Saturday, March 12, 2016


 Yikes!  I've been blog-crastinating!  My mom called today and asked, "Where's Pom Pom?" I mean to do a post about Mr. Badger (he's resting in our living room) and my friend Marcie's gardening book, but the light has been weird and I am worried about covering all the exciting travels of Mr. B. Anywho . . . all that later, but for how I thought you might like to see our toothless wonder!  Isn't that grin priceless?
Bill was in Taiwan for a while and I spent A LOT of time doing absolutely nothing but watching Coronation Street on my iPad.  Seriously, it's addicting and there are SO many episodes and I am LAZY! I DID make a mitten while watching the news, shivering in response to all the shenanigans taking place with the presidential primaries.  
 Glorious Yiping sent home tea.  It's scrumptious.
 I colored, but coloring is slow going, don't you think?
 I did not make any progress on the Easter dress.  I should not have said I would because of course when I said I was going to, I didn't want to.  
 I LOVED the last Downton Abbey and now I am reading this.  VERY interesting!
 And this!  Our Jeff is turning 30 next month and this is his all time favorite book so I am going to read it because I have not done so before.  I watched Part 1 and Part 2 of the BBC production.  GOOD!  
 And I was tired of my forehead so I got my hair cut today!  Yippee!  I like it much better than before.
 And guess who I met last Saturday?  Yes, gorgeous Nancy from Nancy's Arts and Crafts.  She is SO wonderful and we jabbered on and on like old friends (because we have been blogger friends for ever so long).  Don't you love her necklace?

So forgive me for being away so long.  I'm back now and I shall try to mend my couch potato ways.
More soon!  Love, love love. 


Happyone said...

Great smile. : )
Yes, coloring does take a long time!! But nice to do.
Nice job on the colorful mittens.
I've tried reading War and Peace and couple of times but just can't get into it.
Love your hair color. Mine silver is about 3 inches long now and growing out much too slowly!!

Anonymous said...

That's cute that your mom called to ask where Pom Pom was! Priceless. Love that toothless grin. So cute. Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

Lisa Richards said...

I love that your mom missed your blog! My step-dad follows mine, so I feel guilty if I'm remiss in my blogging because I know he looks forward to the news it contains. (We send long emails back and forth also. With my mom's dementia he needs some grown-up conversation now and then!)
Those mittens are so luxurious! I love the generous cuffs!
I'll miss Downton Abbey, but that book looks like it might fill some of our Anglophile void, eh?
My daughter and her friends were just discussing how much the tooth fairy is paying for teeth these days. (Facebook.) It ranged from .50 to $5! Audrey just wants some Gummy Bears. ;)
Love your bangs!
I just gave away my copy of War and Peace thinking I'd never get to it. I guess I could get a copy on my Kindle if the urge presents itself. So many books, so little time!
Yes, I love Nancy's necklace!
Glad to hear from you!

Farm Girl said...

I think you just needed some time to do what you wanted and enjoy just doing you! You should not apolgise. Though I do admit I was in need of some profound thoughts by Pom Pom.
It all sounds lovely.
Our children all must be the same age as well as grands. Our oldest grand daughter is loosing teeth like that too. What a great smile.
Your tea looks yummy. So does your very cute mitten.
I am so glad you had a nice visit with your blogging friend.
Have a lovely rest of the weekend. We just worked on weeds and the tractor. Not very exciting here. :)

Marcie said...

lol. Relax! There is no obligation to blog on a schedule. That is one of the things I like about it. We have to LIVE first, so we have something to blog about, right? I used to get Coronation Street on a Canadian station, years ago when I lived closer to Detroit. I LOVED it. You are right... addicting!

TexWisGirl said...

really like your haircut! so pretty! love the colorful world you live in. :)

April said...

I love your striped mitten and you look gorgeous with your new haircut! I always love your illustrations. You are such an amazing and whimsical artist. You should illustrate a book. Just beautiful!

Kit said...

You crack me up! Love the new hair do and the grin on your granddaughters face.I watched the show War and Peace and am glad, now I don't have to try and read the book....LOL Have a great weekend! Kit

Debi said...

Love your haircut, very becoming! The mitten is yummy... looks soft and warm. War and Peace... that's dedication. I could never get into it, maybe I should try again. Toothless grins are the best, aren't they? I'm glad you are back, but please don't feel guilty for taking some time for you, we all need that once in a while! Happy weekend!

Terra Hangen said...

You have a stylish new haircut, and I like your friend's necklace. I like that lady you are coloring; I have a coloring book "Enchanted Forest" and it is relaxing to color.

Wood Fairy said...

Have missed your cheery posts. I like Nancy too, lucky you to meet up - she's a vibrant personality I would expect. I like your fringe - that's softened everything very nicely. I am having some highlights in gold/red tones done next week to liven mine up a bit. Hurry up with Mr Badger, I want to see where he's been on his travels! I know how you feel about the sewing, best intentions but the mood just doesn't arrive! put it away and revisit it - it will look very exciting on a sunny day when you are at a loose end - you have a lot going on. I am going to miss Downton - and now we have just had the last episode of Mr Selfridge in the UK so there is a huge gap in tv land. Betty x

Lynn said...

Good to read your words.x.

Kezzie said...

I love your posts, they're like a lucky dip/goodies bag. Those teeth are adorable!! I love your new fringe (and brooch!!!) It looks cool. Yesssss, I fing that about colouring too.sigh.... so nice you met Nancy1!!Xx

Nancy McCarroll said...

You have done a lot, a lot since we met just a week ago. Your hair was cute hen, and looks great now, too. Always nice to get a new look.

I have thought much about you since last week, Kare. You should get a card from me tomorrow. I love the Paraclete Psalter, thank you.

I might email you with thoughts, but it will take a while for the Holy Spirit to help me foment thoughts.

Blessed Sunday to you and Bill.

Julia said...

Hi PomPom, you've been missed. I'm glad your mother called you to ask where is Pom Pom?
I love your hair, so nice and thick and beautiful. You and your blogger friend make a nice salt and pepper pair don't you think?
It's so nice meeting a blogger friend.
Those precious toothless smiles are so adorable. It's a right of passage for these kids. They 're so proud to loos those baby teethes.
Have a great weekend.

ML Brinkley said...

Love the haircut! Mine is similar and I love it! Don't worry about the dress -- you will get it done. I keep putting off all sorts of things I say I am going to do -- the solution is make no promises. Love the toothless wonder! They are so cute when they lose those front teeth! Love coloring but not too sure about War and Peace. Have to think about that!

Granny Marigold said...

I like your hair. It's cute.
I like your colouring pics too. I haven't started on mine because I put my best pencil crayons somewhere and now I can't find them.

Rednesty said...

Hello, hello! Your fringe looks great. I love the way mine hides my ever growing wrinkle collection! Thanks for sharing that cute toothless picture. So made me smile. She looks very pleased with herself! Tania -hedgerowharvest-

NanaDiana said...

Glad to see you and I love the hair cut. Also love the toothless wonder and your coloring book page! You did good, girlie! Here's hoping you get your Easter dress sewed this week. xo Diana

Gumbo Lily said...

Love that photo of your toothless sweetie-pie.

Sometimes we just have days that are slow and lazy. I'm one of those "wing it" people who might get a thing done at the very last minute. Weird, but true. And other times I am all on fire about things to do.

Pommy -- I love your haircut. You look CUTE in that style with the bangs. I always envy you girls with the smooth, sleek hair.