Monday, December 29, 2014

Good Ordinary Day

 I've been enjoying my second gnome book.  Jeff asked, "Did you WANT that for Christmas?"  Ha ha ha!  YES! I love reading about gnomes.  You can learn a lot from them, you know.
 Kim and Julia could learn about wool dying.  Smile.
 You MIGHT be able to successfully perform acupuncture.  Well, don't try it.
 If you could enlist some bee-help (MK?) you could build yourself a cabinet or two!
 Did I ever tell you that I keep a lot of bowls in the entry way?  Yup!  In the doll house cast off from a friend's basement!  It works!
 I LOVE my new glass tea kettle!  It's fragile so I can't be careless (a bit of a problem) and I can see inside.  I fear inner tea kettle scum.
 Aw!  The gnomes and their gear are still out on the picnic table and it is FREEZING here in Colorado at the moment!

 I was looking through my old photos and it's a pretty cheerful thing to do when the cold wind blows because I can be assured that flowers will grow again and the grass will be green.  This lily is what's left of a bouquet (the cheapest one available) I bought for the Christmas tables.
 So January and the new year are just around the corner and garden planning is a good idea.  We took all the ornaments off the tree, but the tree is still standing in the living room because the lights are nice in the morning (and all day for that matter!)  I have NO IDEA what my camera dial can do, but this is fun, right?

 You all say that Christmas lasts until the 6th, so I think our tree can stand for a few more days.
 I made a meatloaf for dinner and I always bake it in this loaf pan I received as a wedding gift.  Isn't it pretty?  It makes me happy that my taste hasn't changed much in 36 years!  At least I still like all the pottery I've been hoarding for so long.
 Yes, it's really winter around here.  We're warm at night between our polar fleece sheets, but it's nippy in the morning.  Tomorrow the high temperature is predicted to be 3 degrees.  Brrrrrrrrr!
I wore a pretty posy to church on Sunday.  Heather from Blackberry Rambles made it.  I wear a posy almost every day.  Cheerful.
 Jenny gave us this water pitcher that fills the water with fruity goodness.  YUM!
 This is what I had for breakfast (well, half of it) because I could eat fish for every meal and the grocery store noodles are scrumptious!

Well, I've blah, blah, blah-ed long enough so I'll leave you with our Saturday morning breakfast date!  Teeth!  He's a happy boy!
Take care, good reader.  Thank you for looking in on me.  
The meatloaf smells good!  A white sweet potato to share, peas with mushrooms, and a crunchy salad.  Ordinary days are good, too.  Don't you agree?


TexWisGirl said...

love your squiggly tree photo! :) james is growing like a weed!

Leslie said...

Look at that little toofy, how cute and so happy! Yay happy babies. Looks like you got some sweet gifts for Christmas! Ordinary days are my favorite. Stay warm, sweet Pom to the 2. :)

Lisa Richards said...

I have a few Gnome books on my Amazon wishlist. Thanks for reminding me! :) Yours looks intriguing!
Nice camera action. I've taken down my decorations, but I understand if others prefer to keep them up. ;)
Congrats on the teeth, James!
I love it when you blah-blah-blah, Pom. Keep it up.
Ordinary days are, indeed, wonderful.

Farm Girl said...

What pretty, pretty snow. I love James new teeth. Such a pretty boy. I bet your meat loaf was yummy.
3 degrees!!! Brrr. I think I would love to learn how to dye wool from Gnomes. That looks like a very fun read.
I love reading your about your day. Yay for a new teapot!! Now to go warm up in front of a nice log fire. Yay for winter!

Happy@Home said...

Your little breakfast date is a cutie and he looks quite pleased with his new teeth :).
I had no idea one could learn so much from gnomes. Your book looks like fun.
Love your meatloaf dish and the meal sounds perfect for your cold weather. I am now curious about a white sweet potato. Didn't know they came in that color.
Ordinary days are my most favorite.

April said...

I made meatloaf last night!

Nancy McCarroll said...

No day with you could be ordinary. Just ask Bill...he will agree.

Maybe I should worry about tea pot scum. It'so a thought.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

OH, the little guy has a tooth(s) come through. Oh how happy he must be. And Mommy and Daddy must be happy toooo. Teeth hurt, coming in! -pout-

Ahhhhhhhh and I see you have Gnome Magic Mushrooms, as your Header!!!! Teeeee, heeee, heeeee....

Yes, my Dear, enjoy your ordinary days.

Oh, snow!!! Lucky you!

Happy countdown to the New Year,

ellen b. said...

Oh yes...ordinary days are needed after the hustle and bustle of a beautiful Christmas. Love your wedding dish that keeps on giving you wonderful meatloafs! That little tooth smile is precious. Enjoy the end of 2014!

Anonymous said...

Cute post, PP! :) xxx

Jeannette said...

until the 6th...yep...why I sent out more Christmas greetings just today!

Here's to your on-going Christmas joy and insight...
we can do the Happy New Year later...

MamaF said...

Ahahah I have the same gnome book in my bookshelf, but it's in italian ! I always love to spot my favourite books in my friends' houses and in other languages. I already spotted it in german and finnish ! And now english :)
We keep our tree and all the decorations up until the 6th, the tradition is the same both in Italy and in Finland.Anyways your 'ordinary' day it's just a beautiful day :)And my best wishes for the new year <3

Granny Marigold said...

It looks very cold out your way. We're having some flurries this weekend but I doubt any snow will stay on the ground. I like to leave the tree(s) up until the sixth of January. That's my oldest son's birthday (he'll be 45). Yikes! Doesn't seem that long ago at all. I like your new tea pot but I know what you mean about having to be careful of breakable stuff. Happy New Year!

Cheyenne said...

Oh MY! He is a happy, daring boy!

I have told you four hundred times, that your blog has to be the most cheerful spot on the internet.

I love that you use the same dish for meatloaf, too. So special...

and your home is so bright & cheerful, even the books inside! This post kind of makes me want to own a gnome book too.

I don't think I ever put it together that you were in Co. My husband and I have driven, twice, the twenty two hour trip to see friends near Centre (sp?) we love that valley, perhaps because we love our dear friends so.

Hope you are snug as a bug today.

Sue McPeak said...

Yes, ordinary days are good and post like this one makes them extra good...extraordinary in fact! Love your Hall Bowlhouse...a wonderful save and repurposed home. Happy New Year!
Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

Fat Dormouse said...

Joy in the ordinary homely things of life - you always remind me how blessed I am in my extraordinarily ordinary life, dear PomPom. I'm sorry I've not been a good commenter, but I always enjoy reading your blog.

Amy at love made my home said...

I hope that your New Year will be wonderful! Best wishes for all good things in 2015 to you and yours! I agree, decorations/tree until the 6th, but mine comes down a couple of days before - it will be coming down this weekend! xx

SaraJ said...

Thank you for popping by my blog - lovely to meet you.
I've been enjoying some ordinary days at home in between Christmas and New Year - I love the chance to just potter around, without the need to rush. A great way to re-charge batteries after the hectic lead up to Christmas.
Wishing you a happy new year. x

M.K. said...

Ordinary days are lovely! You have a Disco Tree - haha! I love that you wear a posey most days; I didn't know that about you, but it fits. THe casserole is sweet. I love things I got as wedding gifts. Each little use over the years adds a layer of love to the object, and it becomes imbued with meaning. Some call it "wear," but it's deeper than that. Your new teapot is precious. I don't have a doll's house for bowls, but I did decide to use a small bookcase for bowls and casseroles in the kitchen. I have very little cabinet space.

Heather LeFebvre said...

Glad you are enjoying your flower :)