Monday, February 20, 2012

HUGE Journal Page

 Happy Monday!  Yahoo for the US presidents and a day off for me! Bill's home, too.  (happy face!) 
Remember I was in the mood for collages in my journal?  Well, instead I used the big display board I had in the trunk of my car and made a HUGE journal page.
 First, I covered the board with happy scrapbook stack paper.
 Then, I glued all kinds of pictures on it.  See Jenny the bride? I found it on Bill's computer.
 I had a pile of magazines and books nearby, for inspiration.
 I had a cup of tea and a tiny orange at the ready.
 It is FUN to arrange all the images of sweetness.

 Can you spy Pom Pom up at the top of the photo above?

 I used sheets and sheets of stickers!  I love to stick!  I used pretty big nails and hung this happy masterpiece on our bedroom wall.  It reminded me of my room at home when I was a teenager.  I loved to plaster things all over the walls. 
 Our new blinds came today.  The twenty year old blinds (VERY dusty) broke and I don't like sitting in front of the living room window at night when everyone can see in.  I am in front of students all day and that's about all my private side can handle, so by nighttime I need window coverings!  They look good.  I'm so thankful.

 When I was shopping for stickers, I found two cute gnomes.  Look what this one is holding!  Doesn't he look sweet with Lynn's toadstool house?  Happy!
 Can you see the other gnome?  These are my new bookends.  I had my Gladys Taber books in a tall (more dust!) stack on my night table.  I figured they needed a more honored spot in our house.  I may need to make little cushions for the bookend chairs, but I really like having a fancy set of bookends. 

 In an additional act of "pretty stuff greediness" I bought a stack of lovely  magazines.  WHAT a day off!  Glorious! 
It's very cold but the sky is blue. Thank you!
Tomorrow we have meetings all day at school.  The kids get to stay home.  I have swept, mopped, dusted, arranged, washed tablecloths and played.  My sweet husband is home from far away. Bliss.
So here we go, friends.  We're headed toward the green smell of springtime.  Soon we'll all be digging and tilling up the dirt.  Tina (The Quiet Home) said that in Scotland they say that March can come in like a lamb and GO OUT like a lion!  Ha ha!  We'll see.
The bunny stuff is filling the seasonal aisle at the grocery store, so Easter's coming.
Bless your heart today.  Thank you for coming by for a visit.  (HUG!)


Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Always a pleasure to visit. I love your collage. Glad you had a day off today...I have the week...we must be off a week for vacations. I had hook in hand all day...bliss!

Gert said...

Oh how I love your collage!! Looked like a lot of work, but seems it went by fast! smile... And am very jealous of all your Gladys Tabor books... (isn't she an amazing writer??)

Glad you were able to enjoy your day!!


Bonnie said...

What a good idea to make a collage of your blessings. Window coverings are a GOOD THING. Sounds like you had a nice weekend.

Attic Clutter said...

HUGE journal it
an sheep sheep sheep YES so cute.. hugs.p

ann said...

Your collage is wonderful. It reminds me of the picture frame that had multiple windows that I filled with my baby girls' pictures. It hung across from my bed so that I could see it every morning when I awoke. I need to find it since we moved 3 years ago. I had the day off too, but not because it was a holiday; I don't teach on Mondays, so I graded. Miserably grades. I thought that students graduated from high school knowing how to cite and document research. WRONG. I guess that's why they are in my research class. Love the little gnome. Oh and the chairs. Have a happy week, Pom Pom.

Lisa Richards said...

Your collage is such a wonderful idea! I've been intending to make a collage of my children and grands, but your display board would work better than what I had in mind.

Just took my son Jordan to the airport to return to Ft. Worth. Unfortunately, he missed his plane and had to get another plane to Denver tonight. Then he will hop on a flight tomorrow to get to Ft. Worth. He's scheduled to work tomorrow! Prayers for a safe journey are much appreciated! :)

Love your gnomes and bookends! I love closing the blinds at night and feeling all cozy and private. Glad you got new blinds and a little privacy at the end of your day.

God bless you all!

Farm Girl said...

I love your collage so much. That is so nice. I am glad you did that today. I hope your spring come soon too.
It was a nice day today. You are right the sky was so blue.
It is just easy to be happy when the sky is blue.
I hope you have a nice day tomorrow.
Sometimes I am so tired of the world I do shut the blinds early, sort of putting a rock in front of my cave.
I really like your bookends. I think they do need tiny cushions.
So glad I stopped in,
Blessings to you my friend.

M.K. said...

