Sunday, August 1, 2021

Flowers, Socks, and Jolly the Romance Man

Hello to YOU!  Here are some flowers for you!  I had a HUGE armload of bouquets for the five actresses when they completed their summer camp theater shows.  

Kelli's household needed two more cats (total 5 now and three dogs).  Aren't they darling?  They look like Tim, don't they?  They are very soft and have long bunny feet.  

I finished a shortie sock.  Now to knit its pair.
A friend came for lunch and we had a yummy plate of all this stuff.
I made my Mexican dress into a tunic. 
We went to a new ice cream place.  They had gluten free cones.  HEAVEN!
We've been to the pool!
We've eaten more pizza this summer than we did last summer.  Gulp.
I even went to the pool by myself one day and swam some laps.  I wore my contacts and my goggles (and a funny green tie dye swim cap) and it was so fun to glide (very slowly) through the water.  I do love a swim.  Yes, I have a bump on my foot from those purple sandals.
I finally finished these funny gold and green socks.  One is bigger than the other and they are a bit drab but they fit alright and it's good to have a pair. I couldn't just stop after one, could I?
The zucchini is beautiful!  Each one is shiny and looks like a prize winner.  We need to make some zoodles.
I learned a new knitting technique (well, new to me) called the magic loop.  I watched lots of YouTube tutorials and finally figured out how to do it.  I have never knit a sock toe up before either.  These are called scrappy socks.  I love them and I just want to knit, knit, knit.
Oh hi, Jolly!  How ARE you?  Did you have fun at MK's?  Are you feeling very loved?

Click on this link to find out! Jolly at MK'S

 The weather cooled off today and since I sat for hours knitting I decided to hop on my bike and go for a easy cruise around the neighborhood.  Oh, I do love swimming and biking!  I really do!  

We're having pizza again for dinner.  I love gluten free pizza and I love having a cooking break.

I am glad it is August but I do have a little more "to do's" than I normally do and I must pace myself and apply myself.  Yikes.

Thank you for popping in, nice person. 


Granny Marigold said...

Happy new month of August. Your cheese and fruit lunch looks delicious. And gluten free ice cream cones. Who thought of that?
Those who know how to knit seem to enjoy it so much. It makes me wish I would have learned how. Great looking socks. Just maybe not for August weather.
Keep cool, GM

Bonnie K said...

You are super busy! It all sounds like fun. I don't think you can ever have too much pizza. Thank you for sharing your summer adventures.

Kim said...

It looks as if you are making the most of your hot summer days. It all looks fun, fun, fun! Your Mexican tunic is so pretty. Love all that embroidery. I too love to swim...and bike. Enjoy your August days, sweet Pom Pom.

Betty said...

So glad for you that swimming is on the agenda - I love to be in the water too! Your Mexican smock looks very pretty :)

Julia said...

Lovely flowers, kitties, good food, plenty of pizza and ice cream and zucchini, and more knitting and swimming... Your summer fun is well-balanced. I did visit Jolly on his adventure and enjoyed the video very much. I'm glad that Mr. Jolly enjoyed his visit and is ready for the next adventure at Angela, over in England.

Wishing you a joy-filled August.

Between Me and You said...

I would go to an outdoor pool like yours if we had one here but sadly only the indoor variety which I am avoiding like the you-know-what. I just can't stomach the thought of all those germs swimming around me! I love your Mexican tunic but ouch, that blister with those naughty sandals.The girls are all looking so grown-up, like my two here. Jolly is ever-approaching. I also must get motivated! Lots of

Farm Girl said...

What a nice post!! So many good things. I am so happy to see all of the pretty things that are going on in your life.

Lisa Richards said...

I'm always so proud of your sock knitting skills! That plate of snacks looks wonderful. May I dig in? I bought a couple of zucchinis the other day and decided to fry one up with cornmeal. I didn't have regular cornmeal, so I used some cornbread mix I had. They were okay, but maybe could have been better. The second one got a little frozen, so it went to the chickens. :) I like the tunic! I like biking and swimming, too. Enjoy!

happyone said...

Adorable kitties.
I've tried knitting socks a bunch of times but never could get the hang of it.
I just finished knitting Ken a hat this afternoon!!
I used to love to go swimming - haven't been in years.

Henny Penny said...

You are so cute! I love it all; the sweet children, the flowers, the socks. Oh my, I have always wanted to swim but don't know how. Swimming look so fun and refreshing. I could eat pizza every day, I do believe. :)

GretchenJoanna said...

That's zucchini from YOUR garden? It is indeed beautiful. My zucchini is pretty much a flop this summer, as is ALL my squash, and some of the best gardeners I know around here are saying the same. So puzzling. I have ONE butternut fruit total on several plants, ONE pumpkin total on several plants, and have had about five zucchinis total from EIGHT plants! Isn't that weird?

You are funny, saying those socks are drab. They are actually pretty colorful! And you certainly have the perfect pants to wear them with. Your closet must be lots of fun.

M.K. said...

Your summer is looking delightful! LOVE the flowers, and swimming slowly sounds divine. I have no swimming opportunities here, sadly.
I think I learned the Magic Loop once, but I thought it was used for starting a round doily-like thing. I'm probably thinking of crochet.
But for finishing the toes of the two sock pairs I've knitted, I used something called the Kitchener stitch (recommended on the pattern). I've not made many socks, but I remember thinking it was the coolest closure ever. Maybe the same thing as yours. I do recall you had to hold the two knitting needs side by side, tight together.
Your socks are utterly delightful!

ellen b. said...

What lovely bouquets and look at all those cute kitties. My daughter and her hubby went to a company barbecue and came home with the bosses kitty that was being terrorized by the bosses dogs. The kitty is enjoying her new quiet home mostly on my daughter's lap. The bosses wife misses her kitty but knows it's for the best. Swimming and bicycling are both good ways to get exercise so they say. It's nice to sit and create something you can enjoy. Happy knitting to you!