Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lolly Gagging and Dilly Dallying

 We found a lovely tree trimming/gardening business (they'd been working around our neighborhood) so we had them do some much-needed tree trimming.  Now if it snows before the leaves have fallen, branches won't break.  We were also worried because this lovely maple (our one beautiful tree) was spreading her arms to rest on our neighbor's roof.
 Yes, so while other people do things, I sit and think.  Ha!  

 We found bargains at the Home Goods store.  Twelve dollars for lovely white gowns! 
 James likes to wear his jammies instead of clothes!  So funny!  He came over this morning while his mama went to her OB appointment.  

 I had the privilege today of lunching with a sweet friend.  We had so much fun.  I love one-on-one so much better than group gatherings.  I've participated in a lot of group gatherings and they CAN be fun, but not as fun as across-the-table sweet communion with one dear hearted friend.  Bliss.  

I've been watching podcasts (knitting and such) which has revealed to me that I am out of the loop (ha ha ha) when it comes to knitting.  I am on Ravelry but it's a mystery to me.  I don't have a stash like the podcasters do.  I don't have a stash of fabric per se either.  I have some but not a lot.  I think it's odd that I don't hoard such things.  I do hoard books, shoes, and journals.  Oh, and colored pencils.  And stickers.  Do you hoard anything?
Don't "they" say hoarding is a fear of some sort?  A fear of being without?  I can relate to that.  I do not want to run out of paper towels or coffee.  I MUST have rice milk to put in my tea or to moisten my cereal.  I have a lot of essential oils and I'm not ready to give up my monthly order yet.  I've noticed that I like to have many books by favorite authors.  For example I have rows of Rosamunde Pilcher,  the Mitford books, Elizabeth Goudge, Gladys Taber, anything about Beatrix Potter, Susan Branch books, some favorite juvenile novels, and multiple copies of Little Women and The Wind in the Willows.  I gave away half of my "how to eat" books.  I keep books about writing.  I keep my books about how to know God, how to really walk with Jesus.  I have many bibles. 
So I do hoard books. I do not want to part with them. I guess what we gather and hold on to reveals what we love and maybe I "like" knitting and yarn but I don't love making things as much as I love reading and writing.  Overall, I enjoy listening to people talk about what THEY love.  Do you?

It's time for tea.  Thanks for reading my rambles.
YOU are kind to do so.


Terra Hangen said...

I see we love many of the same authors. Like you, I have many editions of Bibles and am reading my new this year to me ESV Read the Bible in a Year edition which I love. Every day it has readings from the Old and New Testaments. Is it possible to hoard flower and vegetable seeds? I think I might!

Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage said...

Marie Kondo teaches that we should only surround ourselves with things that we truly love. I'd say you're doing just that, not hoarding. Collections of love, is what you have. Much love.

Jean | said...

Karen, I'm with you -- the occasional big group thing is fine, but for the most part I prefer one-on-one conversation. And books? There's always room for one more!

Anonymous said...

I wish a tree trimming outfit would come through my neighborhood and I wish my neighbor was as conscientious as you when it comes to her maple tree. I like the relaxing position you have when major work is going on. I do hoard some things. What I'm willing to confess to is that I hoard books and I hoard plates and pretty glasses and platters and tablecloths and napkins. Oh dear.

Julie said...

Hello Pom Pom, I have just been out this morning to meet with a lovely friend for coffee ... so yes, like you, I love one on ones much more than group gatherings. I think I enjoy it so much more because I dont do it that often so it is treat. I must confess to fabric & craft supply hoardings .... I try to have a cull every now & then & the Op Shops benefit.

Debi said...

I love your rambles!! I hoard photographs, and books (read and unread), yarn and anything that I think I might need to craft (right now I am collecting empty toilet paper rolls... don't judge...) My grandson loves his jammies too... James is adorable!

Gumbo Lily said...

How wonderful to get your big maple trimmed up. I'll bet your neighbors are happy too. We have a huge tree that's dying and needs to come down. Sad, but necessary.

I like dilly-dallying sometimes.

ann said...

Your tree must feel much better after a good trim. Lolly gagging or dilly dallying--both with purpose are healthy.

Nancy McCarroll said...

Now WHAT, dear Karen, do you do with all your essential oils that come to you monthly? I am using lavender and medieval oils that are aoLD and still have lots left. I put it on cotton pads and slip it under my collar so I can enjoy the scent all day. You must vaporize yours. That could be an entire pist!?!?

Melanie said...

I have a very hard time parting with books too. I have the Mitford series as well as all the books that Miss Read wrote. I do hoard a bit until no more room and then I have to make decisions. I do have a small fabric stash when I was wanting to really get into quilting. It just sits there. Maybe someday. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Farm Girl said...

