Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mountains and Wool

 Ha!  Hello again!  Here's another selfie of me (so selfie-ish!) sitting in the little cabin we slept in while at the Presbyterian Youth Workers conference Bill spoke for.  It was VERY cold outside (and inside for that matter) so I wore my new knitted hat AND a scarf and a stretchy yummy tummy undergarment.  I stayed warm sitting near the heater.  I am VERY enthused about knitting now that my hat turned out well and I didn't experience any major flub ups.  I did flub up on my cowl that isn't finished yet, but I think I can overlook the flubs because they aren't too disastrous. 

 This is why Queenstown, NZ is so famous.  Can you believe this scene?  It's all there.  SO amazing!  God's good.  He is SO good!
 Not a bad place to hang glide, right?  I am not a hang glider or even a gondola rider.  Shiver.
While strolling around Queenstown we come upon a wool shop.  YAY!
 The sweaters were VERY expensive but gorgeous.  There is so much WOOL in NZ.  There are SO MANY sheep!  Cows, too.  The dairy industry is big there.  I loved all the soft woolens.  I am very glad I can knit my own woolens.
 I did buy a pair of possum and merino gloves.  Green.  They spin merino with possum because the possum hairs are short.
 Don't you LOVE this gorgeous aran cardi?  It was soft as soft can be. 
 And look at this darling cushion!  WANT ONE.
 I am now satisfied as far as fish and chips go.  I ate too many "chips" and A LOT of battered fish. 

 So now I am moving on from my New Zealand/Australia trip (and all the photos).  
James and his pretty mommy are coming over today.  I pulled weeds (in my pajamas - very lazy) this morning and scrubbed the sink.  I ironed and listened to our Brad's sermon (podcast) and now I am going to shower and shine.  
Don't you love "stay-at-home" days?  Me, too.


TexWisGirl said...

you made me hungry with the battered fish. :) love the 2nd shot! wow!

Kezzie said...

Well done on the hat!! That's cool!! Glad you had a great time! I love all the woollens, so snuggly and warm!!!Xx

Jean | said...

Possum? I repeat: Possum? I would never have thought they could make anything out of possum fur!

Angela said...

I was told that possum is a Latin word meaning 'I can' - so I guess they CAN make stuff from its fur!!

Betty said...

Oh possum gloves, I just love the idea! I so want some!!
(see I am still here in cyberspace!)
that is a very nice picture of you by the way
Betty :D

Anonymous said...

Wow...never heard of possum gloves. So interesting. They look so comfy. Glad you found a way to stay warm. The scenery is just glorious!

Julia said...

I love love that Fair Isle sweater It's gorgeous. Mmmm, battered fish sounds yummy and loaded with Fat but who counts calories when they are visiting Down Under?

The mountains are spectacular.

Julia said...

Oh I love, love those sweater and cardi. So beautiful...
The mountains are spectacular and that battered fried fish looks so yummy and the chip too. I'm so glad you are enjoying your visit.

Nana Go-Go said...

I had some lovely fish and chips last Saturday when my friends scooped me up and drove for miles among the rolling hills of our countryside which is not unlike NZ's. I also have some possum in my stash which my BFF's daughter generously sent me as a Christmas pressie last year. It's very squishy! I'm loving that pic of you atop there and I love your header pic with your floral'Birkies'! Off to catch up with the rest of your Kiwi posts! Tons of Love. xxx

Come Away With Me said...

Greetings Pom Pom! Wow, possum gloves, with merino too That certainly is noteworthy. Their possums must have nicer coats than our American brand. The possums I've seen have seen look half bald; not enough hair to try to make yarn out of! I love your selfie, you look very absorbed in what you are doing, knitting perhaps. I really like the way you are wearing your hair these days. And yes, doing housework in one's pajamas is the best way, on stay-at-home days. Blessings to you! Sara

M.K. said...

What to say? First, those mountain/water scenes are amazing. NZ DOES have everything one would want in beauty. Breath-taking! I love that selfie -- it's very pretty of you. Did you notice your nice eye-lashes? And POSSUM? Really? Shudder! I'm trying to imagine it. Yuck. But what pretty wool that is. So glad you had a lovely trip and could share it with Bill. You're having adventures, Pom!

Happyone said...

Gorgeous scenery. WOW!!
Love the sweater.
I like being out and about but do enjoy those stay at home days. : )

Granny Marigold said...

That bright, floral cushion seems like just the thing for your house. The flowers stand out so well on the black background. Gorgeous pics of mountains and lakes. Happily you seem to be over jet lag.

Amy at love made my home said...

Well I definitely never would have guessed that you could use possum hair/fur for anything let alone making gloves! Shows what you can learn doesn't it! xx

GretchenJoanna said...

You are a very skillful selfie-taker; that is one of the cutest selfies I've ever seen.

Your pictures are wonderful. The abundance of sheep and wool must have been exciting for a knitting tourist.

Leslie said...

Gorgeous view! I mean really, how did your heart not burst? And aren't you beautiful??? I am jealous of your long eye lashes. A very pretty you. I had a stay at home day today and really they are my favorite even if accomplish nothing. Hugs from texas, Leslie