Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Today's Yarn Doings and Lovely Books

 I am still working on the little golden triangle.  I finished Bill's beanie and have clicked a few rows on my vest.  
 I'm reading a few books at once again.  This book is well-written, but for me it lacks some punch.  Are you picky about depth when you read?  I wanted this book to ooze "cozy" and I guess my cozy standards are getting a bit too demanding.  Doesn't it have a lovely cover?  
 I gave Bill this book for his birthday and I thought he'd just look through the pictures because he's read the Harry Potters so many times, but he's really savoring the illustrations and rereading it.  

 I want perfect pies.  Sometimes my pastry turns out borderline ugly.  I'm going to make the turkey stuffing in my crockpot.  

I will show you the Dottie Angel pattern on Friday.  Many of you asked about it.  Dottie Angel is a super blogger and she's on Instagram, too.  She's very clever and artsy.  I've been sewing since I was a pup and I learned the old fashioned way, so the instructions are not completely agreeable to me, but I might just line the torso part instead of fiddling around with bias tape.  I like Dottie Angel's gutsy bravery and her style is funky and fun.
I have one piece of unasked for advice for all Thanksgiving merry makers:  Eat very slow.  Savor the flavors and dwell in great thankfulness.

Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm joining Ginny for today's Yarn Along.
Thank you very much for looking in on me today!


TexWisGirl said...

happy thanksgiving to you and yours.

Julia said...

I love that seed stitch you're using on your vest. I usually knit scarves in that seed stitches.
Pretty bouquet, some wine seems like comfort to me.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Nancy McCarroll said...

Sorry your book was not up to standard, but you ooze coziness, so maybe it would have bee for the best. Your preparations are underway, and I wish you and your family a good day tomorrow. Blessings on you, PomPom.

Jeanettebr said...

the illustrated Harry Potter looks beautiful! the handmade life does look cozy...sorry it was disappointing. I do that too and wonder if my standards have gotten too high...instagram can be just so beautiful and arranged. have a very lovely thanksgiving and hope those pies turn out amazing!

magsmcc said...

Happy Thanksgiving, dear Pom Pom. You are one of the best thanksgivers I can think of! Mattman is steadily reading his way through HP at the minute. He's in the middle of the third- my favourite. Why in the States is it the sorcerer's stone and not the philosopher's?

Attic Clutter said...

Oh Hi POM..I know I have been neglecting my blog and friends lately..
Hope your ugly pastries are tasty ..haha..
I know what you mean..mine aren't ever too perfect either..
BUT if they taste good that's all that counts~!!
Happy Thanksgiving (:)

Happyone said...

I too read a few books at the same time. : )
I like all different kinds of books. Sometimes it is nice to read a book an 'easy' read.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Gumbo Lily said...

Wishing you perfect pie crusts, golden brown turkey and the best stuffing and gravy ever! (I love the stuffing and gravy.)
Happy Thanksgiving, Friend.

Granny Marigold said...

The grands are really into Harry Potter. I think they would like that book too.

I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Lisa said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!! I use the Betty Crocker pie crust recipe and always use more water than they say...crust turns out beautifully!

Lisa Richards said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Eating slowly; that's hard! But I am very thankful for good food and family. God bless you all!

ann said...

I do wish you perfect pies. Looks like you use my secret, special recipe. I baked pies and the crust burnt on one because got all fancy and Martha Stewart-ish and smeared the crust with egg so that my fancy little leaves would adhere. Then I spilled the filling on the door as I put the pie in the oven. Now I have a mess to clean up. Have a wonderful week end. Black Friday shopping? Nope. Not me.