Saturday, September 24, 2016

Extreme Excitement

 The last week and a half have been FULL!  I took Plum to the mall to buy her birthday gift (just a week early!) and isn't she a picture?
We stopped at the Disney store.  Wow! 
 We had three of our Ft. Collins grands here and April gave ME my birthday gift early!  Handspun!  I love it!  
 We did a lot of park hopping while the grands were here!  It was FUN!  They love to roar around and they play a lot of imaginative games.  Geniuses, I say!  
 James is coming over for his Saturday morning visit so I'm going to leave the picture order a bit random, but I want you to see the hat I made for baby . . . NOAH! 
Some of you remember when Aria was a baby!  She's a big girl now!  Aw, I love her artsy little heart!  
 Finn and Atticus are such nice boys.  Look at Finn!  King of the mountain!  
 Little Timothy has won his way into our hearts and is enjoying a very charmed life! 

 THIS came from the UK and it is EXCELLENT!  I shall share more about it in the posts to come!  
 James came to us while his brother was coming into the world!  We had a lot of fun but he missed his parents SO much.  

 Noah is here!  Look at lovely Mommy!  She did so well and Noah is WONDERFUL! 

 Another grandson for good Grampy!  

 And another son for our sweet son! 
 It's exhausting having a new brother!  
 And then we have another photo of OUR baby!  
 On Plum's actually birthday we went out to lunch with her!  James came along!

 Even though it sounds very busy (and it HAS been) somehow a certain someone scores A LOT of lap time!  Ha ha ha ha!  

 Aw!  James was so happy to see Mommy.
 Noah gave James a big frog!  
 Tonight our Jenny's family of four (and two pets) are moving in with us for two and a half weeks because they sold one house and bought another.  We shall have a lot of fun and a lot of hygge, to be sure!
The days are beautiful and mild.  The leaves are changing and the grass is still vibrantly green.  We shall peg out the laundry, drink tea, maybe light a candle or two and be extremely grateful.
Please pray for my hometown where four people were shot at the small shopping mall.  My sister in law had been at that same department store just three hours before the horrific event occurred.  

Cling to our God.  Cling to your people.  Love.  Love at all times.  Love will win.  


Happy@Home said...

Sweet photos of your special times with the grands.
Congratulations on the newest addition. He is precious.
I heard about the mall shootings last night while keeping tuned to the protests going on here in Charlotte. So sad what is happening all too often in our country. It does make me all the more determined to spread love and practice kindness.

Elizabethd said...

Wow, what an exciting time you have had! Congratulations on a new baby, that's fun!

TexWisGirl said...

congratulations to all of you! welcome, noah! so sweet.

Terra Hangen said...

Love will win. You are having a lot of family fun including that cute new grand baby.

Henny Penny said...

You do have the sweetest, most interesting posts. That plum Cake is simply adorable, but then they are all adorable...and the new baby! Congratulations! I love the wash hanging on the clothesline! So sad about those people being shot at the mall.

Wood Fairy said...

Congratulations to you and your family on the arrival of Noah - wonderful times ahead for you. Hope you have lots of really homely togetherness also with your 2 week guests. Your kitty is beautiful. I think tabbies are the prettiest little things. He looks gentle. I am very interested in your new book - can't wait to learn more. We are watching Queen Victoria in the UK (if you loved Downtown, which you did, you are going to love this - and it's coming your way in January!!!) Betty x

Happyone said...

Congratulations to all on the birth of little Noah.

Hadn't heard about the latest shooting. Don't watch television.
What a world we live in now a days. So sad to hear of another shooting.

Nancy McCarroll said...

So glad to see Noah and his mommy and Jamesdoing so well and looking happy. Congratulations!

Farm Girl said...

What a lovely post. What a lovely sweet baby! Such great photos. Your kitty baby is adorable and so sweet. He looks like he is learning how to live Hygge too. :) Christy looks so pretty with her new boys and that picture of your son with is new son is sweet too.
So many good things. I am sorry about that shooting, I had not heard about that one. I am so sorry. I am so glad your sister wasn't there.
Enjoy yourself and I am so glad you have a purry kitty to snuggle with. Have a lovely day and almost birthday hug from me to you.

Granny Marigold said...

How busy your household is.... and will be even more so in the weeks to come. You are so patient and accepting of whatever comes your way.
I'm happy that baby Noah arrived safely. Congrats to the parents and to you too.
The events in Burlington are so very disturbing and sad. It seems every week brings more bad news.

