Thursday, March 23, 2023

Easter is Coming!

Hello everyone!  We've been back from Thailand for two weeks.  We've recovered from jet lag and nursed colds and healed.  It was a looooong journey.  Going there and back in one week felt a bit like I imagine time travel! LOL!  Walking through very crowded airports and presenting our passports over and over again wasn't super complicated, simple actually, but seems sort of surreal now that we are home again.  Do you ever feel that way when you have a new experience? Do you feel like it's hard to stay in the moment?  Maybe when we get to Heaven, we'll experience things fully and exist at the heights of JOY.  

I enjoyed looking at the more jungle-y environment near Bangkok.  I couldn't help but think of the soldiers who fought in similar jungles during the Vietnam war and the huge culture shock they had to overcome.  The beach was pretty and the water was warm. The big rocks coming out of the water were powerful looking.  The BEST part = hearing our friends from Asia telling the stories of their ministries, the joy of being with other believers, and the satisfied hunger they experienced as they learned MORE about Jesus and how to walk with Him.  Best. Part. For sure. 

Home again and loving being here.  I pick up my knitting and click, click, click, not producing finished products, but thoroughly enjoying the process of working with my hands.  My Advent scarf is almost finished and it is thick and warm, long and bright.  It's completely satisfying. A gift.

And it's spring.  It's still chilly here, but the calendar says Easter season is here and in some places, daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths are popping up.  Ours will soon.  I'm looking forward to Easter.  I like setting the table, thinking of fresh and sumptuous side dishes, coloring eggs, and singing, "He arose!  He arose! Christ Jesus, HE arose!"

Remember this lamb I got for Christmas last year (or the year before)?  Noah REALLY wants to ride her (he calls it mutton busting) but I do not allow it.  I love sheep because I am one.  I am HIS sheep, so safe in the fold.

This sheep is wearing my bunny ears (Jenny says it's scary) but I shall wear the bunny ears to my coffee date with Sondra this morning.  I hope you are enjoying the build up to Easter.  God be with you.                                                                                 


Debi said...

So glad you are home safe and sound and that you had a lovely week away. Your scarf looks so cheery and warm!

happyone said...

Welcome home. That was quite a trip.
Love the scarf you're knitting. Beautiful colors.

ellen b. said...

There and back again! Wow!. Glad you have recovered and looking forward to the most amazing season of the year, Easter! Looking forward to singing and rejoicing in the Resurrection and what it means for a sinner like me. Welcome home and Happy Spring to you!

Julie said...

My son & his wife have been to Thailand, though I have never been myself. They loved the beautiful beaches too. Your scarf is just gorgeous dear Pom Pom. Spring is coming for you & for us here - autumn. Both wonderful seasons. Love to you dear friend x0x

Granny Marigold said...

Happy Spring, dear Pom Pom...Great news that you came back and got over the jet lag and colds., Now life goes back to normal again. The lambie with bunny ears is so cute. I'll bet you looked cute wearing them when you went for coffee!!

Between Me and You said...

That's a very long way to go! Nearly a round trip! Glad you're back where you're happiest. Love the new scarf. The colours are very 'you', bright, cheery and very upbeat! Great to 'see' you again my lovely friend.😍

Lisa Richards said...

God bless you and your hubby in your faithful ministry work. Glad you're back safely from your globe trotting experience! Great Advent scarf! You have a way with color combinations.
We made it through winter! Hallelujah! :)

Bonnie K said...

Did you enjoy Thailand? It looks nice and warm.

Bonnie K said...

Oh how I enjoyed your beach photos. I hope you have recovered from your vacation. It is good to travel, but there really no place like home.

Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely to see your photographs.
What a nice colourful scarf that is :)

Enjoy this last week of March, the days are simply flying by!

All the best Jan

Gretchen Joanna said...

Thailand and back in one week? Yikes. That was truly a labor of love, Pom Pom. I'm glad you are fully home again and knitting. God bless you.