Friday, August 25, 2017

Freda Friendly

 School is in full swing and even before I became a language arts teacher (when I was 45 - gulp) I have always thought that school buses were a thing of beauty.  Do you?  They represent so much: learning, youth, communities, families, and most of all children.  Yes, let's keep praying for the children in our cities and towns. 

Miss Plum Cake made PINK play dough.  Green for James.  Pink for Liz. 
 We went to a different McDonald's for lunch and we saw (shocker) DIFFERENT people!  I noticed such a variance in ages.  One elderly gentleman looked sweaty like he'd taken a long walk.  He sat down and thoroughly savored a vanilla ice cream cone.  There were young office workers eating burgers.  Families.  It felt good to be in the middle of all that.  

I jazzed up a Walmart scarecrow (6 dollars) and I think she looks VERY scary.  No.  She looks very happy, doesn't she? My mom called her scarecrow Fred Friendly, so this is Freda Friendly. 

 Sam became a Brownie last night!  So cute! 
 We stopped for Mexican food before the bridging ceremony (you go over a little bridge to transform from a Daisy Girl into a Brownie) and our food took so long to come that we pretty much had to put it right into the take away containers.  I scraped the innards out of my veggie chimichanga and made it into an omelette this morning.  How very veggie of me. 
 I found a photo of a VERY green zinnia from days gone by.
 A similar shape made by either my granny or my mother in law!
Peppers!  So good and so good for you.  Do you eat them?
 I wrote this on a log in the woods in SW Washington a few years ago.  I liked finding this photo.
Good news!  I have an appointment at the Apple store to see if I can get my battery serviced or replaced in my phone.  I like my phone.  I don't want a new one.  I hope it works. 
We have James and Noah coming in the morning and Kelli's girls coming in the afternoon tomorrow.  Cook out!  Burgers!  More hot weather.

Oh, by the way, I was thinking about what I have TOO much of and it made me wonder what YOU have too much of.  I have too many shoes, too many books, too much art stuff, and maybe too many dishes.  How about you?
Thank you for stopping in for a visit.


Jennifer Hays said...

I remember my Girl Scout bridging ceremonies very fondly. I was a Girl Scout for 10 years and have my Gold Award. I'm very proud of that. They didn't have Daisies when I started, though. I started as a Brownie when I was 7, I think. I love that you people-watch in McDonalds. I do it too. Today I took my kids to Wendy's and I really enjoyed watching people, and also the TV, which had Days of Our Lives with the closed-captioning on. It's been years since I watched a soap opera and it just seemed so entertainingly ridiculous what these people were discussing and doing. Best lunch I've had in a while! :)

Gumbo Lily said...

Oh, I remember being a Brownie and then a Girl Scout. I didn't do it for long, but I did enjoy it.

I like Freda Friendly. You made her look very friendly and cute!

I like your scripture on the log too.

I have too many zucchinis!

Julie said...

I Love your new scarecrow Pom Pom!!! I think she looks wonderful & very happy just hanging about in your garden. I remember being a Brownie too ... & then a Girl Guide. Happy Days they were! Have a great weekend my friend Xxx

Maggie said...

Lovely pics as always. I love your yellow school buses. Chris and I always have far too much stuff and are gradually trying to pare it down but it's difficult letting go of some of it! Happy weekend. X

Julia said...

Your scarecrow is so pretty, I doubt it could scare crows from the garden.

I had never heard of Daisies. I must be old... My girls were in Brownies. I still have all Nicole's Brownie badges in her scrap book.

I love peppers and eat a lot of them. I hope that you have a great weekend.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout through sixth grade. I was so excited about those uniforms!

I have too many books, too much paper (but never too many notebooks!), too many fabric scraps. My fall project is to donate books to the library and some ongoing local book drives. And as soon as I give my books away, I'll regret it ... I always do.


Farm Girl said...

I always love your happy posts! Well my goodness, I have too many books! I have not ordered any wool or hooking supplies this whole year so I am pretty low, or I would say that. I want to use up instead of buy more this year. Except I go to the library too much. :)
I love that play doh. What a nice color. Burgers for us tonight too.
Have fun with all of your important people today. Oh, yes, I love peppers too.
Bye for now.

Wood Fairy said...

