Monday, November 2, 2020

Now It IS November!

Hi Everyone! It's really fall now, isn't it?  I took these photos before the cold/snow, but the sky is still THAT blue!  Wow!
And sometimes it's pink!

I'm knitting a . . . PONCHO! 😂 April (daughter in law) and I occasionally do "knit alongs" so she is making a poncho of sorts, too.  I used to think ponchos were weird, but that was before I grew older. 😉 Now a warm wearable blanket sounds VERY cozy!
On the colder days we had, our son in law was up in Conifer and he came upon these lovely elk!

I had my hair chopped off.  My ponytail was pulling my hair out.  It feels good to have short hair again.

My Mother's Day geranium got to move inside with us and she's still blooming! Yay!
My niece came over to my mom's house for Halloween.  My mom loved having trick or treaters!  She had quite a few!  Isn't she a cute unicorn?

I picked up two leaves for you while out walking.  I might actually make them into a bookmark.
Here's Jolly all tucked in his pocket.  He's saying, "Come ON, Pom Pom! Get moving! I want to fly away and begin my adventure!"
This little floppy boy doesn't like cold weather at all.  He must have a lap to nap on in order to cope with the chill. 

 Remember the old days of blogs?  I have been reading old posts from An Angel in the Garden.  She is a lovely pink themed person (I love pink, too!) and her posts are full of New Zealand beauty, thrift store finds, and other amazing and inspiring ideas.  There are still lovely blogs (yay and THANK  YOU!) but it isn't like it used to be.  When it was kind of a new thing, it was such an experience of discovery.

The sun is shining and I've been able to ride my bike around the neighborhood!  I love it so much.  I haven't fallen off yet, so that's very good.

We're having meatballs for dinner.  I've been using my cast iron pan a lot more.  I browned the meatballs in the oven, made a quick gravy, and added partially cooked potatoes and carrots, added that to the meatballs and I'm slow cooking it all up for an easy meal in an hour or so.  I love potatoes and I love gravy.  I used rice flour because I am still avoiding gluten.  I know it sounds faddy and it is, but I feel so much better when I do not eat wheat.  I don't eat dairy either.  If I do, my stomach complains.  It's not that hard to avoid cheese, even though cheese is so good and seems to appear in most yummy dishes.

I really hope you are doing well.  I hope you are growing and having "ah ha" moments.  I hope you are tending to your faith, reading your Bible, and having sweet times of prayer.  I really like you.  

Time to jump on Blue Moon (yes, I named this bike, too😎) See you soon, friend!


happyone said...

Like your short hair. Mine is the same length as yours now.
Yes, I do read my Bible, every day. :)

Julia said...

Your fall photos are amazing and the elks are very tame to come into a residential area, and there are so many of them...

How lovely that your gifted Geranium is still blooming inside while the weather is getting colder outside. Your short hair cut looks very classy on you. I love it.

Your mother looks so adorable with her unicorn mask on. Halloween was very low key everywhere in our city this Halloween. There did not seem to be any activity anywhere.
I'm glad you could celebrate with your family.
Stay safe and well.
Hugs, Julia

Kim said...

Your hairstyle looks lovely on you. I loved ponchos when I was a kid. Haven't worn one since then, but I think I'd like it, too.

Julie said...

Your photos are stunning dear Pom Pom. I love those skies !! Hello to Timothy the lap cat. Miss Pip loves a lap too. That is a lovely pic of your Mum & your niece ... just wonderful. Yes I remember the old days of blogs. Life seems so busy now that it sometimes feels hard to blog ... I do prefer blogs to Instagram I think ... much more personal & chatty. Have a lovely week dear Pom Pom. xx

Granny Marigold said...

I like the yellow leaves with the blue sky peeking through.
And I think your Mom is a lovely unicorn. Nice sweater she's wearing.
In winter I will go visit blogs that sound interesting also watch Youtube videos that make me want Spring!!
I have a small cast iron pan and a bigger one. We use both very often. I like to cook on high heat and cast iron can easily cope with my ways.
Keep safe and warm ( and keep working on that poncho).

Between Me and You said...

Your hair's so neat and your face so fresh, both lovely. I love your Ma's happy smiling face too. Glad she got trick or treaters. It wasn't allowed here but all the mums and dads made the most of it for their kids. I have a list of unfinished projects, best not to add a poncho to it, much as I'd love to.Happy week, my friend.x

Elizabethd said...

I do like the new hair! Very attractive. I'm waiting to have mine cut, it is quite out of hand now and far too long.
I remember making a poncho for my dauther way back in the 70s. She loved it.

Happy@Home said...

Beautiful photos of the yellow leaves and blue sky. You have such a pretty smile, Pom Pom. I miss the old days of blogging. Not the same anymore, but still nice to keep in touch with each other this way.

Jeanie said...

What gorgeous color and skies! And your new haircut is just darling! Happy week!

Lisa Richards said...

Hi Jolly! Thanks for the upbeat post, Pom! I do seem to be in my Bible and praying more during this Covid time. I hope to continue! Enjoy your fall and your knitting. Hugs from Minnesota where it's warm and sunny today!

Kim said...

I still love blogs. I always find inspiration, delight....and friendship in the lovely ones I follow. Why, in these very troubled times, I have found many kindred souls. I feel I could visit many and enjoy the most wonderful chat over a cup of tea. I prefer blogs to instagram. Love those blue, blue skies of yours, dear Pom Pom. Love your new hairdo, too. Stay warm, lovely lady....enjoy your knitting.

ellen b. said...

Your new do is very nice on you! I really like the color combo in your wearable blanket. Very nice. Glad you can stay cozy and still hop on your bike!

Betty said...

Your hair looks very neat and pretty. I haven't visited your blog for a while, catch up time :) How beautiful the Elk is I would love to encounter one. I hope the election gets the result you hope for - Betty x

Lowcarb team member said...

I like your hair cut, it suits you.
Wonderful blue and pink skies, nature can give us such wonderful colours.
Enjoy your bike rides.

Stay safe and well.

All the best Jan

M.K. said...

Your hair cut looks great! So many Covid haircuts out there, and I'm sporting one. I've chopped mine twice, and it's awful.
Your skies are piercingly blue. We're having Indian Summer here now, right after I swapped out my seasonal clothes and put away all my sandals for the winter, haha.
I'm spinning again, and need to email you about knitting ideas. A poncho sounds like a cozy thing!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

You and your mother are just precious, beautiful women both of you! And how lovely to enjoy such beautiful days of fall! We are getting our second snow storm this week tonight! I just love hearing about all your busy projects and ideas. Yo are such a happy dear soul, and I enjoy stopping by to visit you! Many blessings to you!

Kezzie said...

I really do need to read my Bible. Thank you for the reminder.
Your new hair is lovely- I REALLY wish I had got mine cut before lockdown- it's SO long now! It's falling out a lot so it would be much healthier!
Timmy needs a tickle! He's so comfortable with you!
Meatballs sound yummy! I don't get those very often!
Your mum looks so cute in her Unicorn horn! What a sweetie.
The yellow leaves against the blue sky are astonishingly beautiful!
I like Ponchos! Please show it when it is made!

Jan said...

Hello, I remember the old blog too. Do you know if Tina who has The Quiet Home blog is still blogging? I'd love to get in touch with her.

Lily Allen said...

Your hair cut looks great! Beautiful photos of the yellow leaves and blue sky.Thanks for the share.
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Bonnie K said...

You look fabulous! I love the photos. Dinner sounds delicious. Your mom's costume is wonderful. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.