Wednesday, July 29, 2015

More Jazz From Down Under

Queenstown, NZ!  So lovely!
 I've decided that I am going to up the frequency of my blog posts.  It's a lot more fun when done more often and I find a better "share" flow comes about, as far as subject matter is concerned.  
I am suffering from severe lag of the jet today.  We woke up just after midnight which is about 5 pm Australia time (it's sort of like waking up from a nap).  Argh.  I was peppy yesterday but I amVERY draggy and distracted today.  Okay. Okay.  I guess I must acknowledge that it takes a while to recover from so many time zones.

 This is the view from the coffee shop we stopped at after our walk around the lake.  I used the blanket for our knees!  Cold.
 More water in Sydney (just outside - Pearl Beach).  This was such a feast for my water-hungry self.  The weekend weather was unseasonably warm.  I sat on a big bean bag and absorbed the incredible beauty.
 We drove up and down and around winding roads for a fish and chip lunch.  Look who was having lunch with the people!  The pelican brigade!  Our friend told us that he had heard on the radio that a pelican scooped up someone's chihuahua one day.  What a sad way to lose your pet, right?
 This the lakeside coffee shop.  Built for King George, I guess.  I like the crown and the red lolly on the serving spoon.  They have lovely lollies down under.  Their gummy candy is delicious, although hard on my digestive system.  Boo.
 We had breakfast with a young youth worker the morning we left.  This place was called Gather on the Green.  My poached egg on a mushroom was scrumptious.  I really like Sydney.  Our friends there are so hospitable.  This is the third opportunity I've had to visit with them.  Bill goes regularly.
The local Young Life area (raising money for camp scholarships) flamingo-ed our house.  Jeff had to pick them all up before mowing our lawn and he took one home for James the Beak Biter.
Here's my new Facebook profile picture.  I used Waterlogue (so fun!)  I like the way the app gave me ruby lips and blue, blue, blue eyes.  You can't really tell from this picture but I was having a seriously good hair day.
I read The Rosie Project today.  WHAT an entertaining book.  It takes place in Australia so it was a fitting way to overcome (or nurture) my jet lag.  I give it 5 stars.

We have little girl guests coming for the weekend.  I must plan some fun.  I am longing to see our Ft. Collins grands.  I am going to Washington next week for my August annual family visit, but after that I must sort out a Granny Camp adventure.

I hope I feel more like myself tomorrow.  I think I might be recovering from all the fish and chips meals and the lolly consumption.

I'm craving cabbage, so it's an Asian salad for dinner (and meat on the BBQ).

Summer is a lovely waltz.  It's warm and it slows me down (not that I'm an amazing bundle of energy normally).  I love the way the veggies I planted from seed are thriving.  We did find two or three zucchini yesterday and Jenny put them in her vegetable soup.

Take care, sweet reader.  Thank you for popping around!



TexWisGirl said...

your new waterlogged pic looks like patricia arquette to me. :)

those are such glorious views!

Lisa Richards said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip! I love absorbing beautiful views myself. I do that a lot. Love James biting the beak!
Welcome back to summer. ;)

Granny Marigold said...

Waterlogueing sounds like so much fun.... now if only I had the right phone and if only I was not quite so technically challenged.........I love the pic of "James the Beak Biter". So cute. All your photos are inspiring. Hope you get rested up soon.

Debi said...

I love your new picture... waterlogue is so fun! I enjoyed reading The Rosie Project too and am looking forward to reading it's sequel.

GretchenJoanna said...

Your explorations must have been so enriching - that's what your beautiful pictures tell me. I hope you can get back your oomph for the weekend. Love...

Sarah H said...

Gorgeous photos! And I had no idea pelicans eat small animals! You learn a new thing every day xx

Amy at love made my home said...

So wonderful to see more of your travels and catch up on all of your news. Hope you enjoyed your dinner and that you are gradually getting back more to your usual time zone! xx

Aisling said...

Loving the travel log! And, you look rather glamorous in your Waterlogue pic!

Lynn said...

I have just downloaded that book!
Great to have you back.

Lynn said...

I have just downloaded that book!
Great to have you back.

Julia said...

I don't know if you see a face in the mountain in the first picture. I see an indian laying on his back with his forehead on the right, eye brows, eyes , nose and chin. I see black hair and what looks like a feather.
very cool....

How sad for the poor chihuahua. It's hot and humid here today, so cold sounds nice.

Enjoy the rest of your trip.
Take care.

Betty said...

I like this waterlogue ap, it's so clever. I think you have had a fabulous time on your travels - especially as you have been able to stay in peoples houses rather than hotels so got to see the real life version! I am glad you are blogging more, I like your cheery posts - I am blogging less, infact I am winding down my blog now and am going to be a passive observer and commentor on everyone elses blogs as I am adjusting my priorities a little. Looking forward to more of your travels, Betty :D said...

That whole jet lag thing is so real and debilitating. Hope your body comes back to it's own time zone soon. You really some some great views down under...

Nana Go-Go said...

Ooooh, what a vamp you look in your waterlogue pic! and who knew you were on FB??! I'm off to send you a friend request now. Happy Weekend to you. I'm having my Grandies over too. Have fun. xxx

M.K. said...

So nice to have you back, Pom. "My water-hungry self" is a great phrase to describe how one feels when one does not have ocean nearby. I long for it, and I know you do too. What great views! Sydney sounds lovely. I love that flamingo photo with James :)