Sunday, July 3, 2016

Knitting and Cozy Stuff

 I found a new bird book titled Knitted Birds by Nicky Fijalkowska.  I found her on Instagram and ordered the book from Amazon.  There are nest patterns, too!  So, I must knit a crow. 

Jenny found out that one of her darling baby chicks is a rooster!  Uh oh!  She loves Richard and hasn't decided what to do about this little bump in her chicken keeping road.  

 Yikes!  I was in a tangle the other day, but now the lovely skein from Debbie is wound.
 James!  He makes the cutest serious faces!
 I ate so many of these cherries.  I've said this before but the color is stunning.  Perfect.  I also ate a few yellow pears with just a touch of pink blush on the skin.  Can anyone describe the taste of a good pear?  It's an experience.
 So from the lovely golden yarn shall come a golden teddy bear.  Honey Bear.
 Sometimes I do what I say I'm going to do.  I made the shelf a skirt.  It IS cozy!  More cozy to come! 
 I looked back in the archives.  Last year at this time we were getting ready to go to New Zealand.  It was SO cold there and in this photo I was sitting at camp bundled in every item of clothing I brought with me.  I was having a pretty good hair day I think.
 Seeing Hobbiton was amazing.  Yes, far off among the sheep pastures this lovely circle of cozy hobbit homes really does exist.

 If I go to New Zealand again I WILL buy yarn. I've been watching podcasts and the way the ladies speak of yarn gives me a whole new appreciation for "stash".

 Lovely lakeside Queenstown!  

 Last summer's venture to Guemes Island gave me an opportunity to take photos of my uncle and aunt's sweet cabin.  They hosted SO many relatives in this lovely log home.  

 My auntie cooked on this stove.  I can call up memories of my mom and my aunt standing right here talking and working.  I just wanted to look at it one more time.  I hope you don't mind.
Bill and I are going to have a quiet fourth of July.  All of our kids and grands have plans of their own.  I love America but it isn't a holiday that I look forward to.  I  have never liked fireworks.  I do like big shows of fireworks, but it seems a bit wasteful, like burning money.
I have clothes on the clothes line on this sunny day.  Bill washed off some of our garden gnomes and toadstools.  We're having shrimp salads for dinner.  Easy breezy.
God be with you, Cutie Pie.  Thank you for calling in!  


Granny Marigold said...

I know what you mean. We didn't go to any of the big community celebrations for July 1st. In fact we had a family wedding to attend that day. I've done the whole parade and fireworks thing and now I am done.

Farm Girl said...

Have a lovely 4th. I like your pictures today. I loved your trip and I really do love that picture of you knitting. I would love to be somewhere cold.
Have a lovely quiet fourth. It sounds wonderful.

Debi said...

We always went to the local fireworks show when our kids were young, but no more. I think they are pretty, but the traffic is horrendous, so we stay at home. I liked the photos of the cabin... so quaint. Enjoy your quiet Independence Day.

Wood Fairy said...

Happy 4th July - I feel the same as you about fireworks, completely. You have a lot of projects going on, I like the black crow, I think in reality they make very untidy nests. The little fairy houses in NZ are lovely and now I want to go there and see them myself! Bettyx

Melanie said...

What fun to see Hobbiton! I just watched the Fellowship of the Ring the other night with friends. Hadn't seen it in awhile. I must say that New Zealand is just beautiful! You do some very pretty knitting! I have to say that I feel a bit like you do about fireworks. I try to imagine just how expensive they are. I read somewhere that Disney World spends around $41,000 a night on fireworks!!! Have a great day.

ML Brinkley said...

What lovely photos! I LOVE Hobbiton! And I love your coziness! Your aunt's house so cute -- I love the stove. I can just see the memories floating around. I am with you on the 4th of July. I like fireworks displays but not the neighborhood kids setting them off. It scares me. But, we will be having a hot dog festival at my daughter's house tonight! Yay for the hot dogs!

Happyone said...

Love the shelf skirt!!
We just had a missionary family visiting our church from NZ.
I would love to visit there someday but it is such a very long flight!!
Always a pleasure to stop by here. : )

Amy at love made my home said...

Hope you have had a great fourth and that you get to go to New Zealand and buy yarn!

Julie said...

I adore your knitted teddy bear ... Oh & your shelf skirt Pom Pom ... just so cosy & wonderful & lovely :-) I wish, Oh how I WISH I had known you when you came to New Zealand last year ... you were only about 45 minutes away from me when you visited Hobbiton .. I could've put the kettle on !!!!!

elizabeth said...

Lovely shelf skirt, that colour of fabric is perfect! We had a quiet 4th too, really nice to have my cousin and her son to watch the fireworks with :)

Fat Dormouse said...

I love the idea of a knitted crow! I think they have bad press - the one in the picture is sweet!

We had a lovely easy summery salad-y meal last night - bulghar wheat with feta cheese, bacon, olives, roast peppers and roast sweet potato, plus other bits and bobs of veggies. Yummy!

Danette Bartelmay said...

Oh Pom Pom what a post my friend... I LOVE it from top to bottom! All of your pictures are so beautiful. I love those hobbit holes. How amazing are those?! And that lovely, cozy cabin with its beautiful memories. I can't wait to see your yellow honey bear!
I have to tell you though, and I honestly mean this, my favorite picture is the one of you. I love it when you show pictures of yourself. You are truly beautiful. I especially love your gorgeous hair. No wonder you have such a beautiful family.
With much love,

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad they kept Hobbiton! How very fun to visit it. Love the little cabin on Guemes, too. When we'd ask our pop for fireworks he's take a dollar out of his wallet and say just burn this...He didn't really have money to burn so we never had fireworks.
Hope your week is going well.

Danette Bartelmay said...

One more thing... I am not in to fireworks either for much the same reason as you. Scott and I had a quiet day and evening together at home, minus your lovely shrimp salad.

Nancy McCarroll said...

Honey bear to s roo cute and the yellow overalls will be darlings ng.

Like seeing your New Zealand pictures.

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Enjoyed hearing about what is happening in your happy world! One can never have too much yarn, right! Loved the pictures of the old cabin and wood cook stove, it looks like a very happy place indeed :)

Lisa Richards said...

Yup, I'm not into fireworks either. I enjoyed staying home. :)
I don't blame you for wanting to look at the cabin pictures again. I recall the last time you posted them, I actually made copies of the pictures to give me some ideas if I ever felt up to the adventure of building a little house for myself. I don't think that will happen, but I sure do like that little log house!
I can't imagine knitting birds and teddy bears. I can't even finish a bunch of squares for an afghan! LOL
God bless and hugs!

M.K. said...

Looking at all that pretty yarn from NZ, I get a bit "drooly" you know? I always feel that those twisty skeins are so much prettier than the ones we have over here in the US, at Michael's store. The fancy stores have those twisty ones. I'd forgotten about your lovely trip down under. Thanks for the pretty reminders!

Kit said...

I am the same about fireworks, but my hubby loves the big shows. Usually, we are on the coast and we just keep it simple. My old cat hates all the booms, so no little works for us. :) Kit