Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring Bounty and Plum Cake

 Oh my, the blossoms are rich around our neighborhood.  I wish they lasted longer.  

 Speaking of blossoms, here's a plum blossom eating a popsicle.

 I was sad that the grocery store strawberries TODAY were feeble.  Last weekend they were so red.  Scrumptious!
 Blue-eyed wonder popsicle close-up!
 A little smoothie making!
And last, a smile from a piggy.  

I moved my computer so I have not had my hands on the keyboard quite as often.  The end of school is all-consuming.  I am enjoying our folk and fairy tale unit very much.  We're learning about classic literature motifs and the simple archetypes.  I am so proud of the students for studying the archetype table and determining what archetype fits them (quite a few orphans and warriors in the bunch!)

Last night we dined at Jeff and Christie's.  They sure can do a synchronized kitchen dance.  It made me realize that I haven't really used my cooking skills for about ten years.  Ha!  I aim to chop and dice, mix and stir a lot more starting in June!  Confession:  I have not taken my new food processor out of the box.  I DID buy a ginger grater, a tool that hulls strawberries, and some sturdy wooden spoons at the discount store.  Better dining might be in our future.  
What have you been doing?  Writing?  Drawing?  Knitting?  Drinking tea and looking out the window?  Reading?
Bless your heart.  Thank you for stopping in!


TexWisGirl said...

she is too cute! love those blossoms!

Sue McPeak said...

So good to hear from you...thanks for stopping by. Now, I hear you are retiring and it seems...looking forward to kitchen fun time. Congratulations on your retirement. I know you will be so very missed at school, but what fun you will have with grands and home life. I have missed you!

Lisa Richards said...

Cute little Plum Cake!
You will be a flurry of creativity with your new-found freedom.
Lots of pretty flowers. We still have bare trees, but a few blades of grass.
I'm drinking tea and drawing, mostly. I look forward to seeing more drawing from you!

libbyquilter said...

love your floral, fruit AND plum cake photo's~!

my fruit trees are full of small pink buds . . . in a few days, barring a freeze, we'll be seeing a tree full of blossoms and bees~!
keep your fingers crossed for me.

i've been busy doing all kinds of things lately . . . seems i have to refind the balance of activities when the seasons change . . . the garden whispers out, the stitching calls, the housework needs doing, then there's the resting activities; a good book to read while sitting in the dappled sunlight, a puzzle to solve, oh yes, hand stitching falls nicely into this category too.

wishing you a wonderful week.


Betty said...

We have been enjoying strawberries (from Spain as UK ones aren't ready until later), very sweet and juicy. We have tidied our garden and I am painting some blossom - apple blossom in the garden is so perfect, I just want to capture it. I like your little guinea pig,they are such gentle pets. I can sense you are putting your whole self in as they say with the school work, don't forget to have 'me time' too. Betty x

Elizabethd said...

the blossom looks so lovely. It is over too quickly, sadly.

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

Hi PomPom, can't believe spring is almost over on your side of the fence. I guess you must be excited to see summer soon. For us here down under the temperature is getting chilly. Which means more tea drinking session for me. Your little blossoms is soo adorable. She surely love her popsicle.
Hope you have a good week.

Hugs from me

ann said...

Wouldn't it be nice if the blossoms lasted all summer? Well, you are on your countdown. I cook more now and better food. Nice way to end the year, fairy tales. Have a good week.

Debi said...

I retired last June and am loving it! after a couple of months you will wonder how you ever managed to fit work into your schedule! I started cooking a lot more when I retired too, and hubby and I each have an extra 10 pounds to show for it!

Nancy McCarroll said...

A hoo! A hoo! The trees blossoming are splendid, but hard on the allergies. Your smoothly looks scrumptious, as does Plum...could just eat her up!

Farm Girl said...

Well I have missed you and I am counting the days until School is out forever!
I love all of the goings on at your house. Your Plum Cake is beautiful eating the Popsicle. I hope you have a lovely week.

Attic Clutter said...

oh POM she is the sweetest little girl
love the plum tree and plum cake.. did that one year(:) when my neighbor gave me some of her plums and a recipe..
and your cute checker'd paper

Sherry said...

What a precious Plum Blossom!

Hope this is a wonderful week for you!

Carolyn Phillips said...

What wonderful blossoms, I've been enjoying those here as well. Do you know your posts always make me hungry, you show such scrummy looking fruit.

Attic Clutter said...

HA.. chicken poooo
yes icky

the wayside wanderer said...

Spring in Co is beautiful, especially that one pretty little blossom enjoying a popsicle. Blessings as you wrap up the end of your school year!

Sue said...

Hello, I am visiting from Kim's blog. enjoyed your blooms especially you plum cake, she is adorable, so nice to meet you

M.E. Masterson said...

She is adorable! Gardening has been the main goal around is a new one so can't wait to see what takes off!

Heather LeFebvre said...

The plum blossom and the little piggy smile are so cute!!! Smoothie looks delicious. Tomorrow is our last day of school. I think I might be burnt out. I'm not sure. I think I find it hard to tell in myself. I'm not dreading teaching or having trouble doing it but I seem to have no energy or interest in other things and that makes me wonder....hoping I can recover a bit after tomorrow. :) At least it's a happy thought!

Gumbo Lily said...

That plum blossom is adorable! The fruit in the blender -- yum! Happy last weeks of school!!

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

End of school busy here also...prom, teachers appreciation, field day...I am home room mom. Then work also, cleaning and decorating other's homes.
I love the color of this post and the smoothie looks wonderful. Your granddaughter is precious

M.K. said...

Hi Sweetie :) Those berries look divine, and that smoothie pitcher is a tower of healthiness!! It will be fun for you to really have time and energy to cook all year. Summertime cooking is often light and quick; we're on the run. Winter cooking is the long, slow stewing that makes a house smell like a home. You'll love that. Adam has said (very gently) many times that I'm so much more pleasant to live with when I'm not working fulltime. You are probably not a crab as I am (ha!! :) , but it may really enrich your love-life and home-life to have more time, more rest.