Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sweet September Saturday

 Have you wondered why I haven't posted about Jenny's cat George?  Well, much to my disappointment, he stayed just three nights and after Jenny and Scott had an offer on their house she took him back.  He was SO homesick.  He kept finding new places to hide in our basement and he WOULD allow me to hold him, pet him, and feed him, but he was angry and the minute he could, he'd jump down and hide again.  Now he is back with his people and happy as can be.  Good boy.  
I took Plum to the pet store and we cuddled two girl kitties, one fluffy black one and a bold little brown tabby.  I. Wanted. To. Take. One. Home. 

And now George is back guarding the chickens.
 Jenny had to take her rooster to the feed store and say a sad good bye.  Isn't he handsome?  You can't have roosters in neighborhoods for obvious reasons.

 On this calm Saturday morning, I am waiting for Bill to return from Jeff and Christie's with little James in tow.  He will cuddle with us, eat his breakfast, and then we'll stroll down to the park to play.  We're early birds.

 Here is a cake baked for a sweet soul like you.  I'll grab your tea.
 And because the cozy season is right around the corner, here is a Brambly Hedge snuggly picture for you!
 And the blue ribbon fruit of autumn - lovely pumpkin.

And here's a picture of my birthday party later this month.  Smile.  Beautiful Brambly Hedge.
God be with you as you go about your business this weekend.  Labor Day weekend here in the USA is much appreciated.  Monday off.  I certainly adored this little September vacay when I was teaching.
This morning I had a blissful eucalyptus bath and when I am deliciously warm in the tub, I think of Corrie ten Boom and her release from prison camp.  Her description of her first bath and a clean bed will stay with me forever.  I am so thankful for sweet comforts. 
I think sweet potatoes and yams are beautiful inside and out and I think YOU are beautiful inside and out, too!
(BIG HUG!) Thank you very much for your kind visit. 


TexWisGirl said...

cute chickens. glad the kitty is back to happy times. happy weekend to you!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have taken our son's rooster somewhere to get rid of him. He's quite pretty but he doesn't just cock a doodle do at dawn. He does several times throughout the day!! Love Brambly Hedge illustrations so much! I can only imagine what that first bath and clean sheets felt like for Corrie. Sweet soul...

Farm Girl said...

Oh, I was hoping poor George would like to stay with you, so you would have a cute kitty to play with and snuggle with when it gets cold.
What is that bush with the lovely red berries? Elderberry?
I love all of your flowers. I do think of course, you need your own kitten.
Just for when its cold.
Have a lovely day with James and your park visit.
Yes, your birthday is soon and then we will be the same age. :)
Have a lovely day!

Melanie said...

I'm glad that your cat visitor is back with his family. Cats don't adapt very well and I'm sure my Tabbie would act just the same.
I remember Corrie Ten Boom's remark about clean linen. It always stuck with me too. Have a great Labor Day Weekend.

Happyone said...

That looks like one mean cat to me. I'm sure he is very nice though and glad to be back home.
Lovely pictures of the flowers.
I'd love a piece of that cake tonight for my snack, maybe add a little vanilla ice cream. : )

Gumbo Lily said...

What are those gorgeous berries? Can you make jelly with them or are they just for the birds to enjoy?

Glad George got to go home and be with his peeps. It's hard to be away from home. Enjoy your September days. It sounds like we could get some cool days with rain.....maybe.

Granny Marigold said...

Pom Pom, today's post has so many of my favourite things, like pretty flowers, yummy looking cake,and Brambly Hedge too!! I'm pretty fond of pumpkins too and pumpkin pie!
We had a work day here today as my sons came and dug through part of my front yard for me. They dug in lots of mushroom compost so flowers will grow and bloom well next Spring. (Gardeners always think of next year!)

Julie said...

So much colour & joy in todays post thank you Pom Pom. I think of you often throughout my day & I soooo think you should have a kitten ... or a cat :-) Thank you for my lovely visit to your blog today dear friend x x x

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm so glad it's September, aren't you?


Debbie Harris said...