I do love when you write like this. It always is so charming and uplifting to me. I know so few people who have the same kind of favorite books. I find I breathe inward sigh of relief. I always feel so out of the loop too. I like what you hoard.
I hoard books, and pens and notebooks. I don't hoard wool nor do I have a big stash of wool or cloth or even lots of hooking things like I see on blogs. I would say, my biggest hoard though is books. Chickens might fall under that category as well. Though I am trying to keep a lid on it. :) I always love to see what you have been doing and I am glad you got your tree trimmed. I like it when trees get trimmed. They always look so much better. Have a lovely Friday.

elizabeth said...

a delightful post! I love books and have those most of those; yarn and fabric I have, stamps enough to make nice notes, craft supplies, toys for when kids visit. I have a pantry that I love to have and be able to share! I finally was able to get rid of clothes that I no longer needed but had not found the time to give away!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Don't feel bad I hoard a lot of things..... like fabric, dishes and magazines. My son just shakes his head when he comes to visit.

This past weekend I had my granddaughter here and we went through my stash of fabric and I told her she could have what ever she wanted. So we got a empty tub and filled it up. She is 13 and is quite the seamstress. Make a lot of her own clothes. Her dad put her in a sewing school in the summer and she loves it.

Sounds like your got your trees ready for the winter months.

Isn't funny how children like certain things. It amazes me on some of the things. LOL

Well I'm off to dilly dally some this morning. LOL


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I hoard books. In fact, I'm trying to weed books right now and I find it quite painful. The minute I send a book out of this house, I know I'll desperately want to read it again.

Like you, I have very little stash. I never understood yarn stashes, except for sock yarn. But if you're buying yarn just to buy it, how do you know much you'll need?

A fabric stash makes more sense to me, but I tend to buy fabric for a project, not just because it appeals to me. Maybe because if I bought fabric simply on the grounds that I liked it, I'd go broke!


Marcie said...

Lovely, chatty Pom Pom post. :) So glad to catch up as I take a break from cleaning with some VERY gingery Lemon Ginger tea (let it brew too long!) I try not to hoard anything, because I like simplicity almost to a point of obsession... however, books are definitely an exception! Love books about farms or how folks live in their own home. Love old fashioned stories, like Little Women or The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew... Love books by Mary Stewart and Robin McKinley. Love books about healthy eating. So, yup, I pretty much hoard books! lol.

I love dilly-dallying and lolly-gagging, but have such a LONG to-do list that I must limit myself!

Granny Marigold said...

I hoard notebooks, pens, teddy bears, tea cups, and books, of course. Many other things too but I'm trying very hard not to let my house get too cluttered. My SIL told me she lifts and damp wipes every single knick knack every week. I'm afraid I fall very very short of her standards.

Happyone said...

I like one on one too but do enjoy a a group at times too.
No stash of yarn for me either. I tend to use up what I buy.
Really can't think of anything that I hoard.

GretchenJoanna said...

The world needs more people who love to listen. May your tribe increase! God bless you, Pom Pom, for your listening and loving ear.

Danette Bartelmay said...

Well, well my dear.... we ARE birds of a feather!
I too would be sitting there while others got on the business end of that tree!
I also hoard books: many, many Bibles and books about my walk with Jesus. Different versions of Little Women too. Lots and lots of journels and every Rosuamunde Pilcher book I can get my hands on.
I much prefer one on one to a group outing any day... heart to heart :-)
I do confess to hoarding yarn... it IS my passion plus it's my "day job". I have to keep a good stash for custom orders.
Like you, I wash everything down with a good cup of tea.
Tootles for now fellow dilly dallier,

Amy at love made my home said...

I probably hoard books! I don't hoard yarn or fabric, I don't really have a stash, I do have some "leftovers" and "to be used" but not just yarn bought just because with no purpose in mind to just stash. The only exception is the 6 balls of yarn I showed in my last podcast which I won, I have no purpose for those right now, so I guess they are stash! I was interested that so many of our books are similar! Have you ever read Miss Read? I think you would really like her books!

ML Brinkley said...

Hoard? Me? Never! I just have copious amounts of books, arts and crafts materials, cross stitch materials, and fabric. I am trying to work though the "stashes" -- no, I am not -- I am just adding to it. Ok, I am a hoarder. Love your yard! and Bean prefers her jammies to clothes as well -- she gets that from me.

TexWisGirl said...

i don't hoard, but i also don't like to run out of stuff, so i try to have a minimum of essentials on hand. :) glad you had the trees trimmed.

M.K. said...

I don't know if my yarn qualifies as a "stash" or not. It's about 6-8 large tote bags, I suppose. Maybe a little more. Not a room full, thankfully :) I do keep books, and I'm glad to have them, but I'm not as attached to them as I used to be. I feel myself very slowly becoming less attached to old keepsakes. I find myself letting go of them to the children or somebody else who might benefit from them. I don't want to get close to being a hoarder. Known a few folks with that disorder, and it's so damaging to one's life and relationships!

handmade by amalia said...

I wonder if trees enjoy a hairdresser as much as we do. Your grans are adorable.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I am not a hoarder, I am a collector (said in a supercilious voice...snicker!) Truthfully, I've stopped listening to folks who claim we need to de-clutter; it takes time away from de-cluttering and Lord knows I need to get rid of more stuff which is more difficult than might first seem.