Sunday, August 21, 2016

Just Walking

 This morning I took a familiar walk and snapped many photos so I could join my friend Marcie for her blog's Sunday Stroll.  
 There are so many parks within walking distance.  The mountain view from the top of the nearest park is reassuring.  
 Why don't I have any phlox?  They smell good, too!  

 We've always loved the little "short cut".

 The fifth graders from the nearest school maintain this little library.  So sweet.

 If you'd like to see a few other strolls, pop over to The Quiet Country House.  Thank you for strolling with me!  

Now on to other blog things!  Here's a nice lipstick smooch from Plum.

Hi Handsome!  James is getting SO big! 

It seems forever ago that CB was here.  We had a lot of fun.  We talked and talked.  She is so precious, such a sharp little cookie. 
 She learned to use a knitting spool and made a snail! 


James spends a good bit of time in the Wendy house.  We found the phone that hangs on the wall so he's busy texting.

He likes eating things that make his tongue change colors.  So funny.  

I'm having so much fun knitting socks with fancy yarn I bought at a new-to-me yarn store close to our house!  Yippee!  

Now that Sam is back at school, Plum and I are back to our once a week routine.  She's such a nice little lounge-around-cuddle-bug. 

I'm finding it very soothing to knit a little in the early morning.

Our Kelli's family lost their dear dog this weekend.  He was old and ready to go, but dogs' lifetimes mark time periods in families' lives.  He was so loyal, so attentive, so sweet.  We're feeling sad.  They came for dinner last night and then I went shopping with Kelli today. She's feeling fragile.  Homeschool starts tomorrow and she is changing curriculums (Classic Conversations).  She's got A LOT on her plate, my girl.  
Which reminds me that God is GOD, there's no doubt about it.  He's the answer.  He's GOD and we are His creations.  We're meant to completely depend on Him.  I'm SO glad!

This quote is by Richard Foster from a prayer journal I've had forever.  The cross is mine. 

I don't usually say, "I'm really busy." I figure everyone is busy doing things, but I think we have had a busy summer and I am longing for fall when somehow things do calm down a bit.  I have so many things at home that I like to play with: yarn, pens and pencils, fabric, books, dishes, and flowers.  I like making soup and having 11 o'clock tea and cookies.  I like walking the neighborhood when the air is cool.  
How are you doing with the last part of summer?  If you are in Australia or New Zealand, how are you doing with the end of winter?  
Sending heaps of love and good wishes your way, cheerful visitor.


Marcie said...

Beautiful post, Pom! I love how you eased from your stroll right into all the news of family and home life. Love it! Thank you so much for strolling along!

elizabeth said...

Busy here too! but Autumn -early Jan is our most busy time! So am trying to pace myself! Lovely stroll! and yes God is the answer and He will help us and have mercy!

Happy@Home said...

Loved strolling along with you today. I so enjoy glimpses of how things look in other parts of the country/world.
Adorable pictures of your grandchildren. The colored tongue made me laugh.
I am looking forward to coolish walks around my neighborhood. We have a ways to go before that will be a reality.

GretchenJoanna said...

That is pretty yard and it's making into fun socks for sure....

You have a very nice neighborhood to walk in, at least at this time of year... that bumblebee on the sunflower is new to me, with his big stripe... I will be thinking of you when I take my walks.

TexWisGirl said...

i'm sorry for the loss of the family dog. i know that feeling of loss and sadness. you never quite get over it. :(

beautiful blooms on your walk.

Gumbo Lily said...

I so enjoyed the stroll with you, Pom. I see that there are some bike tracks on the short-cut trail! I'd go that way too. Dirt road/path.

Your socks are going to be so fun!

I totally hear the mom's heart about homeschooling. My OnlyDaughter starts homeschooling her kindergartner tomorrow. It's a big job, but a very rewarding job. Tell her to have fun. Better to see Mom having fun and smiling than anything else!

Love the quote. Very Much.

Happy August days to you!

Debi said...

I enjoyed your stroll, it was rainy here today so no stroll for me. I like to be at home also. Our nights are beginning to cool down and fall is certainly coming. I will miss the long summer days, but I look forward to the warm fall days and cool nights.

Granny Marigold said...

Thanks for sharing your morning walk. You have a lovely view. My own walk takes me past our nearest little library every morning. Often I'll stop and make it orderly and neat.
I have white Phlox which fortunately are not near the house because every year around this time they get mildewed ( did you know plants can get mildew from too LITTLE moisture as well as too much?). They still have their gorgeous big blooms and the mildewy leaves are mostly hidden by other plants so it's all good.

Julie said...

Thank you for taking me on your walk dear Pom Pom. I love your photos ... they are so beautiful it feels like I could reach into my screen & touch the flowers. Your grandchildren are beautiful too. I loved the verse at the end, very true ... thank you for sharing it today, your timing was perfect my friend x x x

Julie said...

Oh goodness, I forgot to mention ... I am sooo sorry to read about the family dog passing away. They get into our hearts & become such a treasured part of the family. When our dear old dog passed away at 14 years old someone said to me that it helps to try to remember what a wonderful life he had with us. I found this to be so healing.

