Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Almost Easter

 Hello!  Isn't Finn funny?  He loves the birds!
At his house, they are coloring Easter eggs today.  It's a good day for it - there's a blizzard outside!
 Easter is coming!  The bunny's at the mall and Jeff was surprised that James wanted to say hello to him!  Cheese!
 James has been taking trips out and about with his parents.  Are you cold in there, James?
 We've had some amazing moons lately!
 I'd say Henry is adjusting just fine to his new home, don't you think so?

We are having a whopper of a spring blizzard today!  
 And this snowy morning I found this adorable photo of our four kids taken on a snow day long ago!

My mom sent me another two boxes full of my grandma's diaries and I have been reading and reading and reading.  She kept a diary every day until she could no longer write.  I find her words fascinating.  I think her daily entries speak of the beauty of order and they remind me that the rhythms of everyday life matter.

She lost her husband when my mom was just fourteen years old and she had a two year old at the time.  She recorded every penny she spent, every time she changed the sheets on her bed, the weather, and each small occurrence as well as some heartbreaking experiences.  My mom says that she was a fantastic mother, the kind of mother everyone should have.  She faithfully loved her children and grandchildren.  She was sort of shy so every person that was kind to her found their way into her daily jottings.  It makes me realize that paying attention to others and letting them know they are in my heart and on my mind is EXTREMELY essential.  I am so glad that I have journaled for most of my life.  Someday one of my granddaughters might want to pour over my everyday thoughts. 

 The other day my neighbor texted me and suggested I cut some forsythia sticks off of her bush for inside blooming.  Aren't they lovely?
And on this snowy day I have finally cut out my Easter dress!  

Right now I feel like knitting and I hate to admit it but I've been watching the news channel because I sort of want to know what's happening in our crazy presidential race.  I think I'll watch until I can't stand it anymore.
I'm SO looking forward to Easter Sunday!  What are you going to do that day?
Thank you for popping in.  You're kind to do so.  


TexWisGirl said...

the easter bunny will leave tracks in the snow at your place. :)

Anonymous said...

Fun photo of long long ago! A blizzard is a great reason to boil and dye eggs, especially this week. It would be so interesting to read diaries from my grandmothers but nothing of the kind exists! How nice that you have these from your grandmother to read. We are really looking forward to Easter here, too. Today I vacuumed and washed floors so now all that's left is to do some cooking and baking! Hope you have a glorious Easter weekend!

Amy at love made my home said...

Wow, that is a lot of snow! I hope that it soon goes and that you get lots more spring like those beautiful forsythia blooms. They are a great sign of spring aren't they. It is so wonderful that you have and can treasure your grandmothers diaries. I am sure that she would like to know that you are looking after them and being so interested in all that she recorded. xx

Marcie said...

Lovely post. The first photo (birds on Finn's glasses) gave me a great big grin. I think your storm is headed our way. Winds are wild, but it hasn't started to snow yet. I hope this batch of sap cooks down before the storm hits. I can't imagine tending the outdoor fire in a blizzard! lol

Lisa Richards said...

I'm seeing blizzard pics from my step-son's area up by Longmont. Looks like heavy, wet stuff! Glad you finally got your dress started. Think you'll get it finished for Easter? Knitting sounds like fun. Wish I was more accomplished at it! Practice is needed!
Those diaries are such treasures. I need to write more in my journal. And fill up some of my empty sketchbooks!
Your pictures are full of blessings! Happy Easter to you and your family!

Farm Girl said...

What a nice lovely Pom Pom post. I have missed them. I love Finn's eyeglasses. Very chic! Your new dress is going to be a hit, I am sure. Your snow is just lovely. Gosh so much. I love that picture of James and the Easter bunny what a cute boy. I also love seeing your kids on a snow day.
I think everything looks so nice and cozy. Your Grandmother's diary's just intrigue me. I would be reading and reading too.
Have a lovely evening all cuddled up, I hope you are happily knitting away.

Granny Marigold said...

What an amazing Grandma you had. I don't think many women of that era journaled, do you?
Spring blizzard? Pooh! Not right in time for the Easter weekend.
Hope you get the dress finished.

Wood Fairy said...

I loved reading about your grandma - my granny and I wrote weekly to each other and I so wish I had kept her letters. You have fabulous white powdery snow - I'm envious! Congratulations on starting your dress I bet it's going to be a beauty. Sunday for us is going to be a family day, we have so much to be thankful for and I love having our sons home ... and a dear friend is coming over in the evening (we have holidayed together and were neighbours for many years) so plenty to look forward to.

Henny Penny said...

Sure enjoyed this post. How neat that you are making your Easter dress. I still haven't made the Dottie Angel dress. How do you get so much done...and spend so much time enjoying your grandchildren. You are such a good grandma! Growing up, I used to love picking out a new Easter outfit every year.

ann said...

Oh, I love the parakeets. I always had a parakeet or two for years. I am still tempted to get one. They make good kid pets--as long as there no cats in the house. Some storm, wasn't it? Our power went out about 10 AM and didn't come on until nearly bed time. So I read. Our grandmothers' journals are quite revealing, aren't they? A treasure, for sure.

