Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cozy Stuff

I embrace Tuesdays and maybe the reason I am feeling so calm and content THIS Tuesday morning is because (wait for it) I made my sleep goal last night.  SO silly, I know.  

Let's all give a round of applause for rice bags now.  Ha!  I have my rice bag resting on my lower back and even though my back doesn't hurt it is very comforting to listen to George Winston's December album as I realize that at this very moment I am full of bliss (and my back is comforted). THIS moment.  Time rolls along, doesn't it?  Peppermint tea in a polka dot mug, doodle supplies within an arm's reach.  Thank you, God.
 There are days when I feel detached from the table tops and the dusty shelves, the kitchen counters and the making of our bed and there are other days when every little tableau calls to me, surrounds me, making me aware of our home's warm embrace.

 Sweet Heather (Blackberry Rambles) reviewed this book and she never fails to get it right.  I love it and grannies must have pretty picture books at the ready because the stars might align just right and a moment might present itself when a little reader might want to read or be read to.  
 Our Kelli's homeschool moms got together last night, so she asked me to put together some Bible verses they could focus on.  I added a poem from Gladsome Light's post a while back (Mark Strand) and a few quotes from A Mother's Journal.  I used the dancing script font (to make the handouts pretty) and Kelli said they were blessed.  It's the words, friends.  WORDS are our gift.  I think we need to gobble up as many words as possible.  Delicious. 
 I'm so glad that our grocery store doesn't just load the seasonal aisle with black and orange Halloween-themed things.  The store always stocks plenty of Thanksgiving/Fall stuff, too.  
 Sit here.  I'll make some more peppermint tea and leave you here so you can just be.  I was laughing at ME the other day because I heard myself say to myself, "I'm just not a do-er." That sounds lazy.  What I mean is I'd rather be a be-er rather than stirring up dust as our society prizes.  Sitting in stillness, alone with God, without having to use our social brain to carry on conversations or comment on things, is a very good thing.
 The frozen rose buds are not bouncing back. That's okay.
 I have been stuffing things in the pantry and I think its time to take it all out and reorganize.  I think it would be pretty to place a few jars of gumdrops and butterscotch and cinnamon disks in the pantry so that when I open it, I think of Christmas treats.
 Hoot!  Hoot!  This wax cube warmer works!  Holiday scents.  Jeff and Christie (and James) stopped by last night and Jeff said, "What's that weird smell?"  It was actually the pot roast in the cast iron pan.  He said, "Oh! That smells good then."  I guess a pot roast smelling wax cube wouldn't be a good idea.  Ha!

 Thank you to Kezzie and Heather for suggesting some great pens for coloring and journaling.  They work well!  I really missed my creative materials while we were in Mexico.

 This piece of art is titled "Six Cups" and is the work of Cathleen Rehfeld.  Isn't it stunning?  My Art Pinterest board is full of this kind of inspiration.  My All Things Cozy board is my other favorite.  Oh!  And Creative Makes! AND Illustrators and Picture Makers.  Pinterest isn't about "having" or "buying" for me.  It's simply about looking.  Looking is a sweet pleasure. 
So, now I shall doodle in my journaling Bible.  Finish my tea.  Be thankful for now.  
Thank you for peeking in.  


Julia said...

Your heart is just so bubbly all the time. Joy seems to follow your every step. It's good to just be a be-er sometimes. That's pretty much what I did all week. I returned to work at the farm this morning but it took me twice the time to do my work. Slowly does it. Have a joyful and colorful day . Hugs,

Farm Girl said...

I love all of your nice sweet, and warm inviting words. I am so glad you are having a nice day to be yourself. Those days are precious aren't they. I love all of your pictures. They make me smile this morning. Have a wonderfully creative day.

Heather LeFebvre said...

Glad you like the Thankful book!! I need to pull ours out and read it again with Laura. Oh those markers all look great!!! I already want another set of brush pens (different colors). Where did you get the Berol markers? Someone gave me Berol markers about 12 years ago and they are the best! They lasted about 10 years -- I couldn't believe it!! A few are still going. I've always wanted to get another set. Maybe I should try one of those wax tart burners -- we have a faint mouse odor downstairs (mice have been dealt with but odor remains) and I can't have those fake air fresheners around. I can't actually have most candles, but maybe some I could have, and just plug this in when company is coming?? Something to mask it.....

Happyone said...

A nice happy post. : )
What is your sleep goal?

Debi said...

I love peppermint tea and the December album too! That's the first CD in the player when the cooler evenings visit, it's so soothing and calming. Have you seen the new coloring books for grown ups? They look like fun!

Amy at love made my home said...

Such a lovely happy cheery post! I hope that you get your sleep goal again tonight! xx

TexWisGirl said...

sleep is important! hooray!

Granny Marigold said...

How funny that your son found the smell 'weird' but after being told it was pot roast he changed his mind.

Words are our gift. Isn't that so true. I'm so happy that I've passed that gift on to my children and grands too.

NanaDiana said...

An altogether sweet day for sitting and thinking and smiling and remembering. I love days like that. Love WORDS, too, and you have some good ones here--ones that translate to thoughts and, ultimately, stir us to action...to buy that book...to look at that picture...to just enjoy BE-ing! Happy Tuesday night- xo Diana

Betty Wood Fairy said...

I will have to come back and read this again as I can't take it all in! just getting ready for work and scanning my posts quickly... mornings are the best - there's a fat neighbours cat sitting on my shed and a single rose smiling in my garden - probably the last of the year so I will pick it and enjoy it close up. I so wish I could be a bookworm and read more - I get books from the library by the stack then never read them and return them! must do better, you are an inspiration - you have bookworm leadership skills!