Maggie said...

Big hugs to you too Pom Pom! Your grandchildren really are so sweet and lovely. Loved your stroll and all those beautiful flowers and plants. I've been thinking the same thing this year....why haven't I got any stocks?! X

Maggie said...

So good to catch up with you again today, love seeing how much fun your little ones have at your house! Lucky Nana Pom Pom. BTW love the sox1

Nancy McCarroll said...

Pretty pictures from your walk. And you are coming along on the socks. Those grands are stinkin' cute!

Gene made tomato sauce with meatballs and sausage yesterday and left it on the stove to simmer while prospective lookers/buyers came for a house peek. We are praying that God has the right family in mind to buy this house.

Out on the prairie said...

A most enjoyable walk and post. I like the tongue colors idea.We were eating popsicles and watching how each color changed the color on our tongues, trying all three flavors on a hot summer day.Have been at the state fair this last week showing Baby Doll sheep,whose wool is similar to cashmere.

Melanie said...

Thank you for letting us take a stroll with you! Lovely phlox. They grow wild along the roads here in the spring. Love the smooch too! Have a blessed week.

ML Brinkley said...

Lovely post! Those children absolutely glow -- beautiful. I liked the photos of your Sunday Stroll -- I might would like to join you in that blog if I can remember! My computer brain's memory is getting full I think -- need to start making lists. I wish I could knit but have been spending time coloring and cardmaking. I am going to continue on a quilt I need to finish in the next couple of weeks. Do you sew? Do you have a special place for your machine, like a whole room just for sewing? I am at odds with my sewing space and just looking for ideas. Ah, it is Monday -- guess I should get started Monday-ing. Have a wonderful day, Pommy!

Lisa Richards said...

Your posts are always so packed with good and inspirational things! Thank you for sharing all the goodness. :)
I sympathize with your Kelli. Homeschooling is a big commitment, but such a satisfying and creative endeavor. One day at a time!
I love the little free library in your neighborhood and enjoyed the stroll. I didn't realize you were so close to the mountains! A gently rolling neighborhood, lol.
CB is blessed to be part of a family of knitters. It will be second nature to her. My mama taught me the very basics, but she was just a dabbler herself and I had a short attention span, I'm afraid. Knitting socks is something I've wanted to learn, but maybe I have TOO many interests and need to narrow things down?
Love those grandkiddos! Enjoy wandering into fall. :)

Farm Girl said...

Its so nice to come in and take a break and see all of your beautiful pictures and see all of your goings on in your lovely world. I think homeschooling sometimes puts to much pressure on ourselves than it should.
Poor Kelli. I will be praying for her.
I hope you have a lovely week. said...

You have been busy. Losing a long time pet is very hard. Sorry Kelli's feeling overwhelmed with all that is going on. May she feel God carrying her through...
Your Sunday stroll was very nice and I like that short-cut!
Hope you have a good week.

Wood Fairy said...

I am spending as much time outdoors as possible, the UK is enjoying odd days of very hot weather but I am sensing Autumn approaching and have been foraging for berries, also day trips to the beach to sit and read while we have warm days. So sorry your family dog has passed on, it leaves a huge gap as pets are so much part of the family. You have got me thinking about 'busy' I think we feel we have to justify filling our time and make ourselves busy but what we need is to be still ... I am going to give that some thought this week ('be still in the presence of the Lord and know that he is here' is singing in my head now!). X

ann said...

What a lovely stroll with really pretty flowers. I can't believe how big James is getting. Isn't funny how little boys seems right at home in the play houses? As they should. Does it seem odd to you that are not going back to work right about now? Sometimes I really miss it, but I am truly glad that I am spending this first week of school at home.

Come Away With Me said...

Thank you for the treat of a walk through the neighborhood with you! Lots of color to be found there, so many pretty flowers and berries and leaves . . . your newly knitted socks will be perfect when winter comes.

magsmcc said...

Your rhythm is so clear and so beautiful in everything that you write and snap! Today is my very last day of the holidays, and I am resolving to do not very much at all. You are such a wonderful mum and granny. It is a wonderful, wonderful thing to be able to talk to your mum x

Heather LeFebvre said...

Boy our summer was busy too! I always look forward to the break from school so much and then somehow it almost becomes more stressful in the summer with all the running here and there and extra house projects and visitors. Life has taken a decided turn for the better with the return to school schedule! Phew!!! And there is something in the air that is saying fall is around the corner. I saw mums for sale in Aldi yesterday. And the unopened tin of pumpkin spice tea on my pantry shelf is looking pretty good. :)

M.K. said...

I've had lots of homeschooling friends who've been in Classical Conversations groups, and they REALLY love them! My s-i-l started and directed a CC group in W.Va., and so many children benefited. It's a great program educationally, and it gives the kids that extra friend time and a chance to learn from other parents. I hope it helps her a lot!

Love to see your knitting. I need to get back to my yarn. Your flowers still look so fresh. Our greenery here is turning decidedly brownish and flowers are fading. Fall!!!