Monday, November 30, 2015

Boots and Family Joy

 It's a snowy "boot day" today!  I like my boots.
 Here!  Have a handful!

 I have to point out the drawer of hand knit winter wear to Bill.  He always remembers a mitten I made years ago that was fit for a giant.  He thinks it's funny. 
 There is soup in the crockpot today.  I accidentally bought shredded carrots and I think there might be too many green beans in the pot.  Oh well.
 We had a lot of fun last night at Advent and Appetizers.  The food was a hit.  Yay.  Now, what should we have next week.  Any ideas?

 Our Brad in far away Ft. Collins hung fairy lights!  He's an elf!
 They had their own advent last night.  Doesn't the hot chocolate look delicious?
 Here they are gathered around their table!  Aw!  I miss them.
 Christie noticed that James is holding his mitten instead of wearing it.  Little Bear!
 I saved you a cookie or two.
 James wanted to help Grampy play carols.
 Here's Bootsie Birdie!
 And Sam and her sweet daddy!

 Plum Cake liked putting sprinkles on cookies.  She was very careful and did not dump the whole container at once.  Progress!
The last day of November.  Millie Rose is turning 5 on Thursday so we'll have a pizza dinner here to celebrate!
If I was the sledding sort I'd go sledding today.  It's white and gorgeous outside.
Thank you for popping in to check on me.  


Farm Girl said...

It sounds like a perfect day. I love your boots!! I am so glad you have snow today.
Your soup sounds yummy. I love seeing all of the your lovely family. I am so glad your Advent night turned out so nice. Your tree looks so pretty.
So nice to get caught up with you. Have a lovely day.

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

your boots look dainty and warm! I just bought a pair of long black leather ones, I was just about to leave when I noticed I had odd sizes! the sales girl had told me one was tight as it hadn't been tried on! lucky I noticed and they quickly put it right before I left! We have no chance of snow in this part of the UK although the North is getting some. I love seeing glimpses of your cosy home - the lilac pictures on the wall are delightful - it's a home that looks well used and full of happy people. :D

ellen b. said...

All we have is frosty ice here! What a great idea to enjoy Advent together! Looks like those boots will work well for the snow. Love the boots on your grand, too! Have a great week!

Kit said...

Everything looks so festive! And so pretty! Looks your family is having a great time as usual. May you have a wonderful season! Hugs, Kit

Kit said...

Everything looks so wonderful! And so festive! You and your family looks like they have a great time. :) You have a lovely season! Hugs, Kit

Debi said...

Oh, you've been very busy! Your soup looks yummy, I've been making soup too... 'tis the season! I hope to get our tree this week and maybe decorated this week too... yours looks lovely. Have a great week!

Julia said...

What a fun time with your lovely family PomPom. It almost feel like Christmas already.
Your boots are extra special and looks so warm. You won't have cold feet this winter.
We still don't have snow and that's OK with me.

I just bought a few pairs of mittens for my great grandson this morning. I felt good enough to go out for a quick stop at the bank and to buy the mittens as his old one are already too small. I went back to bed for the rest of the day and my son did my barn chores. I get tired fast.

Your place sound like a fun place to gather and I do love to sing along with the guitar.
Take care. Hugs,

Happyone said...

A fun and happy day. NICE boots. : )

TexWisGirl said...

such a sweet bunch. :)

Sue McPeak said...

Ooooooh....Love your Boots, your Christmas Tree and your warm Family Fun Fotos!

karen said...

Nice boots and what a nice collection of family fun and food :)

NanaDiana said...

Karen, What great pictures. It is hard when family is far away. Looking at pictures of them is just not the same as having them there for a holiday. I know how you feel!
Look at those faces- those kids are just so cute. Love the one of him outside without his
Sprinkles---SO tempting to just dump the whole thing. Saving a few for cookie #2 is certainly progress.
Loved this post, Karen. xo Diana

ann said...

Great boots! You have way more snow that what we have. You always get more than we do. And look at that baby James. He has grown so much. Looks like you are enjoying the holiday season. Me, too.

Amy at love made my home said...

A lovely last day of November! Your snow boots look fantastic! xx

Brad M said...

Such sweet fellowship around the beauty of Christmas time!

Happy@Home said...

Fun, fun times at your house. Snow sounds like fun and your boots are ideal for the weather.
Plum Cake has an adorable haircut. It fits her to a tee.

Gumbo Lily said...

Such a jolly bunch you are! I like your Advent and Appetizers idea. Hubs and I did our own little quiet Advent together. It was sweet. I like your tree. I just got mine up today!

Your boots are terrific! Sounds like there's plenty of snow in beautiful Colorado!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

So nice that you have some snow, for ambiance!!!

But not too much!!!

Here, rain, rain, rain.

But better than ice, ice, ice. :-)

A simple Background here. Very different and lovely. (Just me I know) :-)

Kezzie said...

Hello lovely!!! You bring joy and exctement to life!!! Those boots are excellent!!!cosy feet.x

Lisa Richards said...

Your home is filled with all the warm, cozy and colorful delights of Christmas! Enjoy all of your blessings! :)
It's so much fun to take a peek at everyone's holiday preparations.

handmade by amalia said...

What a great post, dear Pom. Your lovely family, cookies, decorations, good times and an excellent pair of boots.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

the peanut butter cookies look wonderful! so many happy faces in this them all. I do enjoy whipped cream in my cocoa but not so much marshmallows. the mitten...could it be felted to make it smaller? your boots look so very warm...and pretty!

GretchenJoanna said...

I love best that picture of James and his grandpa. Your grandchildren are blessed to be near you and showered with your love.

Aida said...

You household looked very busy leading towards the festive season Karen. I am looking forward to the holiday season but first I have to decorate my tree first. Hope you have good weekend.


Henny Penny said...

What a special family you have. I really enjoyed the pictures.

Dee said...

That photo of "plum cake" helping with the cookies is adorable. She did a great job getting just the right amount on each cookie!

Looks like you are all set for wonderful Christmas memories to be made.