Friday, February 15, 2013

Peace Pictures

 Peace is a gift given by our Shepherd.  I'm peacefully blessed.
 We see Him in and around our gardens.  I have The Private World of Tasha Tudor and Tasha Tudor's Garden sitting on my old bookcase right now.  Tasha's simplicity was so refreshing.
 Sweet and happy Susan Branch's artwork resonates with so many women.  Her blog is on my blog roll below.  When I see how many people comment on her posts, it makes me happy to know that the comfort she shares appeals to kindred spirits all over.  That's good.
 My good friend Gumbo Lily (also on the blog roll) is lambing now.  Do you like this "puddle of lambs" she shared a few seasons ago?  Lambs mean Easter.  Ah, Easter.  LOVE.
 Susan Branch's new book is available for presale on her site.  She took a beautiful trip to England last summer.  I can't wait to get my hands on the book and read all the Beatrix Potter parts.
Last, I've been blessed beyond measure by In My Father's House by one of my heroines, Corrie ten Boom.  Her family and her own walk with Jesus are pure music.  Do you know her?
This summer Bill and I are going to Amsterdam and Munich.  When we are in Amsterdam we will take the bus or train to Harlem where Corrie grew up.  I want to be ready.

The kids at school gave me a lot of chocolate.  So nice.  I told them that having a boyfriend or girlfriend is fleeting, but knowing that people care about them is good truth.  They liked hearing that.  They are very dear.

My Valentine was his usual attentive and loving self.  I like him and love him.

I like you.  Thank you for popping in and allowing me to be a part of your blog reading.  I do appreciate it very much.

Yay for the American Presidents!  I get Monday off!  Yahoo!


Nancy McCarroll said...

You are so good to tell your students about fleeting attractions and explaining love. You deserve all the chocolates you can eat! Your kids really do love you I am sure.

Glad you get to take a trip to Amsterdam. You will be full of memories when you return,,,can't wait to hear about them.

Will check out Susan's book.

Pretty pictures, as always.

M.K. said...

Did you see the number of comments on Susan Branch's Valentine give-away post? Goodness, there were over 1200 when I left mine. I think I may well have to cave and just buy a copy. That books sounds so wonderful, and I've never had (nor seen) one of her books, but her artwork is so lovely. Spring is coming, Pom! Can't wait to see the willows again, and meet your Badger :) Enjoy your "feast" of Tasha!

Pamela said...

Your post fed my soul today--from the first picture to the last. Tasha Tudor is amazing. Love Susan Branch and I'm happy to hear about her new book. Corrie ten Boom is a hero of mine. And of course your happy shoes made me smile.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

LOVE Corrie ten Boom and am green that you're going to her home! I'm also happy for you but had to write that part about being green first. ha! I pre-purchased Susan's book; she's been such a blessing to me since Dave died...a dose of happy in a, sometimes, too sad time. I want to go back to England and "do her trip" but then it wouldn't be "my" trip, would it? so, I'll go and find my own wonderfulness, eventually.
Pax, Sister.

Angela said...

I love Corrie's writings too. Did the film "The Hiding Place" ever get released in the USA? It was FABULOUS

good to know that your special Valentine was as loving as ever!!

blessings xx

TexWisGirl said...

lamb puddle. too cute!

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

You are always so cheery and positive I always feel uplifted after a 'dose of PomPom'! We all had cake on Valentines day - then today I made cake - cake is comforting, rewarding and homely dont' you think? it's a good way to make the men here feel loved. Betty x

Carolyn Phillips said...

So many things here to stir memories or make me smile. I did a project on Corrie Ten Boom when I was at school and have read her books on and off ever since.

I watched the film 'Miss Potter' earlier this week about Beatrix Potter's early life, publishing and romance and although I know the story already and wish they had continued it I really enjoyed it. Maybe it needs to Peter
Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny who go on adventures next time!

Farm Girl said...

So glad you get Monday off. I am also so glad you get to see Corrie Ten Boom's house. Do you know Sonja?
Corrie used to come to her house to visit with her Mother. Her blog is Bits and pieces,
She is wonderful.
I am so glad you had such a nice Valentines Day, I hope you have very nice weekend.

Lisa Richards said...

Many of us are in a Beatrix Potter mood! I just watched Miss Potter a couple of days ago and just ordered a copy of Beatrix Potter's Journal.
I agree that your children are blessed to hear your wise words about love! The world needs more teachers like you!
Thanks for another happy post! :)

wayside wanderer said...

Oh, I am very excited about your trip. That sounds wonderful. I hope you share a lot of pictures. Blessings, Leslie in tx

GretchenJoanna said...

I like that you have a day off -- don't eat too much chocolate! ;-)

ann said...

Always leave your blog inspired and smiling. Do enjoy your day off Monday. We do not get the day; however, Monday is my day home. Not off. Always have grading to do. Have a really good week end.

Happy@Home said...

Great advice you shared with your students for Valentine's Day.
Susan's blog is, indeed, a happy place and her new book sounds intriguing.
I have read one of Corrie Ten Boom's books and found it to be so interesting and inspiring. Your trip sounds amazing. Keeping my fingers crossed that you will blog about it.

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

Each of these brought a feeling of peace and Corrie Ten Boom reminded me of the fact that God is glorified in the struggles and that we can glorify Him through them when we surrender...I needed that this morning...I so remember them praising God for the fleas!
Thanks...what an uplifting post this morning!

Kit said...

It always amazes me how we all have so much in common. I have loved the story of Corrie ten Boom since I was a teen. I am pre ordering Susan's new book, I just love her and anything having to do with England. I have Monday off too! Enjoy. Kit

Susan B said...

I enjoy Corrie ten Boom also. She lived an amazing life. How wonderful you will be able to visit her home. The lambs are precious! Have a blessed Sunday. I hope you enjoy your day off on Monday...and enjoy your chocolate! :)

Aisling said...

Always so good to come by for some cheer! You never disappoint!

I posted a quick post on my old Quiet Country House blog today. Hoping to do Sunday Strolls again this spring. Hope you will join when you can!

Love the red high heels on your background these days. A little sassy! ;)

Attic Clutter said...

hehe..yes yes love the RED