Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mr. Badger Speaks

 I have given Mr. Badger a good long time to recoup from all his merrymaking (read hygge-making) and it's time to interview him before sending him on to Thistle Cove Farm.  He's been asking about going to the farm now for a few weeks. "When are we going to the post office?  I am longing to visit with Sandra and her animals.  I think I shall enjoy her company."  Okay, Mr. Badger.  It's time for you to stop in Virginia before you head over the water to the Strawberries at Mags's house in Belfast.  If anyone stateside would like to host Mr. B. you can let me know in the comments and I'm sure Sandra will be willing to let him take a side trip.  He's REALLY ready to get back to the UK (you'll notice in the interview).  

Pom Pom:  Mr. Badger, when you left Denver I promised you that your hygge-filled journey would delight the hostesses.  What did you think of Mags?
Mr. Badger:  She is full of fun and very exuberant.  I would like to have her as a houseguest in MY home.  She extends grand hospitality and her children (boys, my favorite) are wonderful.  Her husband radiates real hospitality as well.  They are a very busy family and their home felt "just right" to me.
 Pom Pom: I envy you, Mr. Badger.  I want to stay at Mags's house.  What do you think of Ireland?
Mr. Badger:  I thought the rain was snug.  Mags made me many cups of tea.  Her brew was delicious.  
 Pom Pom: Mags sent you on to Betty.  What are the woods like there?  
Mr. Badger:  VERY wild.  Betty's home is also very hygge.  There is a real feeling of love and attentiveness there.  Her boys are very kind and her husband offered me a pint.  I caught a glimpse of her well ordered cupboards and I was very impressed with her tidiness.  
 Pom Pom: And then you were on to Angela's.  Is she as vivacious as she seems to be on her blog?  
Mr. Badger:  Oh yes!  She and her kind husband (I called him Rev and he didn't seem to mind) are amazing when it comes to loving people.  They offer hygge every chance they get.  They are the picture of unselfishness.  I liked the bread Bob makes and I wanted to look through Angela's craft stash.  I was frightened that maybe Rev might want me to take a turn on his motorbike, but thankfully he didn't offer.  I especially liked listening to their prayers.  

 Pom Pom:  How were things at Chel's?
Mr. Badger:  Wonderful!  Lord and Lady Grantham really liked me.  They liked my clothes and Lady Mary is reading The Wind in the Willows to all of the children in the nursery.  I am glad you thought to let me watch the last Downton Abbey.  I really like Lady Mary's new husband.  Carson took me aside and asked if I'd like to see his pantry.  VERY tidy indeed.  Mrs. Hughes tickled Mr. Carson while we were in the pantry and I blushed.  
 Pom Pom:  How was it at the top of the cathedral?
Mr. Badger: You know I live underground!  It was terrifying, but I felt very holy there.  Chel is an excellent tour guide.  She held me close.  

 Pom Pom:  And you got to go to school with Kezzie?
Mr. Badger:  I quite fell in love with her!  She's a true teacher and taught ME to play the recorder.  I shall ask Ratty and Mole if they know how to play one.  Maybe Mr. Toad could find one at his house.  I enjoyed CBC, too.  He is a true gentleman, a snappy dresser.  I would like to visit their new home.  
 Pom Pom: And then on to Minnesota!  Were you cold?  
Mr. Badger:  Lisa knows how to make a home a perfect snuggery.  I am wondering if something about my presence causes people to move house!  Lisa has also moved since my visit!  I had no idea that such a woodsy wonderland existed in a country so young.  I enjoyed Lisa's library.  She has a fine appreciation for all things English.
 Pom Pom:  And then on to Heather's!  How was THAT?
Mr. Badger:  At first I was afraid the children might not like me, being an old English gentleman.  I didn't know that they REALLY know how to serve tea and that they spent a good bit of time in Scotland.  I had my OWN house there in the Blackberry Rambles!  I was treated like an honored guest! Heather is an excellent homemaker and teacher. I learned a lot listening to their conversations.  

 Pom Pom: I'm so glad you stopped here for a while so we could regroup.  Let's take a look at some of the treasures you are taking back to Ireland. 
 Mr. Badger:  Even though Pooh Bear is rather silly, I can't help but like him and I've always had a fondness for Christopher Robin.  This bridge was a lot of fun!  
 I'm definitely going to return to Downton Abbey when I can.  I'm so glad that Thomas Barrow is the new butler because he was very kind to me, offered me a coffee, and let me sleep in his sock drawer.  I took a nap in Mrs. Patmore's pocket while she walked down to her B & B.  I gave her some hygge tips as to how to make her guests feel welcome.  
 Here is a photo of the cold in Indiana.  Heather kept me warm and I truly loved spending the Christmas season with such a nice family.

