Saturday, January 1, 2011

Words and Flowers

Happy New Year!
I received a book called Creative is a Verb by Patti Digh. I think you'll like it, too. She is an excellent quote chooser. I'll share a few.

irreverent baking

I should be upstairs with the others, drumming up ways
to heal the world, save the animals, pray for water
in a far-off continent, devote the remainder of my days
to a catalog of restorations. But this morning, it was the matter
of scones that drew my gaze, and my feet remained
planted in the kitchen. One must never ignore the instinct
to create, is what I told myself, and soon the counter was stained
with flour, my hands sticky with dough, the house inked
with the smell of blueberry possibility, and I knew I was not wrong.
This was my prayer, my act of healing, my offering, my song.
~Maya Stein

"I am attracted to the unsaid." ~ Louise Gluck

"I plan to write more books whenever I can find the appropriate writing attire and color-coordinated pen." ~Miss Piggy

"Education ought to teach how to be in love always and what to be in love with." ~A. Clutton Brock

"In places like universities, where everyone talks too rationally, it is necessary for a kind of enchanter to appear." ~Joseph Beuys

"One looks, looks long, and the world comes in." ~ Joseph Campbell

"There once was an owl who sat in an oak, the more it heard, the less it spoke . . . the less it spoke, the more it heard.

I do not make resolutions. I find list making enormously satisfying, but I do not wish to make plans that sit at the beginning of an entire year. It seems rather like trying to line up jumping beans.
I began this year with the making of more meatballs. Gumbo Lily reminded me of sweet and sour meatballs I made when our children were small. They tasted very good. I made a chocolate cake, too. I followed the recipe (sometimes I fudge) and it came out of the oven a prize winner.

I bought a box of watercolors and I am going to paint a tiny picture in my journal. Bill printed a few The Wind in the Willows pictures for me with his fancy printer. I shall frame them and put them close to our bed so I can dream of "messing about in boats" on the river and dining on picnic lunches stored in handy baskets.
Today I ironed my pink flannel pajamas and put them on after my bath. It's very cold outside so they were the perfect attire for a stay inside day.
I'm thinking of my students. I shall see them on Monday and even though I don't like the idea of being away from my homey home for nine hours, I do like those wobbly fourteen year old humans very much and I look forward to their company.
Flannel sheets are singing their siren song to me and my new Daisy Newman book about her writing inspiration throughout her long life is on the nightstand. She's joyful just like Gladys Taber. I really like her.
Up the stairs I go.
we go into 2011 together. Nice.


Betty said...

What a lovely post to start the year with. I particularly like Gentlehawk as this will apply to my New Year Resolution to talk less and listen more and so I am taking it as my motto on my blog - thankyou for finding it for me (it was meant for me you see!). So many books so little time - I want to read and read and read. You are a wise old owl Pom Pom, your wobbly 14 year olds will be moulding well under your watchful eye. Betty x

MamaF said...

My best wishes my dear friend ! I hope all is good for you and your lovely family !
I've been thinking of you !


Anonymous said...

Love reading quotes! You always pick the best ones to share! I love the thought of you painting in your journal, so creative. God bless you today. xx

Charlotte said...

Beautiful words of wisdom! Thank you! Happy New Year!

magsmcc said...

Here we go indeed- lovely; let's take a picnic hamper and call for Mole and if it stays cold we'll just burrow down in his homely hole and drink tea and talk! I have been realising over the last fortnight that the owl in the oak had it sussed. I have an imaginary oak theme going in the hall, and might find a way to plant a gentle hawk there somewhere! But it's the enchanter that excites me most from this post! (And if I was clever I'd do the rest of this comment in rhymes of most and post!!) Oh I want to be an enchanter here, there and everywhere- as I imagine you already are for all those pupils. Enchanter is also a verb...?

Angela said...

oh what great quotes - do share mor eof this book with us in coming days, please, PomPom.

thanksfor the get well wishes for my Steph xx

The dB family said...

I was just studying the illustrations from Wind in the Willows on Friday. Isn't Toad a hoot?! What a bad little fellow!

I will be thinking of you on Monday as my children board their buses again. Praying that your first week back goes well. I'm sure the children will have lots of stories to tell you.

For now enjoy! Enjoy your books, warmth, family, love.


debbie bailey said...

What a wonderful post, Pom Pom! What's the name of the Daisy Newman book you're reading? Someone else mentioned her in another blog, and I want to read her. I love reading books about the writing of books. I'm a bit like Miss Piggy. All has to be right with the world for me to start writing. Need to change that! Don't you just love flannel pajamas all day? It feels so right and cozy. Enjoy your time before going out into the wet, cold world again.

Jayne said...

What lovely words and pictures. I also work in a university and will try to be an 'enchanter' to my students as much as possible. Your blog is lovely xx


Happy new year dear Pom Pom. I make resolutions every day and carry them over. The only resolution I really have is to take on less blog challenges and work more on my own challenges, oh and use a smaller plate for my meals :o)


wayside wanderer said...

What a beautiful post and I wish you much warmth, creativity and inspiration this new year. Hugs from Texas, Leslie

Gumbo Lily said...

I have put the Creative book into my wish list. It sounds like something I would like. I especially liked the first quote by Maya Stein because I find that the majority of my "ministry" is in the kitchen cooking. I might wish to save the world and do grandiose things, but my callings tend to be humble and close to home so I try to do it as best I can with a prayer and a smile (but sometimes a frump, I'm sorry to say).

Wishing you JOY in the new year.


P.S. Weren't the meatballs good?

Green thumb said...

Have a wonderful New Year!

Kerri said...

You are such an adorable creature! I can't believe you iron your pj's! I loved reading all those quotes and the watercolour paints sound lovely. I remember my mother reading the wind in the willows to me. It always seemed like such a magical place to live. I love the idea of a little house on the banks of the river.

melanie said...

happy New Year Pom Pom, all the best for 2011 :) xxx

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

I hope your first day back at school is an easy one for you ~ as I remember the kids are usually quiet that first day back, the shock, I imagine! Oh, I hate to leave my little house, too. I haven't been on as many walks as I should be going on, I've wanted to curl up in my chair lately. Well, everything is out in that shed, that's the problem. I'm going to have to sneak my art supplies back inside. Take your days one day at a time. The second semester just flies by!! xoxo Kari

Patricia Torres said...

What a lovely post... Words to think about for sure!!

Hope you have a fabulous year ahead!!

Brad M said...

I loved the Miss Piggy quote the best. I also appreciated the reminder of your yummy sweet and sour meatballs. Those were always so very tasty! I love you and hope your week back at school has been filled with the grace and love of Jesus!