Friday, February 17, 2012

Old Snow Please Go Away

 Day 17 of the Heart Month.  Now that the birthdays and Valentine's Day are over, could the snow PLEASE melt?  Is the garden EVER going to reappear?  February has been too busy for me.  I'd like a little lazy.
Thankfully, we have a three-day weekend.  No events.  Yahoo!  Bill will be home on Sunday and then at the end of March we're going to Disneyland.  Sunshine and warm air.  I love you, California!  
I've always heard that we should plant our sweet peas over Presidents Weekend.  I'll try to dig in the snow and see if it's possible.
I remember making a lion and a lamb when I was in kindergarten one hundred years ago.  March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb.  Nice!  I'm sorry to sing the summer song so loudly.  Are you ready for spring?


Anonymous said...

Over here in the UK, we also say that if March comes in like a lamb it'll go out like a lion! Yikes!

Hoping you soon see some greenery, I know how tiresome the white stuff can be when it hangs around for too long!

Enjoy your sunshiney holiday when it comes! Only a few weeks to go! :D

Hugs, xxx

M.K. said...

YES, I'm so ready for spring! I know you are too, Pom. We're ahead of you, poor thing. We have daffodils and pussy willows out. Today should be lovely. We've had some frost/ice/snow recently, but I'm thinking it's about over now. I hope your spring arrives very soon, and the warm sun melts the snow away!

Jean said...

Oh, have fun. I love spring!

Betty said...

Ready for Spring, yes! Our snow has melted but I heard there's more on the way. I long for colourful flowers. This morning we had the bedroom window open at 5am and heard the birds sing for the first time in a long while, surely Spring is on the way.

Farm Girl said...

I hope your snow melts soon and Yay, for Disneyland!!!
Have a lovely weekend, I am excited that it is a three day weekend too.
Such a nice welcome change of pace.
This month has been a blur.
Our birthday month is March with a new baby too. I will be running all month, it is a good thing the wind blows, maybe I will be able to run faster. :) Have a nice weekend.

magsmcc said...

Noooooo. Whilst bright mornings, days and evenings are all very well and I do love the hot cross buns and tulips in supermarkets, and alright yes not being freezing completely is nice, but WE HAVE HAD NO SNOW AT ALL this winter, and winter won't be winter without any snow, Marmee!

Denise said...

Since I'm a Southern Ca. girl I would have adored a little snow.Not much difference from winter to spring here.Love your sweet photo!

Aisling said...

I'm planting seeds in bright blue cups today. Hope to put them out in a sunbox (coldframe) in a few weeks... Just some lettuces, chard, spinach and a couple of cold tolerant herbs. I HAVE to start something, because I am ready for golden sunlight and green growth!!!!

Happy@Home said...

It was very spring-like in NC today and tomorrow I am going to a garden club meeting. I do remember living in Michigan and feeling like I couldn't stand any more winter about this time every year.
Disneyland sounds like a great place to look forward to going.
Hope your snow melts soon.

wayside wanderer said...

Ah, yes, spring would be nice. It is sorta like spring here now, but I am freezing all the time which is the down side of losing weight and living in a house with lots of windows. Lucky girl, getting to leave the snow for sunshine!

Lisa Richards said...

We haven't had much snow in our neck of the northwoods, and to be honest...I really haven't missed it! I do love enough to cover up the dirty brown of winter, but snowdrifts can be trying when you have to go somewhere!

I'll probably be looking for spring and summer photos to adorn my blog before long!

Hang in there! It's coming!

hazelnut said...

Hey Pom Pom,
I agree about snow late in the Winter - it's just SO not what you want!
You could start your sweetpeas off indoors?
I grow mine in.. ahem ..'bathroom tissue' roll middles!! Then plant the whole thing, pot and all, when the better weather comes along.
Of course, ideally, they would be in the greenhouse (I wish! ), ready and waiting, planted last Autumn.
Who is that organised, though?
Blog - hug,

The dB family said...

Yes and no. I want one snow day first and then spring can roar in!

I love California too! It's one of my favorite places to go.


melanie said...

I am definitely ready for Spring, and am itching to get out into the garden! I hope you have luck with sowing your sweet peas, and I hope the snow soon goes :)
I hope your having a lovely weekend :) xxx

Fat Dormouse said...

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Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Ready for spring snow, and spring rain has started this week...yea! Texas might get out of her drought.

I am ready to plant a garden..

The picture of the little hand, how totally precious.

ann said...

Disneyland. Wonderful. Are you taking grand children. Now, as for peas. I have heard St. Patrick's Day. I want to plant sweet peas, as well as the green peas.

hazelnut said...

Pom Pom -
You just stand maybe 9 - 12 t. roll middles, upright, in an empty rectangular tub eg cheapie icecream
one, fill each tube almost to top with compost, and plant a s. pea seed about 2 cm in each. Water all really well.
Keep moist- the card will go soggy but this doesn't matter - and plant out each 'pot' when plantlets are about 4" tall. The card will biodegrade, of course. (No frost tho')
Hope this makes sense! :)
xx H

Kit said...

Oh another Disneyland lover! I am leaving for the land of fun and sun on Monday. I can't wait! I hope you have a wonderful time too! Kit

Gumbo Lily said...

I felt like you last year, wishing the snow and cold would just go. This year, it's been warm-ish and snowless. I'm ready for spring!

libbyquilter said...

oh yes~! i am ready for spring~!!~
the weather has been relatively mild this winter but i would love to see new grass shoots peeking through the dormant and those sweet little crocus doing their early spring bloom thing . . .
spring sounds like a good idea to me.


Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

I'm ready for autumn!! We are planting the same things but on opposite sides of the earth!

Gigi said...

Oh no, I'm not ready for spring b/c that means our mean old summer is only weeks away! I could probably live in Narnia ;) -- well I might need a couple of weeks of warm weather for tubing and splashing in the river. Of course, I guess our winter has been like most folks spring so what do I know about winter anyway?
And a trip to Disneyland coming up?! What fun! Are you going to Harry Potter world too? Envy!


The Provincial Homemaker said...

It has been a busy month for you hasn't it. Wishing you a lazy long weekend.

Attic Clutter said...

Oh Thank you POM (:) on my pics..
and love the baby hand w/ the heart is such a wonderful color.. Disneyland oh that will be a ball (:) hugs,Patty

Sharon said...

You have such the cheeriest place! Oh, yes, I am SO ready for spring!

Have a lovely day!

no spring chicken said...

Disneyland? Are you serious? Take me with you? ;)

It's nice to be thinking about planting. I'm excited to put in a small dye garden this year. :) Yes, I'm ready for spring!

Blessings, Debbie

Shey said...

oh a red teapot, how pretty! You did a great job on gigantic scrapbook page =D