Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Jenny's Move into the Big House

 Here is a photo of the staircase at Jenny's new house. It reminds me of The Brady Bunch.  There is so much sunshine/natural light in their new house!  I love it!  
Saturday night they stayed in it for the first time and Jenny sent me a text that said, "I'm homesick.  Just like in middle school."  
I used to have to drive over to her friends' houses at 11:00 at night to bring her home, so I said, "Do you want me to come get you?"  Ha!  I'm so glad we had three weeks of our sweet baby girl's company.  They'd come upstairs and have coffee with us in the morning and the girls' would creep upstairs at 6:30 every morning, full of cuddles and smiles. Bliss.
Below is her dining area.  I think her table looks just right there.  Golden.
 Here's Mr. Cuddle Puss.  He is the softest and most floppy cuddler.  

 James came along with us on Saturday morning (we had the car loaded with Jenny and Scott's stuff) and LOVED driving the big moving truck!  
 Oh!  More cuddle bug-ness!  
 Timothy NEVER scratches and he has meticulous bathing habits.  
 Here is Jenny's spacious kitchen.  I am so thankful that they sold their old house and bought this one at just the right time.  
 Up here is a loft where she could have her own little study.  There is a study on the main level for the work Scott does and the part-time/at home jobs Jenny does. 
 There is so much big sky out where she lives.  I love their deck. 

 Back at our house, the walk to the bank and post box is gorgeous! 

 Here's Timothy saying, "Really?  How can you watch this stuff?  Turn it off!"
Sometimes we call him Silver Paws.

 And sometimes it is impossible to blog.
 This October is so gorgeous.  I was thinking that right now the leaves are a treat for the sight and the PEAR is a delight to the taste.
 Mr. Stripes the lap cat AGAIN! 
THIS little smile enhanced our days.  Bill started calling her Tigger.  Plum Cake also adapted to Granny and Grampy's quickly.  She was always crawling into Bill's lap or asking, "Can we go outside in the backyard and play MONSTER?"
 I've been knitting and knitting.  I have bags of yarn and bags of projects galore!

And the usual pile of books.  We read The Boys in the Boat for book club (today we meet at Nancy's) and I highly recommend it.  Five stars.  My dad knew that coach because he was still at the University of Washington when my papa attended there to play basketball his freshman year.  I like reading stories that take place in my home state.

 Naughty, Silver Paws! 
 These are the weird gourds that a bird planted in our garden.  Some of you thought I was talking about the nasturtiums, but this pumpkin-like vine produced several funny things!  
 Red pears!  Honey Crisp apples!  YUMMY!
 Yes, October has been VERY nice, full of grace, and gorgeous outside.  And I got a kitten as per Susan Branch's suggestion!  She so sweet.  Even on her Scottish vacation she took the time to answer my comment and congratulate me.  She's the sweetest famous artist EVER.

Soon I must wash ALL the dishes and the pretend foods that are in the Wendy house.  I will sweep and tidy the outside space.  I really want to move the exercise equipment from the family room to the basement, put down soft rugs and bring our wicker rockers inside.  I am still thinking family room/Brambly Hedge.  Stay tuned.
Today I have to do my office work, go to book club, and then I'll get a haircut.  I love going to this particular hairdresser because he cuts my hair so well.  It's a treat.
Tomorrow I meet with my sweet friend Sondra.  We are going over the book Stone by Stone: Tear Down the Wall Between God's Heart and Yours by Jasona Brown.  It's excellent.  Tomorrow we'll meet at the groovy coffee shop and talk about lies we've believed that have kept us from God.  I can't wait.

Oh, I meant to tell you that I am not going to make video podcasts like I thought I might.  I like watching them but I do not feel led to plunge into that endeavor.  I might make a few little videos for my blog, but no regular podcasts.  It's just not me.  

Happiest of weeks to you, nice reader!  Thank you very much for stopping by!  


elizabeth said...

What a lovely new home your daughter has! 😍 kittens do bring joy! October is lovely! And so are you ❤

Melanie said...

Lots of fun things going on at your house! I love Susan Branch's art work too. Your daughter has a gorgeous home! Have a great day.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

You are one busy lady. Your daughters home is beautiful and they are going to love it.
Looks like you have a lot of projects going on. the leaves are so pretty, but sure glad that I do't have to rake them LOL.

Kitty is so cute and cuddly. Enjoy your week,


Happyone said...

Wow so much going on with you.
Jenny's new house is so very nice from what you've shown us. Kitchen looks huge and so nice!! Lots of stairs to go up and down but it is good exercise. : ) Love the loft. I had one of them once a upon a time.

This is such a pretty time of year.

We read The Boys in the Boat in my book club too and we all LOVED it. I too highly recommend it. My husband read it too after me saying so much about it and he liked it too.

Granny Marigold said...

