Friday, December 12, 2014

Here Right Now With a Grateful Heart

 The mountains look Christmassy but here in Denver we have mild temps and sunshine!  I'm still dreaming of a white Christmas.  We'll see.
 Sorry about my ratty looking nails, but this morning I was basking in gratefulness because my nose works and Cuties smell like the height of Christmas, don't they?  It's my favorite scent!

 My mama's gift to us bought new sheets.  The discount store didn't have any flannel so the nice helper there pointed me to the fleece sheets.  I kept waking up all night thinking, "This snuggly bed is pure luxury!"  We sleep with the window open because I like a cold head and a warm body!  Ha!
 Christmas brings additional red to go with our spots.  When Sam and Plum saw the tree they immediately moved in close and began messing with the shiny stuff.  That is just fine with me.  I like our tree to be alluring and delightful.
 Our realtor who sold us this house 23 years ago still brings us a poinsettia every Christmas.  So nice!

I met a friend at Starbucks yesterday.  Before she arrived, I listened to all the coffee-breakers conversations, but when my nice friend was across the table, I didn't hear any other talk but hers.  I absolutely love coffee talk and this particular friend is the nicest person, so real and true (and smiley!)

 Miss Bug and Birdie went ice skating yesterday.  Isn't that a fun holiday activity?

Sam and Millie played here.  They roared around the yard, basking in the sunshine.  The neighbor grands came over and everyone was pretty happy!  I do love it when the house is full of kids and moms, there are snacks enjoyed constantly and love flows.  LOVE it.

I have been savoring the food I've been eating.  Recently I bought a nice piece of cold salmon and a tiny portion of pasta salad at the grocery.  It tasted divine.  Another thing I've been loving lately is ramen noodles!  Ha!  So salty and yummy.  I LOVE eggs cooked for one minute in the microwave.  I adore graham crackers.  Some days hot chocolate makes me feel like a queen. What do you love?

Even though the weather is so hospitable and not nippy like holiday weather often is, I am very happy that December is here.  
Are you?  
Thank you for popping by and reading my rambling words.  You're a peach!


ann said...

Our weather is glorious, isn't it? But I hear that a storm is on its way. You house is so busy. Such fun. Do you have your Christmas shopping done? I am off to get some of mine done. Have a great day. Hey, we shoul do coffee someitme. Next year.

Farm Girl said...

I am so glad every thing is just clipping along at your house. I always love reading about what you have been up to and all of your lovely visitors. I do enjoy ice skating just not the falling so those things the girls are pushing around the ice are wonderful.
The skies look beautiful. Will you get our storm? If it comes your way you will get lots of snow. It is snowing in our mountains and it is 3 feet an hour right now. We have lots and lots of roads closed now. It is still raining. :)

TexWisGirl said...

lots of goodness surrounding you. :)

Sue McPeak said...

Yes, I love coffee talk, too. I bet your friend feels the same way about you...I know I do...big smiley!!! What a neat and safe way to skate on ice...I would definitely want that skate aid! The one and only time I tried ice skating I could only go backwards...crazy! Texas weather going on here...never know from minute to minute...this minute it is cloudy and least cool enough for me to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Happy Happy December Days to you and yours.
Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

Kezzie said...

Lots of lovely red in these photos!!!! I your tree!!! Your little girls are adorable! X

Amy at love made my home said...

I love to read posts like this, little bits of catch up and news from here and there, so lovely of you to share! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. xx

Anonymous said...

I've never seen those skating-pusher things before. A great way to get the beginners off the edges of the rink...
I ate a ginger cookie today (actually, two) when I was baking a batch to put in the freezer for Christmas. I love cookies of almost all kinds. I have the dough for bizcochitos in the freezer chilling right now, and chocolate macaroons are next up.
But my house is very. quiet. The rain has stopped this afternoon and we are sleepy. I love the thought of your grandchildren running around your place. Love to you, Pom Pom!

Anonymous said...

Wow~ 23 years and your realtor is still bringing a Poinsettia ...amazing. Fleece sheets, that's also something new to me. They sound lovely. OK! The next time I try ice skating I need one of those helpers so I don't keep falling on my bum!!

magsmcc said...

Are your schools all on holidays already? Or is this the joy of retirement/home schooling? We have another tiresome week of parties, DVDs and "what could I be doing at home" madness! I love the smell of mandarins, and I love the juicy flavours of cranberry and smoked salmon and cheesy dipping bread. Oh and clean sheets are our favourite last thing of the day treat! Luxury x

Sarah H said...

Mmm, love the smell of satsumas too. I could do with getting some fleecy sheets, our bedroom is chilly at night. x

Nancy McCarroll said...

If we are peaches, you are a true cutie!

Like to read what you are up to and glad you are enjoying the season.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

And we have some snow, to share with you!!! -grin-

But you have the attitude, to enjoy all that the Christmas Season brings, with or without snow.


Betty said...

Oh yes, coffee with friends is the best - we can get a free coffee in the cafe at our supermarket! At the moment I am loving grapes and oranges and eat as much as I want.
I like the thought of your house filled with so many happy people. Betty

Kit said...

Hello! As soon as I started to read your post, I had to run to the frig for a Cutie! I adore the smell. As a child a full bowl of tangerines, meant Christmas to me. We are hoping for more snow up here too! Do you go to the City Country Building to see the lights? I still remember taking my girls there and it was so pretty. Have a wonderful cozy weekend! Kit

Jeannette said...

Hello Pom Pom and thank you for your peachy ramble. The red is cheering indeed.

Between Me and You said...

Happiness is a friend called 'Pom-Pom'! I actually found some Christmas Spirit today and managed to get the decs down from the loft and watched 'Funny Girl' and sang along while putting up the tree! I'll be eating lunch tomorrow with my eldest son and my daughter-in-law - that's the kind of eating I like to do most of all! Happy Weekend to you chum. x

Granny Marigold said...

I like that your grands can "adjust" things on your tree. Mine like to arrange the Nativity people and animals in creative ways. It certainly is lovely having children and grandchildren living close enough to be part of our everyday lives.

Gumbo Lily said...

We've been enjoying the mild weather here too because we know that it won't last. Expecting some snow tomorrow here. We'll see.

I'm enjoying navel oranges. They are so sweet right now. I'm glad the kiddies are popping over to visit. Mine too. Fun.

Blessed December to you, Friend.

M.K. said...

Adam loves Cuties also. He eats lots of fruit. Our temps and overall weather have been pleasant and rather warm today. No snow down here at ALL! My favorite foods lately? Hot beverages of all types :) And Adam made a cold layered Mexican salad dish (beans/salsa/avocado/onions/cheese/etc) to eat with chips, and it has been SO yummy. We haven't yet launched into full-fledged pie-making or cookie-baking, thankfully! So dangerous!

Julia said...

Even with a green Christmas your house looks very festive. The kids are having the time of their lives.
Kids really makes Christmas so special.