Saturday, January 22, 2022

Bunny Sweater


Kelli gave me cute knitted toadstools for Christmas.  Yes, I still love toadstools.  They are so storybook-y.
GB (Girl Bunny) is wearing the sweater I made her, but I haven't made her dress yet.  I bought thread at the Bernina store, so I can do some more sewing (I had not purchased new thread in about six years).   My ironing basket is overflowing, so I have not been sewing.  I know, that doesn't make very much sense.  I have a mental block in my brain in regard to sewing.  I tend to think I should only sew if all the other housework is done.  Crazy!  Why do I think that way?
I want to ask you something.  Do you want to see all of Jolly's wives all lined up before he leaves me?  How curious are you about each of his visits? Should I do one big post with him standing by each one and then you can guess who might get picked?  We must leave it to the hostess selected to determine his fate, but she may decide to let him remain a bachelor.  Just curious as to how you feel about all of this.
 We recently returned from a memorial service in Washington State.  Over 700 people came to honor the life of our friend Dana.  She died of pancreatic cancer very quickly.  She was 57 years old, a wife, mom, granny, and teacher.  She loved Jesus and she radiated JOY.  She loved so many people and  so many people loved her.  We both are spending a lot of time thinking about her and her dear husband (and her extended family).  She's in Heaven.  I like to think about what Heaven is like, do you?
God be with you, friends.  I'll be waiting to hear your Jolly thoughts!  Thank you for coming by!  


Sandi said...

I am sorry to hear you lost your friend.

happyone said...

Oh so sorry about the loss of your friend. Ken's dad died of that and it was not a pleasant way to go. Nice to know that she is now with Jesus and at peace.

magsmcc said...

Much love to you, dearest PP, at this sad news. Some people we'll not get over, and nor should we.

Poor Jolly. Is he not a wee bit fed up with all these women, or is he excited? I think he should a have a quiet mull by himself before the Big Reveal! And I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to put you to too much more effort.

And ironing. Well. I think it is easier to be beautiful and creative and satisfied when all is tidy. But then, if we ignore that last adjective, at least we have something nice to show for our time?

ellen b. said...

Only 57...that is so young. It's good to know the family and friends will be comforted. I do like to think about heaven. My thoughts for sure fall short of what it will really be like. Happy Sunday to you!

Kim said...

Girl Bunny looks adorable in her pretty sweater. Love those toadstools; how sweet. I think compiling all of Jolly's little holidays is a most excellent thing. I am so sorry your friend has passed away, but I am thinking she is having the best time in Heaven. So sad though, for those who love her, are left behind. I am rather looking forward to walking the streets of day♡

Betty said...

Dont mind too much about Jolly to be honest, I like to see your news more but he is a good way to bring bloggers together and that's what blogging is all about, so I will be interested to see a post from his final hostess and the outcome of all this matchmaking :) I suspect in the end he will join a hippy commune and have more than one wife as he looks the sort who wants to please as many as possible, I suspect under his hat he has long flowing ginger dreadlocks and his casual wardrobe is thongs - nobody has seen the real Jolly yet imo :) It's nice to read about your friend getting such a loving celebration of her life, I always think funerals are more for the living to come to terms with things. These days I imagine heaven to be here, on earth, but with everything perfect and beautiful and everyone I care about present spiritually - just think how much space there would be on the planet if we were not in physical form and also just think how beautiful the world could become without human intervention - deep thoughts for a Sunday morning! but I don't overthink it any more, the older I get the sooner I know I will find out :)

Julia said...

Hi Pompom. What a lucky Bunny girl. The sweater is lovely and matches your window decor.

So sorry about your friend Dana's passing. May she rest in peace.

Poor My Jolly. I hope that he gets his bride soon as he not getting any younger. Whatever he chooses, to marry or remain celibate, I hope that it's the right choice for him.

Only 56 days to spring.
Stay well and safe.

