Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Everyday Doings

I took a photo of this sock before I "frogged" it, winding the yarn back into a ball.  I was using a pattern for worsted weight yarn and sock yarn made the sock too small.  It's okay.  It's fun to knit socks.
Little super snoozer is a lovely companion. He pouted for a few days when Bill returned from Taiwan.  I know cats punish their loved ones for leaving.  He's cuddling right up to Bill again now.  
 The pansies are still blooming.
 I wish you could pet little Timothy.  He is very sleek and soft. 
 Look at the brothers?  Lookalikes?

 I had to start over with my Penguono pattern, too.  It was too stiff and hard and really the wrong colors for me.  I went with red and other yarns that sing with red.  My first idea was too harvest-y.  I would have to dye my hair an autumnal color in order to wear it.  Ha ha ha.
 See?  He wants to participate in everything.  

 And so does this little sprite!  
 Sam and Plum made cute jack-o-lanterns.  

 The hollyhock that I moved is so gorgeous!
 Isn't this a cute little something?  I saw it in the Papyrus store window when we were mall walking.  
 This is a house near one of Jeff's work sites.  Some Americans go loco for Halloween!  
 I adore ponytail photos.
 We made banana bread.  It smells so good, but frankly, it always makes me feel a little carsick. 
 Tim likes to catch the sunbeams. 
 I couldn't wait for this book to come but it's a bit disappointing.  The photos are vintage and lovely, but there is something missing.  I guess I wanted it to be like Knitting in America.  It's one of my all-time favorite knitting books.  
 Some of my lovely yarn acquisitions.  Woot!  Woot!  
 Trick or treat night is just around the corner!  I hung the orange lanterns this morning.  
 We don't usually get a lot of trick or treaters, but the grands trick or treat here whenever they visit.  Naughty sugar Granny.

It's a cloudy day today (still 70 degrees) and it LOOKS like fall.  I have been sleeping like a baby and I'm not sure why.  I'm thankful.
I've been finding joy in ironing, knitting, cooking dinners, holding a soft kitten, talking to Bill, connecting with our precious kids and the grands, reading my bible, appreciating food, and many other sweet pleasures.  What is bringing YOU joy these days?


Melanie said...

I really love your posts like this! I can understand your concern with the red but it is lovely. Such sweet autumn days you are having with your grands and sweet kitties (oh and Bill). Have a great day.

NanaDiana said...

Well, reading your blog just brought me some joy! I love all your sweet things here...although I would not know how to BEGIN to knit a sock I can appreciate that you do---even if you have to do some tear-outs and restarts to make your items perfect for you.

Great cat pictures. I just told someone on a post they wrote that their car would punish them for being gone--lol--not sure they believed me but maybe they will pop in here, too, and see it repeated.

Happy Fall days to you- xoDiana

Granny Marigold said...

Oh those two little boys look so much alike! The girls' Jack-o-lanterns are much cuter than scary ones. I'm not a big fan of Halloween and scary things.

Jennifer Hays said...

You are such a joyous, grateful person. It's so refreshing in today's world. The brothers look just alike, wow. Both very handsome. And the girls are beautiful and they did a great job with their pumpkins. I've been sleeping better lately too, and am also not sure why! I'll try not to look a gift horse in the mouth. :)

TexWisGirl said...

cute boys. cute girls. :)

Julie said...

Such a gorgeous photo of the two little brothers. Sweet Timothy sure is growing like a runner bean!! We dont really celebrate Halloween so much here in New Zealand ... we are slowly catching on but its not huge. Because we live in the country we dont get trick or treaters.

happywonderer.com said...

Love the photos of the sweet brothers! Fun post from beginning to end. Hope the rest of your week goes well.

Happyone said...

The two little guys do look a lot alike!!
Wow the Halloween yard is a bit over the top. Bet the kids love it though.
Like all your colorful yarn.
What brings me joy? Knowing Jesus : )

Farm Girl said...

Your posts bring me JOY! Everything in your post makes me happy. Ron was reading and I kept saying, look at Timothy!! Then Oh look at the baby, look at James!
All of your pictures are so nice and homey. I love all of your knitting and all of your future projects.
You always spur me on to greater things.
Have a lovely Wednesday!

Deb said...

Aw, your grands are so sweet. And that Halloween house..my word, what would Christmas look like. haha! I wish I could cuddle little Timothy as I'm sure he is as soft as silk.What a darling cat. I'm so glad he has a loving, forever home. Deb

Maggie said...

So happy to catch up with life in PomPom land,what a cuddly kitten he is. Have fun with the Grande but don't eat too many sweets!

Wood Fairy said...

I do look forward to your posts! there's thankfulness in them every time and it rubs off. Lovely picture of the brothers. I think I appreciate most of all this week the fabulous Autumn we are having here, the reds and russets are spectactular in the woods. Also family, everyone has been home a lot the last few days and it's so nice eating together :D, I will do a blog post sometime soon to capture some of it.
Betty x

dori said...

Lovely scenes! Speaking about a good heart of the photographer!

dori said...

Test for comment, please remove

baili said...

wow great fun is being on your blog .
little ones are sooo adorable and your cat seems interested in reading lol

ann said...

Oh wow. You went wild with this post. Those little boys are so cute. OMG and what a handful they will be for their mamma. Love the socks. You will appreciate this: 7 year old grandson Nathan saw my crochet project sitting by my chair and asked me to teach him how to yarn. His mother and I cracked up. I sent him home with a crochet hook and a small ball of yarn. Lucky for him his next door neighbor used to own a yarn shop in Denver and his mamma said that she would probably be glad to teach him how to yarn. Love that kitty of yours. I do see a trip to Norm's in my future. Not sure when. I'll let you know.

Heather LeFebvre said...

Your kitty sure is a good advertisement!!! ha ha ha! But then I talk to other friends and remember the down sides of kitties and I remember we can't have one while we have kids (plus several are mildly allergic). :) Enjoy that Timothy!!!!