Saturday, January 11, 2014

House Thinking

 A while ago, I had some happy success polishing silver.  I've had these pewter pieces since I was a newlywed.  My polishing made a minor improvement, but I did realize that it is FUN to polish.  Have you polished anything lately?  
 I am thankful that my two Christmas "alive things" are still providing holiday cheer.  I have planted potted trees too early in the past and they sadly died.  This year, I'm going to wait.  
 I have so many books around me at the moment.  This one is a happy read.  Which BP character is your favorite?
 I am doing a lot of thinking about "home" and when I am cold at school, I like to dream about this fluffy cast-off (one of the girls grew tired of it) comforter on the sofa.  It smells a little like a camping tent, but I like to snuggle beneath its lofty down, AT HOME.
 Have you read this book?  It's old, but it's good.  Back in the day (isn't that a funny phrase?) people had company in a lot more often.  The ideas in the book made a big impression on me a couple of decades ago (smile).  Karen Mains (the author) has a blog if you'd like to read some of her smart thoughts.  
 My mouse friend from France sent me tea!  I just might drink tea all day today.  First, I'm going to have some hot chocolate with squirty  whipping cream.  My neighbor is coming over later for a cuppa.  Yay!

 I filled the bird feeders but I'm staying inside.  The washing machine is working hard because I'm laundering the pillows and blankets that were padding the patio chairs.  I'm going to fold them and pile them on the grandkids' bed like the mattresses from The Princess and the Pea.  

 Yes, I'm mindful of home and how much I love the concept of home as well as our house.  I'd like to ask all of you a million questions about your homes.  
You might like this book, too.  My blog friend Heather (the one who had Beatrix Potter Camp for her kids) suggested another book I'm reading titled, A Million Little Ways.  They are both about writing and art.  Good stuff.
By the way, the kids at school are really responding to our poetry unit.  I love them for it!
Well, I'm changing the sheets on the bed, running the humidifier (I have gunk in my head STILL) and keeping a tea kettle going on the stove.  I'm thankful for the walls, the doors, the windows, the floors, of this forty-four year old house of ours.  
Happy home keeping!


TexWisGirl said...

a few years ago, i polished a clamshell ashtray that my mother-in-law had. it needs it again, needless to say. :)

you asked about the trees in the background of my fence and gate shots. those are usually large oak trees - we have a lot of beautiful post oaks in our area.

Farm Girl said...

I think it is all so nice and you are quite industrious on this day.
I am going to go clean my chicken house. I like making it all nice and comfy too. I think my favorite B.P. will always be Miss Tiggly Winkle.
I love that whole story.
I am so glad I got to visit with you a tiny bit before going outside in the cold.
Though not as cold as at your house. Enjoy your house mouse day.

Gumbo Lily said...

I love home too. I still have my juniper wreath hanging outdoors with white lights. I'm leaving it up through January.

I have a "new to me" tea that I really like. It's Licorice Spice by Stash Tea. I found it at my local grocery store. If you like the flavor of anise or black licorice, you'll like this. It's herbal which is nice for evenings.

Wishing you a happy weekend.

Lynn said...

We cleaned one set of windows today with a polish spray (Alex's bedroom) and put fresh bed linen on ready for when he is next home - does that count ? :)
I love the Open Heart book and often flick through it.
Great to read your thoughts again - you are a gem.

Kezzie said...

Very industrious!!! I love your blue and yellow mugs. So cheery!!! What poetry are you doing with them? X

Cheyenne said...

I just LOVE getting a glimpse into YOUR home. Hoping you feel better soon and that your cup of tea just warms you head to toe.

I do imagine your home is so cozy, inviting and cheerful - just like your blog is.

Yes, I think people used to have folks 'in' a lot more than we do now. Maybe it's the age of convenience? We are about an hour and half to a larger town (we don't consider ourselves too rural) but as you travel an hour two further east & it's farther to a bigger city, I find folks neighbor a lot more than they do even here. It is too easy to drive into the city from here to get what you need instead of phoning a neighbor for a hand or going to visit a friend - you can pop into the city to do your running and around and for entertainment. I don't know. :) I do believe we were made for community!

