Monday, May 19, 2014

Sleeping Handsome

Little James is irresistibly sweet, isn't he?  His parents are naturals.  They are taking such good care of him.  

I think I've seen his daddy make this face.

     The hanging flowers are now hooked up outside on the patio.  Don't you love lobelia? 
Another year of gorgeous white iris!

 My Peter Rabbit garden (vegetables) is planted.  Bill fixed the sprinkler head so that it waters 360 degrees.  With the hot sun and the extra water, I think Peter will be visiting before long.
 All the birds are back.  Robins LOVE the yard and work and work to pull as many earthworms out of the damp morning grass as they possibly can.  Good robins.

 My gardening clobber.  I am using my Polly tea holder to hold seed packets, but soon I'll take it back inside to hold the day's teas.
 I've become dependent on scents.  This candle diffuser exudes strawberry smells.
I start the day and finish the day with oils. Patchouli in the downstairs diffuser starts our day (fresh and rich) and  Eucalyptus in the humidifier upstairs soothes us to sleep.  There are so many comforting uses for essential oils.

I'm home today because we are going off to Sam's preschool graduation soon.  After that, I am staying close to the house.  It's my favorite place, you know.
Happy Monday to you and thank you very much for popping by.


TexWisGirl said...

yay for gardening season! and hooray for little james. :)

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Pom..He is so sweet(:)
love the white iris too (:)

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Pom (:)
love that sweet baby sleeping
and your iris are lovely

Farm Girl said...

Oh what a lovely post today. Nothing prettier than a sleeping baby. He is just beautiful.
I love all of your flowers and it looks like spring has finally sprung.
Have fun at the graduation. Then enjoy your day at home, soon it will be full time. :) I am so glad.

Nana Go-Go said...

I love your new boy - he is indeed handsome. Can't wait for my new girl to get here in less than 8 weeks' time. Happy Home-Loving to you. x

GretchenJoanna said...

How satisfying to have your veggies planted. I still have some to put in....better get going right now!

Bonnie said...

There is nothing like a newborn baby. I can almost feel his fuzzy little hair against my cheek and smell that sweet baby smell. You are blessed. Love the Peter Rabbit garden. I wish my soil looked that prettty.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

All your grandbabies are beautiful!

I spent the weekend gardening. Today a zucchini popped up. Yay!


ann said...

Looks like you are getting lots of good work done. Do you have a new grandson? It's a date for the Botanical Gardens. We will meet in July. Here, we are getting ready for a family reunion the last week end of June, then I can play.

Kit said...

Ohhhhh, he is lovely! Makes me want to sniff his neck. Do that for me. :) Kit

M.K. said...

I do love aromas too, and with my selection of oils, I really should do more with aromas in the house. I put them in the bath ... when I get a chance for a bath. Need to read up on all their uses for mood. Esp. for a stuffy house that's closed up in the heat of summer with A/C on. Thanks, Pom!

Debi said...

I am so envious of your lush, green grass! We live on a sand pile. When we moved here is was nothing but blueberry bushes and pine trees. The bushes and pines are gone and we have some grass, here and there... but not much and we have given up trying. The kids gave my husband an t-shirt for father's day a few years back that says, "I fought the lawn and the lawn won."

April said...

James is so cute! I can't wait to meet him!

Lisa Richards said...

Sweet Baby James! He is perfect. We have only the tiniest of leaves on our trees. I'm not quite brave enough to plant my seedlings outside yet.
Your yard is beautiful. Hoping you have tons of fun outside this summer! :)

puttermuch said...

What a sweet little grandson he is!
So happy for you in so many ways.
Enjoy your warm weather...we are chilly and cloudy today (ND)
Can't wait to see your garden :)


Attic Clutter said...

oh that cute little fun..yes love my fun to have them bloom..smells good too
they say the cold weather doesn't effect them (:)
have a nice one Pom(:)

Betty said...

He is a beautiful boy, he has lovely skin. I hope you will be getting lots of cuddles and getting to know each other. Betty

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Pom
are those yellow petunias
..yes a cottage by the sea..and life would be perfect..(:)

Happy@Home said...

Oh, he is a cutie pie. Love his little sleeper too.
Your garden flowers are so pretty and the plans for the veggie garden look very exciting.
What fun to try out the different oils. It must be smelling very nice at your house.

libbyquilter said...

oh~! that little guy is absolutely adorable~!!

i enjoyed seeing your flowers and the vegetable garden all prepped for it's summer season. i think the sunshiny longer days are so good for us all~!

isn't it nice to have pleasant smells around us~!? and surprising how they can effect our mood/spirits. i've been enjoying a citrus candle this past week. not only does it smell invigorating but it has a wooden wick that i find delightful.

thank you so much Pom Pom for your bright and happy posts as well as the kind comments that you leave on my own blog. you are the best kind of earth angel~!


Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

Baby James is so adorable. You are blessed with beautiful little ones. Those essential oils can be addictive.

Well in fact I have one burning right now.
Have a good week



Catherine said...

Hello Middle One in flux, in oh-so-many-ways, these busy old days ; ) James has already filled out his own little skin, hasn't! (And congratulations!)
I do love the wee lobelia flowers & they flower for ages, don't they. Everything looks clear & fresh & bright at your house (& garden). Yes, essential oils are really helpful. I should use them some more. Do you know about Thieves oil? I keep meaning to look for some & learn how to use it. Much love from the autumny side of the world GK x0x0x

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Karen, James is such a beautiful baby and I love the's my Daddy's name also.

Kezzie said...

Mmmmmm, lovely Eucalyptus! We were clearing at my Grandad's house yesterday and there is a truly enormous eucalyptus tree there-it's at least 20 metres tall if not more. I hope it doesn't get cut down when people buy the house. X

Gumbo Lily said...

Rock-a-by Sweet Baby James (do you remember this James Taylor song?). What a sweet lil thing he is. Love the flowers and garden digs.

I've been putting lavender oil on my little grandkids' mosquito bites.