I love your massive journal page -- it's a wall of love :)!!! You did such a neat job with that. Lovely quotes too. It sounds like you are beginning to smell springtime in the air, and it's warming your heart, dear friend. Good for you! Glad you had a fine day off to tend to your fancies, and that you have your hubby home.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

The collage is great and it does remind me of my own walls as a teen, now doesn't that slow down the aging process?

Love your new blinds...I use to sell them when I had my business...enjoy!

Well school wasn't out why?

Sara said...

How delightful! You sure do have a lot of Taber books.

I love your little gnome with the toadstools in a basket...and those bookend chairs too.

Your journal page is amazing! What a happy thing to have on one's wall to enjoy.

Hope your meeting day isn't to terribly boring tomorrow.

The Provincial Homemaker said...

LOve your board. And, am so glad you put it in the most special room of the house. How lovely to wake up to the faces of all those who are so special to you.

hazelnut said...

I just had to say, again, how zingy that collage is! It is essential PP style...gone LARGE, what's not to like?! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, a giant journal board, what a great idea PP! Yours is so joyful too! :)

I'd never thought before about teachers being up there in front of people all day long, like being an actor on a stage. Phew, pretty exhausting!

Love your bookends (and book collection!), how about some red-polkadot chair cushions? :)

Hugs PP, hoping for a lamb-like start to March! :) xxxxxx

Betty said...

It's beautiful, your board. I made one once and put it in the loo, but when people visited they never came out of the loo because they were busy studying our pictures! so it went away - might dig it out again. This is such a cheery post, you always make me feel positive and like 'doing something useful' when I read your posts! Bettyx

wayside wanderer said...

What a FABULOUS collage! A work of art...and one I am sure you will enjoy for a long time. I need blinds.

We have a huge window in our kitchen that looks out toward the pond with nothing on it and at night I do feel like we are on stage for anyone who might be looking. I have a hard time making up my mind what to do there and what will fit my budget, so I don't do anything. sigh.

A garden just outside Venice said...

Wow! Love your idea!!!
It's getting a bit warmer here!Yay!

Gigi said...

I love your display board Pom! It looks full of love and happiness just like you. And yay for new blinds -- I love closing up in the evening and feeling all snug and private inside my home too. And I think I used to feel more like I was in front of a firing squad all day when I taught Jr. English ;). Guess my introverted self isn't cut out for being 'on' all day long either. Do you feel that way too sometimes?
Oh, and those are the world's cutest bookends - love them so much!
Good week to you Missy!


Lisa Richards said...

You are a wonderful friend, Pom! Yes, my boy did spend the night at the airport (didn't want to risk missing his flight AGAIN). We're assuming he made it onto his flight this morning. Haven't heard from him and we're trying not to pester him too much. After all he is 29 years old! LOL! I thought about how close he might be to you, but I also knew with him being a little on the shy side, a night in the airport might be easier for him. Thanks for your concern! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you accomplished a lot on your day off and also managed to have fun. Love your display board. It will, no doubt, make you smile every time you look at it.

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Pom..where do I follow you on Pinterest.. do you have a link --on this page?? can't find it (:O)
I have one on my blog
come click it
so I can find you on there (:) hugs,P

Jayne said...

Gorgeous, I love your big collage, you are so clever and arty! I love the way you have overlapped the images, brilliant!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I like your giant journal very much! I hope your day of meetings went well (I myself don't much like meetings, unless I'm allowed to knit--are you this way, too?). I'm glad Bill is back from afar, and that spring is around the bend.


libbyquilter said...

your collage board is absolutely amazing~! i bet you felt so good while putting it together and now every time you look at it your heart must lift in joy.

love, love, LOVE those chair bookends~!!!!!!!!!!!~
cushions might be great fun~!


Carolyn Phillips said...

Wow, I love that collage, what a wonderful happy piece of art to hang on your wall.

Gumbo Lily said...

Your collage is BEAUTIFUL -- filled with beautiful people and beautiful memories. (I saw my sheep in there!)

I like your new bookends too. GT books deserve special book ends.

I love visiting you here.

The dB family said...

What a perfectly fun way to spend a day off!! Your collage is wonderful!!


Anonymous said...

Love your collage,it looks so happy!My daughter(Who is a teenager)Does the exact same thing,her bedroom is covered with beautiful collages,she's very creative.I must take some piccies for My blog.I remember doing the same also when I was a

Kerri said...

I love your collage so much! It's beautiful! I was just thinking yesterday how I used to love to cover my walls in posters when I was a teenager too! Your book titled Writing to change the world looks so interesting x