Rednesty said...

I found this really moving. What a special read those journals must be.
Wow! That snow! I think snow totally passed us by this year so I'm kind of envious, kind of not, I'm ready for Spring. Sounds like the white stuff has inspired you to knit on...perhaps a bit of knitting will help soothe you whilst watching the presidential campaign coverage! Enjoy your Easter celebrations -Tania-

ML Brinkley said...

Love all your photos! It is so nice and interesting being able to get a peek of your life. I have to say, though, that the diaries completely intrigue me. You are SO lucky to have those -- keep them forever, make copies for your kids. My mother had no use for anything like that and I have tried but failed miserably (no discipline). My aunt, however, kept diaries from childhood but when she moved with us to Ft. Worth she threw them all away. Threw. Them. Away. Her daughter was not thrilled. I am keeping a book of letters I am writing to Bean, mostly when we do things or have special times. It isn't a daily thing though -- clearly I am not good at daily things. Anyway, loved this post!

Elizabethd said...

I cannot believe your snow! Here we are just about to welcome Spring, hopefully.

Julia said...

Your grandma sounds like a wonderful person and how lucky she rote those journal entries for her family to read. This collections of journals are a great heirloom. My mom also wrote journals after she was done raising her family. She filled notebooks after notebooks with memories of her life raising her family. So much fun and informative.
A lovely post as usual. We got snow here too. Love those cool birds on your grandson.
Happy Easter.

sandy said...

We had 10 inches of "Spring Snow" also! Hopefully it melts quickly! I'm impressed that you are making an Easter dress! I'm envious of people who know how to sew. Cute picture of your children. It's fun having those memories. Have a happy Easter!

Kezzie said...

I'm v touched by your thoughts on your grandmother's diary. I think diaries are v precious! I wish I'd kept one. I think of my blog being a bit diary-like but still, a tangible book is special! Those birds on Finn are brilliant! And... how lovely that James enjoyed the Easter Bunny's company!Xx

Gumbo Lily said...

Oh goodness sakes! You did get some big snow! So far, we've had only rain, and a good 1 incher! I think it's supposed to snow tomorrow though, but I hope not so much as you got.

Love the pic of your kids on a snow day! CUTE!!

I watch news quite a bit too. Until I'm sick of it.

My lil Betsy told me that there are just three days until Easter. So exciting! We'll have all the kids and grands at our house. Thankful for the daughters bringing extra sides to fill in the feast!

God bless you all this Easter. He is Risen!

Nancy McCarroll said...

That snow you had was amazing! And here we thought it was spring...

My mother kept a diary those last years. Julie has it now, but she cannot bear to read it; she loved her Annie Mom so much.

Fish (frozen from City Market with Mediterranean breading) and a sweet potato are in the oven now for our manor lunch. Think I will read to Julie from your blog and show her the picture of Mr. Badger.

Have a solemn Good Friday. And happy Easter, no matter the weather!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Your Grandmother was an amazing woman and you take after her, Karen. If you stick those forsythia bushes in root tone, they'll take root for more bushes.
It's finally spring in the Cove and I'm loving it! Henry looks like he could rule the household, if he'd get out of bed. cute!

Happyone said...

So much snow for a spring day. Maybe it will melt fast. : )
I've quite a few journals of my own in the closet. Many times I think of tossing them away.
Easter Sunday is pretty much like every other Sunday here. A church day. : )

handmade by amalia said...

Adorable photos. Happy, snowy Easter.

M.K. said...

Look at all your snow! Makes me feel quite chilly. Adam and I are participating (preaching and music) in Oriental's sunrise service tomorrow morning at the riverside park. Then we have our service at church too. Then we shall relax. Your grandma sounds wonderful. That's a LOT of writing. I wonder if somehow it was a comforting thing for her to do, after the trauma of losing a husband. Bless her. How hard that must be. Blessed Easter, Pom!!

Kit said...

Wow! I remember those spring blizzards!1987, we had a doozy in Denver. Shut the whole town down and it was April. I love the idea about your Grandmas diary. I hope my kids will like to read mine when I am gone. :) Happy Easter! Kit

Aida said...

Hi Pompom, I sort of like calling you Pompom when I am leaving you a message here in your blog. I can't believe you still have the blizzard. How cold it must be. While we were complaining of our summer being too hot, here you are getting all too cold. I think we should learn to appreciate whatever kind of weather we have. I am so impressed with your grandma's diaries, must fascinating to read them all. Who needs a book when you have your grandma's stories. Anyway, I hope the kids will enjoy Easter and all the goodies that comes with it.

Take care and God bless!



Reginas Cottage said...

beautiful photos!!!!!
wow so many snow.....i love snow,but we have not a only snowflakes last year.
happy easter!

Heather LeFebvre said...

that is So special you have your grandmother's diaries!!!! She sounds like an amazing person and I'm sure I would enjoy reading them too!!! Can you imagine them illustrated with Susan Branch's artwork?!!! I am thankful to have my grandmother's diaries, especially since I never met her as she died long before I was born. I do feel as if I know her so much better for reading them. I also wonder who will read the boxes of journals and diaries I will leave behind :)