Granny Marigold said...

That's a cute banner with the toadstools!! Girl Bunny's sweater is very colourful and cute too.
Sorry about your friend Dana's death. I'm glad you could go to her memorial. She sounds like a lovely person.

Henny Penny said...

I am so sorry to hear about your dear friend.

That is the sweetest big bunny. I want one just like him. His little sweater is so cute.

I didn't follow Mr. Jolly that much, except when he landed in NC at our friend Mary Kathryn's home. :)

Farm Girl said...

So sorry about Dana. I love your bunny sweater. Its very cute. Those mushrooms are so cute! Its always nice to see an update. I am glad you did an update. Have a great week.

Jeanie said...

I'm so very sorry about your friend. And that sweater is really dear! Well done!

Happy@Home said...

I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend at such a young age. It sounds like she left her mark on a lot of people and won't soon be forgotten.
The bunny sweater is precious.

Lowcarb team member said...

I was sorry to read about the loss of your friend, 57 is very young.
My condolences.

All the best Jan.

Kim said...

"Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His saints." Ps. 116:15 I'm sorry for your loss, dear Pom.

My thoughts on Jolly are that I'd like to see one post with all of them together and find out what his decision is. Sort of like one of those reality shows.😊

M.K. said...

I'm so sorry about the loss of Dana, esp. for her husband. We've had a several deaths in our circle lately too, and it's hard, so hard, for those left suddenly alone.
I have some household duties/hobbies that I also put off forever! Don't sweat it. I'm trying to learn to let go of the things that I don't REALLY enjoy much. If I've tried them, and done them, that's enough. I haven't ironed clothes in years!
I think perhaps ALL of the wives is too many women :) Perhaps you should choose ONE wife from each of Jolly's visits, and post photos of those ladies only. Remind readers here of what each of those select ones is like, and see if we then can pinpoint which wonderful woman he ends up with.

M.K. said...

Oh, I meant to say -- yes, I spend much time thinking of heaven. I don't think we can spend too much time thinking of a place that is God's ideal, that Scripture has so much to say about, and that will be our home for eternity! I try to spend my time and mental energies on things that will be in heaven, rather than things that are clearly only of this world. I know many Christians don't spend time thinking of heaven, and that's okay. But for me it's a comfort. Often those in life-long ministry have had much suffering, both in our own lives and in those we minister to, and it's such a comfort to think of place where all that suffering will be gone.

Lisa Richards said...

Yes, sorry about your friend. It sounds like she was much loved and is now with Jesus, face-to-face. We can only imagine!

I'm kind of with Mags about Jolly. Please don't wear yourself out taking photos of all those gals, unless maybe it's a few large groups. Hmm. Wonder what the future holds for Jolly?

I think having all the housework done does kind of free one up to do more creative things. (Says someone who does very little housework, lol!)

Hugs from Minnesota! :)

Boyett-Brinkley said...

I too feel like I can’t do the fun stuff until the chores are done. I think I got that from my mother but it is annoying!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

I'm so sorry about the loss of your precious friend. Hoping that you are starting to see signs of spring in your world! May Jolly have fun in his new travels! Blessings to you :)

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hi Pom Pom! That's an adorable sweater on Bunny Girl. So wonderfully colorful.

Heaven is always there in the back of my mind, knowing it's really "home" and this place is not . . . Wish I could radiate JOY like your dear friend! Those are special people on this earth. I am so sorry for the grieving of those who miss her so much now. It's hard.

As for Jolly, I found his travels entertaining. So many choices! I can't imagine who he will end up with, if anyone! But I'd be interested to know.

Between Me and You said...

Hope you're ok. Long time no hear. I'm popping a message for you on FB too. Write when you can. xxx

Kezzie said...

Sorry to hear about Dana but glad she is in Heaven though those left behind will miss her.
Your toadstools are really jolly.
Speaking of Jolly, I'm happy to hear whenever!x