Thursday, February 18, 2016

Chimes, Trolls, and Buzzing

 On this warm afternoon (70 degrees!) the wind is blowing.  My neighbor's wind chimes are singing away!  I found the photo above in my archives.  I don't think this little chime made much of a racket.  I am going to shop for wind chimes soon.  Do you have chimes?

While I was visiting my hometown, I was able to visit with my troll friend.  She and I had two wonderful years (fourth and fifth grade) of delightful creativity, sewing little felt clothes for our troll dolls.  We made bell bottom trousers, dresses with a variety of ties and bows under the trolls' silly little chins, puffy wedding gowns and SHE made tiny beds and refrigerators and stoves (she was SO clever and still is).  She also created a miniature postal system and we wrote itty bitty letters to each other's troll dolls.  We painted on nail polish lipstick and pierced their ears.  It was great fun! My sister played with us, too.  We grew too old for dolls and started worrying about teachers, grades, and boys.  Dash.  It was more fun playing with dolls.
 Are you doing anything special for Lent?  Going to Wednesday night church services?  Following a special devotional?  I am simply thinking about Easter.  I just might sew myself an Easter outfit (a granny dress of some sort) and I'd like to put a little more thought into a special Easter meal, too.  
Now that I mention it (he he he) I think I might visit the fabric/craft store today and peruse the spring "junk" that is originally marked sky high and eventually reduced by 70%.  Many visits to the fabric store result in very small purchases of stickers, a skein of yarn, or a magazine.  We'll see.  
Today when I was sitting quietly, listening to what the Lord might reveal, the image of a bee hive came to mind.  I had read about creativity and the holiness of it in the Apprenticeship With Jesus book earlier.  What kind of buzzing creativity is circling your brain today?


elizabeth said...

Listening to God is not easy but so needed.... we are still on the cusp of the beginning of Lent, the West and East calendars are about a month apart this year, next year the same! I am hoping to have a bit more time in my day devoted to reading and prayer, but am keeping it simple and not trying to dream beyond my capacities!

Farm Girl said...

I had to laugh about trolls, I was a huge fan of them and I had mine and I loved it so much. It made me wonder what happened to him. I had a friend and we spent many happy hours playing with ours.
I still get a bit shocked as I am reading the Apprenticeship book. Am I stick in the mud I wonder.
I like your cross that is lovely. I have those kind of wind chimes that are tuned. My sister bought them for me one year. They are lovely. I bet you are enjoying the 70 degree weather.
It is perfect nap day. Though, I have been hooking so it is nice. Have a nice afternoon,

Wood Fairy said...

I remember having trolls, I enjoyed doing their hair for them, plaiting it and so on but didn't dress mine. I like your Lent cross - every year you make one that is really lovely. Today we were in a very old church exploring, there was a very simple cross on the wall made from loose gathered willow sprigs and I liked its simplicity. Betty

TexWisGirl said...

glad the trolls you were talking about were the dolls and not the internet kind of meanies. :) i have a row of chimes hung in front of my sliding glass doors and windows that face the deck and pond. i hang them inside, though, so i can play them when i want. i like to hear natural sounds outside. :)

GretchenJoanna said...

I have a very nice set of wind chimes that our realtor gave us when we moved into our house 26 years ago. They are still doing their job in the same spot after all this time! Even this afternoon, as we have breezy showers blowing through.

Is that troll in the picture one of yours from your childhood?? I don't think I had any like that, but my younger siblings did. What I had was a large wooden troll that a friend brought me from Norway. It was gnarly and pretty ugly, but so authentic. A few years after I married, I decided it was too ugly to look at every day and I put it in a drawer, where I discovered after a while that it was being eaten by worms or I threw it away without thinking to take its picture.

Anonymous said...

We found an old lunch box of our daughters filled with her trolls or someone's trolls from way back when. Those things come out of the archives when my grand niece arrives or my young nieces arrive. I'm glad you got to spend some memory time on your visit.
I enjoy thinking about Easter and it's always been a big holiday with special menus. The Russian Easter Bread is an all day event to bake and make ready for Easter. Some call it Paska and some call it Kulich. We generally have lamb on Easter because of my Russian heritage with Persian influence, too.
Hope you have a lovely weekend dear Pom Pom!

Granny Marigold said...