Poor kitty! I watched my daughter's kitty while they were away and she (the cat) has never forgive me. :-) Cats are funny, aren't they?
Your flowers are so pretty, Karen.
I would love a piece of cake and tea with you.
Happy Birthday to you later this month.
I would love to have your actual date to put with your information that I have. :-)
Corrie Ten Boom...quite the lady... I too recall those words and am reminded of them often when I thank the Lord for His goodness to me.

Enjoy your weekend~~

Wood Fairy said...

Funny old cat, he was certainly homesick. I hope you get your kitty soon, if only one that needs a home would notice you and head your way. I love Brambly head pictures, the birthday party is fabulous - I wonder if you can get a print - I would frame it - definitely! Its so Autumn here, I love this time of year the best. Enjoy your Labor day - I am spending mine on the beach with teenage boy, squeezing every last little ounce out of his last day off before new college term and the last little drop of summer before it escapes on the tide :D

Nancy McCarroll said...

Love the name George for a cat. Glad he is back with his people and guarding chickens again even though he sounded like an ungrateful guest. Poor guy.

Pretty pink cake. Was it for Just Because?

Happy LD weekend!

Henny Penny said...

You have the warmest sweetest posts!! George is such a beautiful cat...and I love the big rooster. Were you serious about decorating like Brambly Hedge in a post not too long ago? That made me stand in my teeny tiny sewing room and imagine how adorable it would be to make it like a page from Brambly Hedge.Would be fun, wouldn't it? You always have fun ideas.

Pom Pom said...

I am not sure what the berries are. They were hanging over a fence when I was out walking. I think they might be poison. Yikes.

magsmcc said...

Much sweet love! No sugar in my tea though, please- just black and hot!

Jennifer Hays said...

Your birthday party looks right up my alley! :)

Kim said...

You must, must get a kitten, you know you want to. 'Tis a pity roosters are noisy fellows. Oh how I would love to sit with you and enjoy a cuppa, that would be the best fun. Love that berry tree and the flowers. I LoVe Cosmos. I can't wait till ours pop up; won't be long now. =) Wishing you are gorgeous week.

Lisa Richards said...

Thanks for all of the cozy photos from Brambly Hedge. The pink cake looks luscious! Enjoy your sweet family!

Chel at Sweetbriar Dreams said...

Some lovely images today, especially the cake and the pumpkin. Autumn is very nearly in full swing xx

Attic Clutter said...

oh him..chickens too all your cute things..Pom.. :)

Beca said...

What a delightful happy post. Cake and tea sound wonderful! One small slice please. :)
xx Beca

Danette Bartelmay said...

OH Pom Pom... How Lovely You ARE!
This is simply soul nourishing.
I bought The Hiding Place many years ago and reread it every year or so. It touches me way deep inside always. I carry Corrie with me all of the time in my heart and soul.
Your kitty and chicken and flower pictures are perfect.
Cats are peculiar people and always love their own the very best. They get quite nervous until they are back home.
God Bless YOU my dear, dear friend,

ann said...

Poor kitty. Happy Ending. It seems that many are ending up with roosters in the new chicks. We had one--looked like yours--who went to a farm with a pen full of hens. We were told that he hid for the first 3 weeks. He was used to my husband holding and petting him. We still have the other rooster. We can keep them because of our zoning. My daughter ended up with a rooster too; same fate--a farm took him. You stay busy and do a nice job of pampering yourself. Very good.

Heather LeFebvre said...

I should take Laura to a pet store sometime just to pet the kitties!!! Look at your beautiful cosmos! I have the tallest stalks but aphids have completely devastated the blooming abilities. So mad. I tried some homemade sprays but ruined two bottles because they had cayenne pepper in them. Sometimes I wonder why I can't find 5 minutes to try again. oh well. I am enjoying the zinnias that are still blooming beautifully and attracting butterflies and hummingbirds!

Marcie said...

My two roosters (Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark) remind me every morning at about 5 am why they are not allowed in neighborhoods. lol

Love your post, full of color and comfort. Like you! :)

M.K. said...

You have a piece of fabric there that is identical to a single placemat that I have -- it's the one underneath your pumpkin. I'm so ready for fall, but I want the TIME and LEISURE to really relish autumn this year. I'm cutting a couple things out of my schedule to free myself up just a little more. Love those chicken pictures! Looks like she has Barred Rocks and maybe Buff Orpingtons? Good hens.