If ever I get a kitty I want it to be just like Timothy. He seems so lovely!
So is your daughter's new house, lovely, that is.
And those red pears. I've never seen any like them.
I bought some little gourds just like the ones you grew. They're cute.
Happy Wednesday to you.

Anonymous said...

How very nice for your daughter and family to have a nice home that lets lot of light in. A big kitchen with lots of storage space is a treat. That's sweet that you got that phone call saying she was homesick...
Looks like you are having a full week again with lots going on. Have fun!

Julie said...

So much loveliness in todays post dear Pom Pom - it feels like you are chatting to me as I read of your comings & goings :-) Timothy is just delightful ... it fascinates me to watch them groom themselves - I love it. Your gourds are great - they are one of my favourite things - how wonderful the birds sowed them for you. Have a wonderful day x x x

Kezzie said...

Her house is gorgeous! She is very fortunate!!! I really like it.
Timothy is JUSt darling!

TexWisGirl said...

their new place looks great. love your little silver paws.

Marcie said...

Your Jenny's house looks so nice. Now for the fun of "feathering their nest." :D

I loved the idea of you podcasting, but you definitely should not do anything that doesn't feel right for you. I will look forward to some videos here on the blog.

October has been so beautiful. I forget between Octobers how wonderful it is! I am celebrating the beauty of each day! said...

Oh congratulations to them and yes, it does remind does look like the Brady Bunch. They will enjoy their new home.

Enjoy all your endeavors....and October.

Gumbo Lily said...

Lovely home! I wish them many years of joy and bustling family life. I can imagine that Jenny was homesick, wanting to be where lots of hygge and love lives!

Farm Girl said...

What a nice newsy post. I love the new house too. What a nice place. Will Jenny be able to have chickens? Your Timothy is about the cutest kitty I have ever seen.
I love all of your yarn. Your skies are so pretty and blue and I love the brightly colored leaves.
It sounds like you have had a nice week. It was nice to stop in here after watching the debates. I love your world of sanity.
Have a great evening. I bet you are already asleep.

GretchenJoanna said...

I do like all your talk about rugs and kittens and coziness... I myself am a little chilly right now and need to go snuggle under the covers! Happy Fall!

Wood Fairy said...

Jenny's house is pretty and full of promise, she will have so much fun making her stamp on it. Your little kitty looks content (I am so glad you got one after so long wanting). We have the most fabulous Autumn here but I haven't taken any pictures - must do that! Betty

Cat Lover said...

Your daughters new home is just lovely! This October seems to be one of the most beautiful ever. The leaves are so pretty, the weather has been great(well, up until today!) and my hubby has had some time off so we can enjoy it together.
Continue to have a wonderful week and give Timothy a snuggle from me.

Deb said...

What a treat to move into a lovely house. She will have so much fun making it her 'nest'. I'm really enjoy fall. too. as the weather in Ontario has been gorgeous. We couldn't ask for better. Today it rained a bit so I was inside after cat-sitting to clean our little place. Give that Timothy a cuddle for me. Such a darling kitten. I enjoy your blog. :) Deb

Jean | said...

Karen, so many good things to comment on in this post; but when all is said and done, Timothy the cat is so adorable that he's erased everything else from my brain! :D

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Sweet Timothy, what a precious kitty he is - no scratching, why that is mighty kind of him! So happy for Jenny that she found a home just perfect for her family, it is beautiful, those stairs make me tired just looking at them though, lol! Always a delight to visit with you! Enjoy your book club meetings, sounds delightful :)

Kim said...

Your daughter's new home is lovely; love the loft, what a gorgeous space. She'll get fit climbing up those stairs all day. How nice to meet with your friend at a cafe and chat about books and life. Isn't it funny how cats always look so at home and comfy. Your posts are always filled with such contentment and love. Love all those baskets of woolly yumminess!

Lisa Richards said...

I'm glad to see you're loving your kitty so much.
Good news that the kids are all moved in. I know you'll miss them!
I love the idea of a Brambly Hedge family room. Go for it!
It's good to know when you're not called to do a a podcast. You have a very full life! Blessings on you and yours!

magsmcc said...

Oh, videos. That would be very brave- too brave for me. A friend of mine is posting wonderful videos on her new Engage facebook page. I think you'd like Jessica. I can't believe you are still in shorts. Our autumn has been very beautiful too, but my this morning has whistled in the cold, cold air of winter on its way. I love the idea of coffee shop Jesus talk. Lies that keep us from Jesus- I hope you'll blog some of that x

Thistle Cove Farm said...

James is SO big; seems he was in swaddling clothes very recently!

Kit said...

Oh my a great kitty! You are so lucky. :) Our Fall is also so pretty and I love your photos. Congrats on your daughter's house. :) Kit

M.K. said...

Methinks you are in love with a kitty cat :) haha! I'm so glad that Jenny's move went well. Time to snuggle into winter!