheer reading your posts, PomPom!

Kim said...

Yikes....I cannot imagine watching the debate as a warm and comforting experience.....but then what do I know. The ambience of a candle would sprinkle a little hugable atmosphere, though. =)Your garden is a riot of luscious colour. Love the photos of your sweet grands. How sweet your Timothy is. Why is it that cats always look nothing but comfortable wherever they find themselves....they must come with a hidden comfort gene. All that woolly loveliness is wonderful. Can't wait to see what's next on your needles. Hope you had the most wonderful tea party with Plum. I wouldn't mind sitting on your little porch in one of those comfy chairs enjoying a cuppa and a natter with you.

Melanie said...

I love these visits with your family and to see what you have been up to. Beautiful plants! What cute, adorable grandkids. Such a joy to visit here!

M.K. said...

Oh, bestillmyheart! Look at all that d'lovely yarn! Happy, happy birthday to you, dear Pom. You do so much loving for your dear family, and they are blessed to have you. I giggled at your presidential debate comment ... Adam watched it twice, but i simply cannot sit through things like that. Does not lead me to peace, which I need so much :) Or hygge ... same thing. Now I must go light a candle and weave.

Amy at love made my home said...

Beautiful flowers and wonderful moments of hygge! I do like a scented candle, but I agree, not all of them are good are they and I am not keen on the plug in kind of air fresheners either. xx

Wood Fairy said...

The mystery plant: if it's the orangey red one with round leaves, that's a nasturtium - no doubt about that they spread fast and you can eat the flower and leaf (peppery) in salad. if it's the yellow one below that, then it looks like a pumpkin flower - maybe one of the small ornamentals? I like you hygge quote, in fact I have requested the book from our library - can't wait! How lovely to have a granny's writing club - that's going to be fun. Betty x

Wood Fairy said...

p.s. I just noticed you sneaked in the word ...birthday... between the lines!! many happy returns. Betty x

Cat Lover said...

Goodness, a lot happens in your day! The skies are so blue this time of year. I love it.
Have a good week!

GretchenJoanna said...

That is a good joke, linking hygge with TV debates. You need to read more of that book, PomPom!

Candles and cake, those are entirely different. Wishing you lots of true hygge. XOXO

Happyone said...

A post of beautiful vibrant fall colors.

Maggie said...

Morning PomPom, grandchildren to cuddle, kittens, cake and a tea party, flowers and yarn birthday gifts, sounds like a week full of hygge to me. How wonderful. Your surprise flowering plant is, I believe, a nasturtium.

handmade by amalia said...

Happy birthday! I would love fancy yarn for my birthday :-)

Gumbo Lily said...

Happy Birthday! Your peeps know what you love. Why is it I get soap for my birthday??
Your little peeps are so cute. I'm sure you're enjoying them in an "everyday way."

ML Brinkley said...

I guess great minds think alike! I have been reading about hygge as well! And watching youtube videos. I even got out some candles. I was going to blog about it when I get a chance!

Marcie said...

Love all of your colorful autumn blossoms! I took some after the rain photos of mine today. We have been getting OODLES of autumn rain! Thank you for sharing all the color and light of your very PomPom life! :)

magsmcc said...

Happy tea party and happy hygge x

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Happy birthday dear Pom! Such a lovely collection of yarn you landed, can't wait to see what your talented hands will create! Enjoyed seeing the special times you are having with the grands, precious memories for sure! The tea party sounds delightful, how wonderful to spend this time with your grandkids, they will always treasure these memories! Always a delight to visit with you... you already know "hygge", as it feels that way when I visit you here :) Hugs to you today!