Betty said...

Oh yes! polishing is the best! I just love making things shiny and sparkly! Your pewter trays are very pretty and special, I think they will look fabulous laden with fresh bread. My favourite BP character is Mrs Tiggywinkle, she wears such nice crisp aprons and caps, she's prickly on the outside but homey and cuddly behind the prickles! I think I'm Mrs Tiggywinkle. Betty

Deb said...

What a happy post about really appreciating our homes! Thank you so much! I love the old books you are much fun and so many wonderful ideas!

M.K. said...

Hi, dear Pom :) Glad you're home and cozy. Love your warm thoughts about the comforts and joys of such a simple but vital concept -- home! I'm very thankful for our home too. Favorite BP character? That's so hard! (I almost said Ratty -- uh oh!!!) The horrid Samuel Whiskers? No, I think it might be Johnny Town Mouse. Oh, I don't know :)

I took all our church poinsettias over to a friend today. She has a green house. I have only one at home. I hope it survives at least a little while.

A friend in the mtns. was complaining to my mother that I haven't blogged photos about our new house, so I'll have to do a housey post soon too.

Lisa Richards said...

I read Open Heart, Open Home way back when, as well! I loved it and hoped to one day be better at practicing hospitality. You have a lucky neighbor! I have a friend whom I have been meaning to ask over. I need to just do it! :)
The two books on writing and art sound intriguing. Maybe I'll check them out!
Snuggle under your comforter and enjoy sampling all of that tea (and hot chocolate)!

wayside wanderer said...

I love all of your bird feeders and I bet the birdies do too!

Kit said...

I am in the same state of mind. I am nesting big time. Putting out my January decor and doing some cleaning. I just adore my home! Enjoy. Kit

libbyquilter said...

i think that my favorite BP character is Peter Rabbit himself but maybe . . . they're all very special, aren't they~!?

i imagine that your home is as welcoming as your blog. i like home too and do work on making it seem a warm comfortable place to land.

i will add "A Million Little Ways" to my book list.


melanie said...

I love Beatrix Potter! I am particularly fond of Mrs Tiggywinkle :) I have the complete collection of BP books on our coffee table, within easy reach to pick up and take inspiration from for the little toys I'm making for our little one :) x

RedSetter said...

What a lovely post full of home and house love. Makes me feel like I'd love to pop round and happily answer all your questions about my home. Enjoy all that you are getting up to.

magsmcc said...

I think we should have a blog event about our homes! You could ask lots of people questions about their domus whatsits and they could reply in a blog post with pictures. To launch it I should ask you questions about yours!!

Sherry said...

I always enjoy your homey posts. Sweet hubby and I came home from church today to enjoy a Crock pot meal. I put chili in one and cherry dessert in the other.

Our temperatures are pretty nice today, sunny and just a little chilly. I was able to take a walk outside before lunch!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Where did you say you lived??? I would like to pop over for a cup of that Russian Earl Grey....that sounds good. Your day kinda sounded like mine...many things to do to keep a house a home. I need to get my bird feeders out for the birdies....been way too cold for man or beast lately I am ready for a thaw of sorts. Have a great week.

The dB family said...

I LOVE home too! :o)


Heather L. said...

Now I have to remember everything I was going to say in my comment:

Oh that is so exciting that you are reading a Million Little Ways!

Thanks for the book idea -- the Beatrix Potter one. Have put that on the list.....I can see BP is becoming a life theme for me. :) Favorite character: would have to be Mrs. Tiggywinkle because we had her for our tooth fairy as children and my mom would write notes from her for us. :) But I do love the mice too and the food in Apply Dapply! the hyacinths. Can't wait to have some myself. They are a favorite scent. Have just bought primroses for 99 cents at Aldi.

What does Russian Earl Grey taste like?? I love the whole family of Greys.

I think there was more but I can't remember....