Monday, January 7, 2019

The Blush on a Pear

 Here's a little pink for you.  It's a thin quilted coverlet I bought from a clearing house.  Don't orange, pink, and green look good together?

The kids had fun at the aquarium. I am a lousy field trip helper.  I have a very small attention span and want to zip through the exhibits (this posed a problem when I took our kids to the zoo years ago).  It's a good thing the mommies were good teachers and made sure the kids saw what there was to see. 

 Timothy has bad manners.  He really wanted to smell the hyacinth on the table.  Spoiled.  
 I received the books below for Christmas.  They are a bit too "hip vintage" for me, but the recipes are wonderful.  I love tea food which is slightly unfortunate because tea food usually means many calories which causes my granny bod to expand.  I like reading the recipes even though I know better than to make tea food for myself.
 Our weather has been lovely for January.  I like to go outside and get some fresh air when we have blue sky days.  
 April and I are progressing with our sweaters.  Her sweater is khaki color and mine is this . . . 

I want to look like a lilac.

My sister sent me this photo of us in the paddling pool.  We laughed because there is no water in the pool.  We are wearing cute sunsuits and bathing our babies. Aw!

 Here's my very favorite color.  God makes the most gorgeous things, like pears. I love the blush on a ripening apple, plum, or pear.  If I could I would dye my hair this very shade.  I won't because I don't believe in coloring my hair anymore.  Sometimes I blonde it up a bit just to even it out but it turns yellow-y which is weird so white/silver it shall be.  

Speaking of tea, I think I'll have a little cup right now.  
How does the sunshine make YOU feel?  
What do you eat with your cup of tea?
Thank you for stopping by!


Kit said...

I had to laugh! I am just like you, I hurry thru museums and art galleries. I am sitting here with very dilated eyes which drives me crazy! Eye doc visit. So reading some blogs is nice, especially yours. So sunny today on fresh snow too! With my tea or coffee, I love little butter cookies. :) Kit

Kim said...

I think white silvery is perfect...though I can see you sporting hair that pretty shade. The coverlet is so pretty with all that swirling pattern and colour. I had several bathing suits just like those....aah...being a child of the sixties....loved those vintage fashions and all those frilly frills on the bottom. You have put delicious smiles into my morning, dear Pom Pom♥

Susie said...

Oh I had to laugh about the field trip. I like that coverlet. Pretty sweater. You and your sister are adorable in your pool. Yummy for that looks just right. Some times I like sliced apples with tea. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, Susie

ellen b. said...

Hello dear girl. I can so relate to your zipping through aquariums. I'm the same way at museums and art galleries. Oye. Dear and our daughter Katie on the other hand take their time and read all the little cards that explain things, etc. That black and white of you and your sister is just so precious. Sweet!!
I love anything sweet with a cup of tea. Hugs!

Sarah H said...

I love the pattern and the colours on the quilt. So pretty. And I agree, the colour of the pear is just beautiful.

My mum has lots of pictures of me as a child sitting in a paddling pool, we seemed to have endless summers when I was a child.

happyone said...

I like looking at things but not reading all about them. : )
Sweater is such a pretty color.
Cute picture of you and your sister in the pool with no water.

Jeanie said...

Loads of lovely color here! And I love Timothy. So handsome by the hyacinth.

Looks like a splendid start to the year, Karen!

GretchenJoanna said...

If you were alone in the aquarium or museum I bet you would love spending as long as you wanted on whichever exhibit you wanted. What is tedious/boring/irritating about field trips is having to move along at the speed of the crowd. It seems to me that no one can engage in a satisfying way on a generic timetable.

Julia said...

It's good to have colors in the home especially in the winter when there are not many colors outside in nature. Your knitting is amazing.
Hugs, Julia

Debi said...

I gave up coloring my hair years ago but I have a secret desire to put a blue streak in it in April in honor of my grandson who is autistic. Maybe this year! love the photo of you and your sister and the color of your sweater. It's such a cheerful color! Have a good week!

Granny Marigold said...

I love the colour of that pear. We were given 30 pounds of unripe pears a week before Christmas. They have been ripening and we've been eating them, making pear jam, sharing them with family... and still we have pears.

Sarah H said...

I'm not sure if I am double posting here, I was sure I commented yesterday LOL

I love that coverlet, the colours are just beautiful and the colour of the blush on the pear.

Timothy is a very handsome kitty.

My mum has lots of pictures of me in paddling pools as a kid, I love memories like that.

Have a lovely week.

Beca said...

Sunshine makes me feel happy. I like to open the curtains and shades and let the light in. Pink, orange, and green are beautiful together. I also love the different shades the fruit takes on when it ripens. I always buy the Golden Delicious apples for their yellow sunny color.
xx Beca

Wood Fairy said...

Pears do have such pretty colours as they ripen, I agree. I have never had a pear with tea - I might have a shortbread biscuit or a crumpet with marmite and butter though! I drink strong tea and about 6 mugs a day. I like your coverlet, very springy.

Nana Go-Go said...

No more red hair for me! I ditched the dye last year and am embracing my advancing dotage!!Love your coverlet. I guess USPS wasn't able to deliver my little Scottish Christmas Card to you?There's a tartan Santa floating somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, hope he gets there

Farm Girl said...

I love that picture of you and your sister in that wading pool and with your little babies. That is such an awesome picture.
I love that color of your sweater. Gosh you have made such good progress.
I like that color of the pear. I am a zip through the field trip too. I laughed at that. I am always in such a hurry. I guess I am not a very good field tripper. I love your coverlet colors.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

I always love your posts, sweet friend, you are so honest about yourself! The aquarium trip sounds like so much fun! And I too love the soft blush color on fruit, truly a gorgeous shade! Have a blessed and wonderful New Year :)

M.K. said...

With tea, my very favorite thing is shortbread, but we hardly ever have it around the house. Any cookie or piece of toast will do. That pear is really lovely - what a deep, yummy color!
Yes, it was sunny here today, but VERY windy, and thus very cold. Unpleasant for us southerners!

Lisa Richards said...

You and GM have some lovely pears! I bought a pretty coverlet, too. Maybe I'll show it on my blog. :) That sweater is one of my favorite colors. I had a biscotti with my tea this morning. Probably better with creamy coffee? I received it in a bag of favors from a widow's luncheon. Not a big fan. I'm not a good field tripper either. ;)

Gumbo Lily said...

I've started drinking a new (to me) tea called "Teeccino" which kind of tastes like coffee. There are many flavors and I've had fun having a "treat coffee/tea" each afternoon. You should try them. I love coffee, but am trying to back off, so this is a nice alternative with no caf.
Banana bread with tea/coffee.