Gosh USA is the home of fast food yet you had to wait and then take it home! I think 'too much' of isn't an issue here as my ocd means we don't keep anything we don't need really, but hubby does have too many kitchen spoons/spatulas and I think I probably could admit to having too many coats as I have probably one for every eventuality! Other than that we are totally minimalist and have to be as small/compact 3 bed house with 4 people and cat to make room for smug grin!!

Kit said...

Oh my! I used to be a Daisy Leader! So much fun working with little ones. And did you know, that I once had a School Bus Themed Birthday? Because it is my most favorite vehicle. They make me cry when I see a line of them going down the road. :) I like that you wrote that on the log and I hope someone will stumble upon it and smile. The other day Jesus Christ Superstar was on and I watched the whole thing. I couldn't believe I remembered all the words....LOL Have a great weekend! Kit

Granny Marigold said...

Hi Pom Pom, I think Freda Scarecrow is kinda cute!
I'm not sure if it's possible to have too many books or dishes but those are my lovelies of choice. I don't care much about shoes or art stuff. I do have to sort through my Scrapbooking supplies again and send a box to the thrift store. That's a chore for a rainy day and we're still enjoying Summer sunshine!

happyone said...

Oh I loved being a brownie. I'm going to go and dig out my picture of me in my brownie uniform. : )

I do eat peppers and like them very much. I have some turning red in my garden. It's hard to let them stay on the plant letting them turn. Takes ever so long.

Kids go back to school here on Monday. Can't say that I ever though of a school bus as a thing of beauty but after reading why you think so, I agree.

I don't have too many books, but too many on my to read list!! : )
I guess I'd say I had too many tote bags.

ellen b. said...

I'm just never used to school starting in August but there you go, it happens all over the place. :)
Your Freda is a happy looking gal for sure.
Oh dear...what do I have too much of you ask.
Dishes, including plates, tea cups and saucers, serving platters, serving pieces, silverware, glasses, goblets and gadgets.
I just got a closet re-do so I found way too many purses. Oye!
Happy Post Pom Pom. I think I'm ready for some "Be still" time!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Great post and wonderful pictures.

What do I have t much of? Dishes, dishes and more dishes. I love dishes and loved when I did tablescapes, but it takes so long to do one. I have started decluttering, doing a little at a time.

Enjoy your week, the grands are so cute.


Fat Dormouse said...

I like the idea of your "holy graffitti"! I think I might take that verse and write it on some Ninja notes...I think you might like to join in with that Pompom, as you love words so much: write Bible verses and encouraging words on postcards/pretty paper/notecards and then leave them in random places...I often drop them in shopping trolleys, or tuck them inside library books. My favourite place is inside those foldup baby change tables that you find in restaurants...I imagine a harrassed mum or dad finding a note telling them that they are strong, or encouraging them in some way. You could even get the Grandkids to help colour/draw pictures/write messages.

Kim said...

There is something about American school buses, they are quaint and homely. I love red peppers. About having too many things....books, fabric, lace, ribbons......etc etc....I am afraid I never have been a minimalist. =)

M.K. said...

Freda is very cute - good job :) I was a Brownie and Girl Scout for a few years and loved it. That was in Virginia, and I did not continue when we moved to Mississippi, sadly. I had a little brown uniform with the fun socks. I still have my GS sash, hat, and book.
Too much of? Books. Dishes, probably. Furniture, a bit. Clothes, probably. So many bathroom rugs and sheets.

Susan said...

Sweet post. Love your scarecrow, too! Thanks so much for coming to visit. Please return anytime! Susan

Tina said...

In the UK we have Rainbows instead of Daisies. Then Brownies, Guides and Rangers. :) Cute post, xx

Marcie said...

As a former scout nyself and then leader to daisies and brownies, I loved your photos of Sam's bridging ceremony. Brings back good memories!

I have too many momentoes!

Beca said...

Does laundry count? I always seem to have too much of that. With five of us living in the same house it's inevitable. Freda looks very welcoming.
xx Beca

Cat Lover said...

Great post as always Pom Pom! Love all the photos of the kiddies! I think many of us have too much of many things. For me it definitely is books.
Love what you did to Freda, she looks sweet.
Take care.

Marcie said...

If you have a moment, Pom, check out my post today. You inspired it!