Thursday, January 20, 2011

Annotating The Wind in the Willows

When we have a favorite book, a story that stirs us, why not buy an extra copy and love it with pens and pencils?
I started annotating long ago when I became very good friends with my Bible. When I went back to school as a grown up, I found that annotating helped my own reading comprehension.
One day, I decided to annotate one of my all time favorites, Harriet the Spy. I found that annotating (marking up the text) makes me happy.
I found this copy of The Wind in the Willows at a real messy used book store. This morning, coffee and writing utensils at the ready, I jollied up some of my favorite passages.

I've had fun adding my own embellishments to this dear, soothing story of friendship and comfort. I had forgotten that Toad dresses up as a washer woman to escape his confinement. I shall color his dress next.

Hop on over to fraise lachrymose and read all the Wind in the Willows posts. A big hug and a shout out to Mags who thought of this and organized it all.


Maggie said...

I couldn't ever write in a book this way.
Gives me shivers just to think about doing it.
Can't throw books away either but I do give them away and love to swap mine for someone else's.

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Hello, and happy new year!

Do you know, I have never actually read The Wind in the Willows! Isn't that shocking. I've read the beginning a lot - I love the bit about the cottage and the whitewashing.... But I don't like Toad!

Anyway, I had a favour - a while back, probably over a year?, you wrote a post about mouse houses I think - or little houses maybe? And there were some lovely pictures of little felt homes for mice and things... Do you happen to have a link for it? I've scrolled back through loads but can't seem to find it...

I really want to point to it in a post I am writing...

Love Charlotte

Angela said...

I have some books I annotate and others which are TOO precious. But I love your multicoloured crayon technique - I tend to be a one black pencil gal!

Simply Debbie said...

Anoint...Anoint...Anoint...Anoint..My Bible is so anointed with dates, scriptures highlighted, notes...When I just about wore it out, and I had to buy a new one, I couldn't find felt strange..When I pray over a situation I still go to my old bible that I had spent so much intimate time with Jesus in. All of my beloved Amy's life I found children books that I read to her and we loved to draw and make pictures in...I would rather buy a book like that than just a normal one.
If I lived beside you I would grade your papers while you made granny squares.
Have A Sugar Sweet Weekend. I am glad your husband is one should ever have to feel alone and sleep with the light on...that is me too, however.
Thanks for dropping by JoJO.
Simply Debbie

wayside wanderer said...

I love this! I know many folks find it unthinkable, but this is how I really love a book, too. I didn't know to call it "annotating" though so am glad to have a word for it.

Green thumb said...

Hello PomPom!
Thank you for your sweet message, sorry for not visiting you so frequently as I was used to, but my laptop at home got broken and from work I don't have enough time for blogging at the moment.
Take care and keep up with your lovely blog!

Amy Danielle said...

This was lovely. Yes, I do the very same thing... helps make it sink in, the scribbling and drawing little bits and notes. xo

Gumbo Lily said...

My Bible is, as you say, annotated, and a few books. I often keep a notebook or journal beside me when I read a favorite book so I can transpose some quotes into it. I like your coloring-in the illustrations.


Floss said...

I have just started annotating a day book I used last year - the first year it was for reading, this second year, it's for making notes and reflecting on how reading it has affected me. So I think this is a very good idea for a well-loved, well-visited book (and, as you say, a second copy too...)

Jessica said...

I love this Pom! I'm a page turner. I turn corners down on the pages that have something significant to me. This is like sacrilidge to my mother & brother ;) I find it interesting how many diverse & passionate thoughts & feelings there are on this subject-- of annotating a book or just turning down a corner. When I re-read books, I can always spot the passage on the dog eared page that made my heart sing. I imagine my children reading through my books someday, maybe when I'm gone. I wonder if when they get to the marked pages if they too will be able to spot the important words that grabbed me. Will they resonate with them too. They'll be like little hidden messages inside the book. I sooo love that!

You rock Pom!

Have a great weekend!


*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...

i have never thought of doing this (always told it was naughty to draw/write on or colour in the illustrations of books.)
now i can see it is an art-form and want to have a go :o)

fabulous post pom pom

warmest hugs xx


magsmcc said...

I found myself shouting out loud, as I waited for you to load, "OK, Pom Pom, LET'S GO!" You are so exciting! This week has been like Christmas every day! THANK YOU, FRIEND!

I would have a blue fit, go instantly into raving banshee mode if I caught the strawberries doing this in books- naughty Pom Pom! Sit on the step! But of course, with you, it works so beautifully! And I like Floss's idea too, of reading first time round and then engaging on another level- I am going to do this with my Lent book this year! But Pom, who could do it as well, as gorgeously as you?!

Thank you, wonderful woman, for this week!

Anonymous said...

Anoint is exactly what I do to all the books I read and love!

It is almost as if my hands are just itching to write down all the thoughts that pop in as I read!

Your book is perfect...full of little bits of you :)


Kerri said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying this dear old book :)

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

I have always underlined in paperback books but I have never thought to annotate a book, especially with little pictures and colors, too! I think this is fantastic. I intend to give this a try. I have some "self-help" books for writers and for living more beautiful lives, etc., that come with larger margins than most books, so that quotations can be written in the margins, but with plenty of room to do one's own annotating. I want to use this idea with my own journals, too, as I tend to usually write in my journals only with words, and forget to draw and color as well. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful idea! xo Kari

M.K. said...

What a fun post!! I love how you write in big swirly letters and color the pictures!! What a treat that will be for your children to read later :) It's sad that some people won't mark in a book at all. I feel I'm engaging with the author and his mind, when I underline or take notes in the margin. And how fun those notes are to read later! Thanks!

Vicki said...

Hello, dear Pom Pom,
I love your love for quality children's books. I always choose authentic children's books when working with my tutoring students in reading. I hate scripted books, or whatever, you call them. I know your students must be developing a genuine love for reading with you as their teacher. Never a day went by that I didn't read to my class. We might have to let something else go, but storytime, never. Enjoy your weekend, my friend. Sending love and hugs to you~ Vicki

Jayne said...

What a wonderful idea. I do annotate my Bible a little, but I've never thought to do this with other books. I'm looking forward to personalising some of my favourites now! x

Sarah said...

Enjoyed your post. As an English major, I was encouraged to add notes, highlight passages, annotations. I haven't done that since my days at the university, but I found it very helpful. ;-)
~ Sarah

Aisling said...

I love that you leave sweet bits of your thoughts, of yourself, on the pages of your well loved bits. Like the little girl at school the other day, who was dripping the pink and silvery glitter from her skirt everywhere she went. She was worried about the mess, but I thought it was so lovely!

Aisling said...

And that should have said "on the pages of your well-loved books." lol. Guess I'm a little overworked right now.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I have mixed feelings about writing in books, though I like your solution very much of getting a second copy to annotate. I underline theology books a lot, but if I really like a way a person thinks, I end up underlining the whole thing, which is irritating upon re-reading.

I have a book given to me by a friend, an Episcopal priest, and I love reading her annotations as I go along. It's interesting to be inside her mind as well as the mind of the book.

I don't underline novels, but sometimes I write down quotes I like.

It drives me crazy to get books from the library that have been annotated. HUGE pet peeve of mine!

Interesting post, Pom Pom!


The dB family said...

Pom Pom, I have never done this -- except in my Bible. I would love to do it, but perhaps I should wait until my little ones understand the difference between writing in a book and annotating, I think. Books are too precious to have scribbles from Littles in them :o).