Thursday, February 2, 2012

Words for Today

 Hello Winter People (remember that's you, the very deepest and nicest sort of person)! Today Thomas A Kempis has some very good words (found in my A Diary of Prayer by Elizabeth Goudge).
"Thou brightness of eternal glory, thou comforter of the pilgrim soul, with thee is my tongue without voice, and my very silence speaketh unto Thee.  Come, oh, come; for without Thee I shall have no joyful day or hour; for Thou art my joy, and without thee my table is empty,  Praise and glory be unto Thee; let my mouth, my soul, and all creatures together, praise and bless Thee."  Now THOSE are good words, right?  I feel stronger now!
 My friend Debbie at Artful Aspirations and I actually met each other (don't you love it when this can happen?)  We met up when she was traveling in Colorado (she's from Georgia).  We went to a restaurant in Golden, Colorado (LOVELY little mountain town) and had tea and supper.  It was wonderful.  We could have talked all night long, I think.  Just recently, Debbie sent me two books from her vast collection.  This little book about a shrew (with clothes and a cool bed, I might add) is just my style!  Aren't the pictures adorable?  No words, just pictures.

 She also sent me Faith Baldwin's book below.  It was published the year I was born.  I love to read what thoughtful people were pondering when I was a baby.  Faith was a friend of guess who?  Gladys Taber!  VERY cool!  Thank you, Debbie!  You are wonderful!
 Remember the art exchange that Lisa (Backwoods Crazy Quilt and Pen and Ink and Maybe Some Paint) and I had last summer?  We mailed our artwork back and forth to each other.  Well, she sent me the sweetest things the other day.  Look!

 Painted bookmarks.  LOVE!
 My own little sketchbook!  I can't wait to sketch in it. 
 Sorry to bounce around so much (it's what I do, my custom) but THIS is Miss Bug's third birthday!  It's such a short time ago that she was buckled in her pink car seat, looking so thoughtful!  Now she's a big girl!  Her mama is taking her out to lunch today, all by herself.  Then she'll get to do a little birthday shopping.  Sounds FUN!  Happy Birthday, Missy!
 Hold out hope, my friends!  Soon spring will be upon us in all her green glory.  It IS the heart month after all.  I thought you might like a piece of this pink cake I made a long time ago?  Want some?  I wish you pink today, and a heart or two, AND a whole lot of joy and bounce in your precious day!  Smooch!


Sherry @ A Happy Valentine said...

What a fun post! The artwork is great. As an artist want-to-be I always love looking at others' work, it inspires! Happy birthday to precious Miss Bug!

no spring chicken said...

What a pampered friend you are... how can people help but to want to spoil such an appreciator!! I love the picture book, and the sketchbook!! What lovely friends you have...

Blessings, Debbie

Anonymous said...

You sound full of the joys of spring! Lovely, happy post! xxx

Farm Girl said...

As always it is like a spring breeze to visit here, you always give me just the right kind of words for the day.
I love all of your pictures today they make me so happy. What a good Momma taking her daughter out to lunch all by herself.
I hope you day is lovely,

Angela said...

love the pink candles
Welcome Atticus - fabulous name- will he grow up to be a lawyer like Mr Finch/
I just read a book about making rag quilts, dying to have a go now!

Catherine said...

What dear books...all of them. Books really are such lovely friends aren't they. What a delight it will be to meet your precious Atticus on can hug & sniff him to bits! Love you today my friend. Catherine xoxox ha ha my word is anest : )

Attic Clutter said...

Winter people I love it~!!
Miss Bug's ..oh what a doll --have fun granny(:)
Love the book pictures and all else on this joyous post POM..
Thanks on my chicken pic(:) I guess the chicken is the winner
.. hehe hugs,p

Sara said...

What a luscious looking pink cake!

I love your post today, particularly the way it begins...And I recognized Faith Baldwin's name because I've been reading in my new old book, The Stillmeadow Road!

Gumbo Lily said...

Very, very good words for today! Thank you. Happy Birthday to lil Bug-a-Boo! Did she love her new quilt?

How nice that you could meet Debbie. Sweet books for the sweet!

I'd love some of that pink cake. Haven't been doing any baking lately.


Lisa Richards said...

Thank you for the words of inspiration from Thomas a Kempis and Miss Bug's thoughtful look!

The two books look so interesting! I love Miss Shrew's four-poster bed!

Glad my package arrived safely. By the way, the drawing of the little log cabin is from Art With a Purpose, which is an art program I used with my children when we homeschooled. It comes with an outline version that you fill in with ink lines. (I didn't want to take credit for actually drawing it! lol!)

Thanks for the cake! I think I'll have a brownie and a cup of tea to top it off!


ann said...

My spirits are always lifted when I read your inspirations. I never really know what to comment on: the wisdom, the color, the whimsy, the humor--like a kid in a candy shop--ALL. I grew in Golden--well, 3 miles east out by Rolling Hills Country Club. Oh not in the fancy Applewood Mesa houses, the little old farm house down the hill. Great days back then. Did my student teaching at Golden HIgh School. Do you have snow tonight? I bet you do. We do. Happy weekend.

Susan B said...

I love to read your posts, they always bring a smile to my face. I love the book you shared...and all the other things too! Also Happy Birthday to Miss Bug! I hope she had a delightful day. :)

Brad M said...

What fun! And a cute shrew! I love you, my sweet mama!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

The quote just lifted my heart and encouraged...great word.

Your books are just wonderful treasures, and what a treasure to get to meet a blog friend and connect.

Oh Happy Birthday little one!!

libbyquilter said...

hey Pom Pom, i hear that colorado is getting a big snowstorm. be sure to stay cozy and warm.


Attic Clutter said...

Pom love it an iron will make you happy(:) hehe
ya I used to iron..LOL
thanks on my pink lamp love the glow.. candles too.. have a good day and send a piece of that yummy pink cake too (:) hugsp

Attic Clutter said...

Oh I forgot lastnight there was something on TV with a mushroom like your red dot ones and I was thinking a regular old brown mushroom just wouldn't cut it (:)
love the red dotted ones (:) hugsp

wayside wanderer said...

Wonderful quote. Christians of old really speak to my soul and encourage me. Did you get a snow day? =D People are wearing shorts and flip flops here in the D/FW Metroplex. Not me. I have ghastly winter legs.

magsmcc said...

These are exciting time for you, Pom! I imagine, however, that you make all times exciting!

The Provincial Homemaker said...

I love the picture book! Oh, and I really must try to find some Elizabeth Goudge to read;)

Fat Dormouse said...

The pink cake looks fabulous. I'm considering baking today - it's cold and we need cheering up. I'm pondering a blackberry cake.

I love the Bettina Shrew book - what a great name! It reminds me of books I used to have as a child...and when I was teaching little ones. Your words taken from an Elizabeth Goudge book remind me how much I loved her books. I think I must start collecting and rereading them... I think my favourite was Towers In The Mist. I wonder if it's on Amazon...

PS Thanks for your comment on my blog too! It's nice to know I'm Not Alone!!!

Gigi said...

Hi Miss Pom! How great that you got to meet a blog pal! Maybe if I run away to Colorado this summer, we could meet and have a tea party? And that little picture book is so sweet -- must go track one down for our Chloe. She would love it.
Happy birthday to Miss Bug! Doesn't the time fly?!

The dB family said...

You inspire my. I now feel the need to run off and paint or sketch -- or something, but alas the dough in the bread maker is asking to be made into cinnamon buns. That's creative too isn't it?