Friday, January 7, 2011

Teacher Corner

Hello! Here's a photo of the Pom Pom teacher corner. I was going to wait until I had tidied it up a bit more, but that may be weeks from now. Betty said she would have a glass top on her desk and I DO have one! I have some pretty photos to put under the glass but for now great quotes are under all the clutter. You can see my bags all about. Baby wipes on the corner. I recently brought in some rosemary and lemon balm. The kids like to rub the leaves and sniff. I have daffodils on the table near the door, too. It's still VERY hot. Yesterday we took a walk around the school so we could get some fresh air. Praying for a heating duct miracle.

Then as I browsed through some of my saved images, I found a few favorites I thought you may like to look at. Maybe you should stop in at Snap's Bakery and buy yourself a scone.

I realize I go on an on when it comes to my favorites, but isn't Jane Dyer a gorgeous painter/artist? The yellow apron. The rich blue blouse. The glasses. The kerchief. Who doesn't adore a painting featuring a horse?

Many of you love Brambly Hedge. Yes, out in the cold of winter there just has to be cozy little tree trunk dwellings like this one. Don't you agree?

Do you order seeds from seed catalogs? I'm going to request a few seed catalogs today. My zinnias were glorious one year and I think it may have been the good seeds. It's such a fine time to plan our gardens. Jody at Gumbo Lily posted a photo of a breathtaking sunset on the prairie. So, even though we look out at sticks and twigs right now, January is a very lovely winter girl. She smells nice and clean.

Susan Branch (you know, another one of my very favorites!) draws and paints the prettiest little blessings. Is your tea kettle going to sing today?

Yesterday after school I met two of my former students at the coffee shop. They are seniors! Going off to college in less than a year! Yikes! It was fun to listen to their stories. As I ordered my coffee, I spotted this happy red mug. I had to buy it and get a jump start on Valentine's Day. Oh, how I love HEART day!

I raise my cup to you today. Here's to few moments of pure comfort and encouragement. One quiet still moment goes a long way.


Patricia Torres said...

Oh what a lovely cup to raise!! and I raise it to you in return!!

I love your teachers corner.. its very warm, full of love and cheer!!

The dB family said...

I'm going to go look at more of Jane Dyer's art today. I have a horse lover in my home and am thinking a print on the wall in her room might be just the thing! I LOVE that mug! I bought a pair for the Engineer and I last year. I am quite looking forward to heart day. It's such a fun little day.

Praying you have a blessing filled day!


Betty said...

A very cosy corner, I bet everyone wants to pull up and chair and gather round with you! Betty

*✿* millie meadowsweet *✿* said...

hello my lovely

i am not sure you will recognise me as millie meadowsweet, but you may just possibly remember me from my previous incarnation as skipping in the meadow. yes, i'm back! this time for for keeps (i hope) and its so lovely to see your sweet blog this new year.

wishing you a very happy, sparkly, healthy 2011
lots of love and hugs xxx

millie (sumea)

Anonymous said...

I love your cosy corner! So homey and pretty! Your new mug is lovely too! Hugs, xx

wayside wanderer said...

What a great corner you have, and I like the pre-tidied version best, I think. I must can relate to it. :) Do you have fan in your school room? We have on in a preschool room at co-op and it doubles as "breath" to blow bubbles for the tots. :) I think the teachers in that room get hot because of the little people sitting on top of them.

Scrappy quilter said...

I love your teacher's corner too. What a special place. Hugs

Firefly said...

Oh I love your cosy corner, Pom! I knew it would be warm and welcoming and pretty - just like you. And love the favorite pictures you shared -- I have the same Brambly Hedge pic saved in my favorites (great minds . . . you know ;). And I don't think I've seen Jane Dyer's work before -- love it -- must go look for more!

Gumbo Lily said...

I really like how you make your teacher corner homey and true to yourself. It must give your students a sense of "home" too.

It's going to turn extremely cold her in the next day so I'm lifting my hot coffee mug to your Love Mug and wishing you moments of quiet and peace.

The winter sunsets are God's gifts in a cold, dark season. I'm grateful God paints!


magsmcc said...

Pom Pom- THANK YOU! And i shall take my camera to school next week to get some snaps of my corners! I have an IDEA- ElizabethD was posting about Wind in the Willows today and I thought we could have a Wind in the Willows Blog Event for 2011. What do you think???? Mole holes and cosiness- just like your hobbit houses- how could we do it???? When will we do it?!

Helen said...

Lovely pictures, Pom Pom. And i'm sure that if I had had you as my teacher I would have sat up and taken notice, and enjoyed school. You must make it so much fun!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Firstly, I love your new blog wallpaper. It's fabulous!

And your teacher's corner looks so warm and friendly. Are those curtains you have up?

Tell us what books you're teaching this spring.

I think January is an exceptionally beautiful month. I drive my boys to school at 7:45 and the trees against the pink sky are breathtaking.


Brad M said...

It looks like a wonderful teacher corner indeed. I don't know how I missed brambly hedge growing up, it seems you like it so much! Very cute. I love you so very much and am glad to hear that your students come back to share stories with you. What a joy!

Kerri said...

I can't think of a better house than a cozy tree house all illuminated with candles. I love the tiny door and the light shining out onto the snow :)

Elizabethd said...

What a pretty teachers corner! It looks welcoming and warm.

Brambly hedge illustrations are magical , aren't they?

melanie said...

Love your teachers corner, it looks really good Pom Pom :) xxx

Aisling said...

What a cozy teacher's corner you have! How homey your classroom must feel. Perfect!!!

Wish I could come in and observe you in action!

lil red hen said...

I need to pass this cozy little corner idea on to my daughter who teaches third grade. What fun!

Green thumb said...

I have never seen such a cheerful teacher corner like yours!
Have a great week!

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

I love your cozy little corner in your classroom, and your students must love it, too. It must feel like walking into an enchanted cottage, just like the ones in Brambly Hedge. I used to decorate my classroom like that, too. I had three lamps with old-fashioned shades and an old red-painted Victrola case and three of my grandmother's rugs. I loved making my classroom feel like a real home. I did it for me as much as for the kids! xo Kari

Jessica said...

Hi pommie Pom Pom,
I love cozy room. It looks just like you, cheerful. I love it here! You always brighten my day! I adore all the wonderful illustrations on your page! They're my favorites too!

Oh & that mug! I love - love + red!!! I'm already thinking valentiney too. I'm crocheting tiny red hearts at night when I curl up in bed ;)

M.K. said...

This beautiful post made me wonder if you've ever read the Miss Read books -- your teacher corner reminded me so much of her, and the life of a country teacher in England years ago, especially the sniffing of herbs and the nature walks. If you haven't read them, I think you'll love them. Be sure to read the Miss Read books about Fairacre -- those are the teacher ones.