I have several wind chimes hanging around the yard. I find the bigger (longer) the tubes are the better they sound. But that's just my preference.
I found a neat booklet called The Lord of the Rings... Forty Days of Meditations, Scripture Readings & Prayers for Lent & Holy Week. I'm following along with that ( and plan on watching The Lord of the Rings on DVD again soon.)
I hope you found good deals at the fabric store today.

Gumbo Lily said...

I remember those trolls, but I wasn't really all that into them.

I have a wind chime. It's out by my clothesline and sometimes it sounds very loud and clanky when the wind is really blowing hard (like today).

I like your crosses very much. I have been reading from Luke, focusing in on Jesus' life during Lent.

Buzzing creativity? I'm starting to embroider on wool -- an online class from Craftsy. It's going to be fun, I think.

Amy at love made my home said...

I was thinking that I needed to make more of an effort for a special Easter meal too. I have a set of bamboo wind chimes, but have been on the hunt for a metal set for a long time, I either don't like the sound or they are too expensive, but I will keep hunting! I hope you find a set that you like too! xx

M.K. said...

I think I was doing Lent, but it happens that on our Tuesday night Bible study, Adam has been teaching through the book of John. And this past Tuesday we were studying the resurrection on Easter morning. The study was so fun and interesting that I decided to come home and study more, and do a blog post on it to keep the thoughts somewhere. So ... I guess I did a Lent blog post, kind of early? haha! Our church will be doing a Seder Supper on Thursday eve before Easter.

ann said...

No wind chimes here. We did have some wind, but not as much as Denver. My daughter's tree business is on alert this morning to help clean up damaged trees. I remember trolls. Didn't have any. I played with horses. Yes, we should meet at the DBG again. I wanted to go see the drift wood horses, but missed them. Easter is early this year. It falls on Heather's birthday. Won't that be interesting?

Julia said...

I don't have a wind chime as one of my neighbour wouldn't have appreciated the noise but she's gone now and I still don't have a wind chime.

I didn't own a troll doll but my kids did. It was the rage in the 60s. I thought they were ugly. lol.
I haven't seen one for a long time till now.

I remember sewing a lot of doll clothes for the kids and their barbies and Cabbage Patch dolls, I even made the Cabbage Patch doll for the kids as they were too expensive in the stores. People were grabbing them off the shelves like it was gold...The kids really appreciated that they were homemade and softer than their friends' bought Cabbage patch dolls.

Have a great day, Hugs,

There are 36 days to Easter. There's still time to reflect on how Jesus is calling me (us ) to follow Him. I've been less than perfect in my reflections and it's good to be reminded.

Nancy McCarroll said...

Show us your granny dress!

Yes to Lenten practices. Fish on Fridays, a new trick for an old goat here.

Love to find spring junk!

Happyone said...

Yes, I have chimes, nice big ones that I hear all the time. Had troll dolls too. Wasn't as creative with mine like you though. : )
I'm a Baptist and we don't do anything for lent but we go to church every Wednesday evening.
I'm working on a few projects, three knitting ones, weave-it squares for another baby blanket, a needlepoint and a counted cross stitch. I know too many things at one time!!

ML Brinkley said...

Hi Pom Pom -- funny you should mention wind chimes. We have been looking at some lately and I would love to have some. My husband has been looking at those really big ones with the deep tones -- sounds like a cathedral! He can't decide which ones he likes the best though so I imagine we will keep shopping. My goal for Lent was to get into the Word more but so far I have failed miserably. I need to step it up. We are busy doing projects for our children's Sunday School class so that is keeping us "in the zone". Our Sunday School program is the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and we are working on things for the atrium. It is great fun and such a change from the Sunday School classes I taught years ago. So, that is what we have been doing! And, yes, I will cook Easter dinner.

ML Brinkley said...

Oh yes, I had a troll but I can't remember if it had yellow hair or pink hair. I wish I knew what happened to it - I really liked it!

magsmcc said...

I'd like to be able to gather branches from outside and make them look other than dead wood in a pot adorned with strange homemade things pretending to ge Attc 24 creations! In face I might just get around to sewing on the strange homemade things which are currently still just pinned to last year's Easter wreath! And then I can give gack her circular needle to my fery crafty friend who lent me it last Lent! I do lve the idea of making a dress. Maybe I'll get around to finishing my tankt! Still reading Acts with the boys. Enjoying their prayers x