 Betty took me to church.  This church has been around since the Battle of Hastings.  I put a coin in the plate.  I plan to attend here more regularly when I return to England.
Mr. Badger:  Overall I have had a wonderful time, but I miss the United Kingdom.  I know I shall stay in Ireland but I feel sure Mags will take me when she travels to England.  I have made so many friends and the pages of the book I'm traveling with are full of good words, good annotations, and lovely drawings.  You blog women are very kind and I enjoy the attention you've paid me.
Thistle Cove Farm, I shall arrive soon!
(So, Mr. Badger has had a shortened version of the world tour Ratty, Mole, and Mr. Toad enjoyed.  He's off for the next leg of his excursion.  I shall kiss him good bye and send him off with all kinds of The Wind in the Willows love and adoration!)


Debi said...

I loved this post! It reminded me of when I was teaching and had a small stuffed animal who our students took turns taking him home for the weekend and wrote about their adventures in a journal that traveled with him. It was such fun!

Heather LeFebvre said...

Oh this is awesome!!! What a wonderful post recounting all of Mr. Badger's stops!!! I love it!!!!

Julia said...

Mr Badger sure has become a renowned world traveller. I can see why he love travelling so much... He's kept a great journal and we've seen so many interesting places he visited.
I hope that you enjoy the rest of your travels.

Anonymous said...

A fabulous recap of Mr. Badger's trips around the world. Very creative.

Julie said...

This was just gorgeous & I very much indeed enjoyed reading of all Mr Badgers fine travels :-) He is one lucky fellow.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Absolutely wonderful post, Karen and Mr. Badger. We at Thistle Cove Farm anxiously await your arrival...pots of tea, coffee, a tot of B&B, luncheon at Fisher and Co., horseback riding, sunning in the meadow, perhaps a camping trip with the Sisters on the Fly and a lot of other delights await.
Mr. B. I don't blame you for being homesick, Mags and Ireland inspire homesickness. Unless it's raining prior to your arrival, don't expect tidy cupboards. When the sun is shining, the dogs, some cats and I are all outside, getting farm work done. You know the old saying "Make hay while the sun shines"...tis true!
This weekend we're to have snow flurries; God speed on your travels.

Farm Girl said...

What fun!!! I loved reading about all of the people that Mr. Badger visited and all of the things he has done. I love all of the journal entries. What a really fun idea.

elizabeth said...

he sure goes many places! how fun!

Jennifer Hays said...

This was so cute, Karen. It reminds me of Flat Stanley, if you've ever had a chance to host him with one of your kids. I really enjoyed seeing the journal and reading about Mr. Badger's experiences. Oh, and to reply to your comment on my post, yes, it was incredibly windy on Monday! Actually, this whole week has been chilly and windy so far. I got spoiled in February with gorgeous, warm weather day after day. :)

Lisa Richards said...

Delightful post, Pom! :)
I hope Badger enjoys his stay with Sandra. Sounds like she has lots of fun plans for him!
Thanks again for hosting the tour!

Betty said...

How lovely that Mr Badger continues his journey. He made us get out and about - I would probably not have gone to Pooh Bear's woods and stood on the bridge pushing sticks into the river if Mr Badger hadn't insisted (in fact I didn't know it was a real place until he told me) and I am glad he has kept the map so can find his way back some day. He is a very pleasant guest apart from the odd grunty noises and muddy feet and is welcome here again. Looking forward to reading of his further adventures. Betty x

Nancy McCarroll said...

An absolutely darling post, PomPom. I felt like I was on the trip with him. You made each visit entirely personalized to the host and hostess. What a great imagination you have to make him comfortable in each home. He seemed to have a marvelous time, and what trips he had. Wonderful!

happyone said...

: ) Never a dull minute for Mr Badger!!

happyone said...

: ) Never a dull minute for Mr Badger!!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

A delightful post, Pom! I enjoyed reading about Mr. Badger's many adventures.


Amy at love made my home said...

How wonderful!! I didn't realise that Mr Badger was keeping a journal of his travels or that he was so artistic!!! An incredible record of his journeys around the world. I hope he enjoys his next travels. xx

Kezzie said...

Aah, this is so cute!! Lovely Mr Badger and his fab hostesses!!!Xx

magsmcc said...

Please tell Badger Boy that he can go back to Downton in the autumn and that his hot toddies are in his sett whenever he's ready! Oh I have tears reading your description of us. You are (mostly) right! Such a lovely post xx

ann said...

Oh my. He had quite an adventure. I would love to have tagged along. My dream is to visit Highclere one day. Snow here. What about you?

Gumbo Lily said...

If we could only travel for the mere cost of a few postage stamps! What fun that would be! Good thing Badger can.

sweetbriardreams said...

What a well travelled Badger he is! Lord and Lady Grantham still speak about his visit and told another Mr Badger all about it at Christmas at Chatsworth House. Great stories and visits to people all over. Take care xx

Kit said...

This was wonderful fun! This post made me feel all snuggly. :) Kit

handmade by amalia said...

Wonderful. Trust a badger to have great adventures.

M.K. said...

POM POM -- I thought I was on the itinerary!!! Please, oh please, send Badger on to me at Red Robin Farm after he leaves Sandra's. I will be so sad if I miss out on a visit with him. I'm downright envious of the wonderful visits he had overseas with people I long to meet and visit with. Sigh. Oh, I hope I'm not to late. I thought I had let you know. Please write me and let me know!!