Julie said...

Everything is so beautiful in this post dear Pom Pom. Congratulations & welcome to the world little Noah. Sosss beautiful. It sure does sound like you have been busy in your part of the world but Oh my ... that sweet kitty cat. How wonderful ... bless you all. x x x

Laura Boutin said...

Your post made me smile!
There is nothing like a new baby...sweet toddler faces...happy kitties... said...

Welcome to your sweet new grand baby Noah! As usual you have been very busy. Glad kitty is fitting in well.

Deb said...

I'm just popping over from Henny's. What a charming blog you have along with beautiful grand children. Little Timothy has stolen my heart. :) Deb (Ontario, Canada)

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Congratulations on your new beautiful grandson Noah.

Sounds like you have tons of fun with the grands. They are all so very pretty. Your new addition is so very cute. Looks like she has a new place to relax.

Enjoy your week and I love laundry when it's on the line drying - always smells so good.


Heather LeFebvre said...

Congratulations on Noah!!!!!!!!! SO very excited for you all. He is truly gorgeous!!!!! He and James will be so cute together!!!! (Speaking of babies....Rachel was babysitting for friends tonight, friend due in three weeks, they headed to a wedding while Rachel babysat, left the wedding after 3 hours, spent 2 hours at the hospital, and then were face timing to Rachel the little baby girl for the siblings to see! How incredible!! All that and Rachel still had two more hours of planned sitting to do for them! ha ha! She will have a fun adventure to remember in future years). Love your new kitty! And I want to hear about the hygge book!!! It's trending!!! So sorry that the shooting was in your home town and so close to your family.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Yay for baby Noah! And James is so big. How fun it's been to watch the grands grow!


Amy at love made my home said...

Congratulations to you all on the birth of Noah! How wonderful, a new baby has to bring hygge for sure!! xx

Kit said...

Oh my! Congrats on your new grandbaby!!! What a lovely family. So good to see Mommy and baby doing well. And your kitty is so charming! That pic of it sleeping, he is so content and happy. :) Enjoy your Fall! Peace. Kit

magsmcc said...

Love and courage and Christ be with you all in good times and hard x 'Tis all of a stormy sudden the season of candles and blankets here! Away with the summer clothes and out come the tights...

GretchenJoanna said...

Congratulations on little Noah!

I like your last word: Love will win.


Debi said...

Congratulations on your new grandson... he is beautiful! I'm sure James will be a wonderful big brother. Sending prayers to your community... will this senseless violence ever stop?

Cat Lover said...

Congratulations on your new grandson! You have a very busy life. Your new kitty is adorable along with all your grandchildren.
So horrible the news lately with all the shootings. Very scary!

Fat Dormouse said...

Lots of love to be showered on Baby Noah, I am sure. Your last words are poignant on the day of a friend's father's funeral. It was a release in a way, as he had been bed ridden with Alzheimers for so long, but it is still so sad. Tell your loved ones that you love them. You never know when it may be your last chance.

Gumbo Lily said...

Your grandchildren are beautiful and geniuses! To be sure! Welcome wee li'l Noah. Sweet photos of him with Mama and James. Blessings all around to you and all those you love.
Love WILL win. Prayers.

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Beautiful pictures, all of them! Love the darling grands, how exciting for another sweet little one to hold and love on! So precious every moment you get to spend with them. Love your sweet kitty too... he sure enjoys his creature comforts, lol! And wow, just so thankful your SIL was not one of those at the mall... it is just a terribly crazy world we live in! Praying for your town, and the loss of the families' who have had their loved ones taken from them so horribly. Hugs to you today dear friend!

Kim said...

What blessed days you have spent with all your gorgeous grandchildren. Congratulations on baby Noah, he is beautiful. LOVE the cute little hat....too, too adorable and all that woolly scrumptiousness is a wonderful sight for the eyes. The sight of the washing on the line, blowing in the breeze does warm the cockles of my heart. There is so much sadness in this world today. As you say we can do nothing but cling to our God and our loved ones and try to make a difference each day in our own little corner of the world.

M.K. said...

Extreme Excitement is right! What a full live you're living. NEW grandbaby :) Daughter and family for a long visit! Sweet Timothy! Is it oh-so wrong of me to admit that the photo that made me squeal just a little ... was that beautiful yarn? haha :) Can't wait to hear about your hygge book.