Sunday, January 19, 2014

Flower Shopping

 Bill and I went to the grocery store very early this morning.  Later the market will be full of football game shoppers!  Go Broncos!  (Go Seahawks, too!) Finally, I did some flower shopping!  More of that later.  
Last night we gathered at Kelli's for dinner. EVERYONE was there!  Our whole group!  Us, four kids, four spouses, nine grands!  I got side-tracked and neglected my camera, but I did take these few cute pics.

 The boys.  Sweet messy faces.  Finn's lopsided grin.  LOVE.
 Millie slept in yesterday and decided to wear her pajamas all day.  Smart girl.  Aria ALWAYS wears a headband and MOST OF THE TIME, a tutu.  Another smart girl.
 April helped Kelli hang more curtains.  I love black and white buffalo checked curtains!  Another smart girl!
 I traveled down to the daylight basement to find more grands.  Aw!  Bird always gives me a lovely greeting!  GRANNY! Isn't Cadence's hair so cute?  I love her glasses, too.  I love HER, period.  She's a dream.  Miss Bug gave me lots of hugs and cuddles, too.  Oh, how I love grands!  Sam and Lizzy arrived later after I lost track of my camera.  Jeff and Christie came and brought Christie's nephew, but again the camera was not handy.  

 While in the basement, I looked around a bit.  Let's play I Spy.  Do you see a few fairies?  How about Cinderella's fairy godmother?  Can you find the prince? He's taking a nap.  I like the wooden shelf with the plant on top. Sweet little things.
 Aria the darling.  I got to hold her while she napped through dinner. Three year olds get so tired.  They don't necessarily need naps but they aren't completely ready to give them up, so we often get exhausted "crashes" just before it's time to eat.
 Okay, back to the flower shopping.  Tulips are SO juicy!  Don't they look good enough to make into a fine tulip salad?  I pressed one in the teacher edition of the sixth grade textbook and it DID spread a bit of juice on that particular page.  Ooooops.  
 I like this combo - tulips and yellow roses.  Lovely.
 And the flower corner has hydrangeas!  So many colors!  SO beautiful!

 Kitchen herbs!  It's too early for me to buy these pretties.  I don't have a sunny enough spot for them and if I place them on the window sill in our bedroom, they might freeze.  It is winter and winter in Denver can be harsh.
 I chose the hyacinth at the top (yay for bulbs!) and pink tulips.  I'm so glad!  
Bill's still extremely jet-lagged so he's napping away upstairs.  I did ALL my ironing yesterday.  Every bit.  The basket is empty. 
There is chicken in the cast iron pot and IF I watch the football game, I shall eat salt and vinegar potato chips (crisps?) and drink root beer.  That's a simple pleasure, right?
And tomorrow?  Another free day!  GRATEFUL!
Thanks for clicking by!  (BIG HUG!)


TexWisGirl said...

the kids are so cute. :)

Lynn said...

We bought Spring flowers today too!
Lovely pics.

Farm Girl said...

What a rich granny you are, what treasure you have. I loved seeing all of the happy faces. It looks like a very fun day, and I loved those curtains too. I have always been fond of Buffalo Check too.
Kudos on getting all of your ironing done.
I love, love your flowers! Enjoy you lovely free day tomorrow.

Lisa Richards said...

Beautiful flowers, beautiful grand! Good to see you enjoying your big family!
Enjoy your extra day off!

wayside wanderer said...

Sweet times, for sure, Pom Pom. Those grands look like they are having a blast.

Sue McPeak said...

So many 'Smart Gals' in this post....including 'GRANNY'!!! I'm off to watch the football games...Go Broncos and Go Seahawks...not surpised we root for the same things. Like Tuplips and roses!!! Loved your visit and comment! Thank-you!!!

M.K. said...

Hello, sweet Pom :) The flowers are so happy and bright in this chill winter. Aren't the grand kids happy and bright too? I showed Adam the photos of the kids, and when he saw Millie, he instantly said, "She looks like a fairy." :) Sweet -- I replied that she lives with a granny who believes in fairies, and those girlies have lots of fairy dust flying around in granny's house :) So glad y'all had a happy time together. Enjoy your flowers!

Kit said...

Go Broncos! What a game. I am grinning head to toe...LOL Love your flowers! So pretty, as are all your grands. :) Kit

Debi said...

Yay for having all your ironing done! Love the flower photos... I bought a Christmas cactus today. I've always wanted one and they had a couple for 75% off at Lowe's. Have a great week!

Gumbo Lily said...

What fun to have all the grandkids together! Such cuties.

We had fun watching the Broncos today!!! Eating chilli and chocolate chip cookies. Then the Seahawks! It'll be a fun Superbowl because I love it when my team is there. Go Broncos!

Deb said...

What beautiful flowers! What a beautiful family! Enjoy the week ahead!

libbyquilter said...

it's so good when the whole family can gather together and share their lives a bit.

the flower shots make me want to shop for some for my own home. brighten up these winter days and set our heart clocks for spring . . .

i'm glad that you get to spend an extra day home enjoying your flowers. enjoy ~!!~


melanie said...

Such sweet gorgeous children :) The flowers are wonderful, such magnificent colours! :) x

Miss Val's Creations said...

Your grandkids are adorable! It looks like you had the perfect family gathering. I love those black and white curtains. Such a cozy print! The flowers are gorgeous! I look forward to my tulips coming up in the spring.

The dB family said...

You have the sweetest grands! Your flowers are beautiful! My poinsettias are still hanging in there, so I am enjoying them for a bit still.


♥ Tina said...

Love all your pics...aren't you blessed to have so many grands? :) I bet it was LOUD at your house! Big hugs, xxx

Attic Clutter said...

oh thanks Pom):)
the flowers are lovely..a little early here too ...
darling little ones fun for you and all us grannies (:)

Maggie said...

Aw.. Lovely photos of the grandchildren! And the tulips remind me that spring isn't far it? I hope not xx

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Cute grand kids...they smile at granny lots, probably cause you are a good granny.

Pretty flowers, tulips, maybe I shall buy some tulips my next trip to the grocery store. I still have red and white carnations sitting on the table from 3 weeks ago....they will need to be replaced soon. Keep warm.

April said...

Such a good Granny!