Thursday, January 7, 2016

Tea Tales

 Do you know about The Borrowers?  If you do, you probably like to think about them listening to your footsteps, waiting for you to go to bed so they can come out and borrow a thing or two.  They NEED stuff!  I've often wondered why they haven't taken the tiny little mug that says "Jenny" on it or the tea set that Sandra gave me.  I'm so glad that Bill bought this for me, this full set.  Mary Norton was brilliant. 

Below you see the yarn winder that the Left-Handed Housewife (Frances) sent me when she read about my yarn winding troubles.  When our daughter in law April was here this last weekend she showed me what to do but it was kind of funny, me turning the handle too fast and she patiently holding the yarn and laughing because we were not in sync with one another!  I'm trying again by myself and look at the potential tangles.  
 My sweet neighbor gave me one of her teapots.  She is clearing away things she says she no longer needs and offered this one to me.  Isn't it sweet?  Like a picture. 
 Poor flamingos!  I should bring them in.  

 I haven't talked about Betty for a while.  She came out to play today, wearing her pretty dress that we brought to her from the Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC.  She is such a good girl, so sturdy and shiny.
 I warmed her first (just like my friend Betty the Wood Fairy recommended) and two bags of Darjeeling made a perfect pot.  
 I forgot to show you the copper canisters.  Copper is cozy, isn't it?  They are still empty because I have not had the vision to fill them but I will.  
 See?  Doesn't Brown Betty have the cutest spout?
 Here are the biscuits I was telling you about.  I like the vanilla ones best. 

 Some of my UK friends don't know about Almond Roca.  Here's what it looks like and it tastes like buttery toffee. 
 A few years ago my mama sent me her teacup collection.  Isn't this green one nice?

 Once again, Betty's photogenic spout. 
 January is shaping up nicely.  Susan Branch is so good to us, drawing lovely calendars for us to use, marking our days, full of thankfulness.

 The other day when I was driving the car into the garage I spied sunshine up on her hooks and I said out loud, "Sunshine, I really wish you could come down and give me a ride around the neighborhood!"  In a few months.  Lynn from England's pretty cross-stitch reminds me that spring isn't THAT far away.  I hung this right by the calendar (I know I've told you this before but I like telling you again).
I don't have to go anywhere today.  Tomorrow I am meeting a friend for coffee and we're going to hash out some of the Rule of Life stuff together.  Yay!  I am still reading all the good books and looking at other people's Rule.  After I come up with the exact way it will be I am going to make a big board to keep on my desk.  I'll be sure to show you.
I think I'm peaceful enough now to tackle the yarn winding again.  Thanks!
God be with you, friend.  


Dee said...

Brown Betty looks so pretty in her floral wrapper! I think the floral teapot should make a pretty good cuppa. ENJOY!

Jennifer said...

I love your tea pretties! Tea is a big part of my daily life, so I always appreciate seeing how other people enjoy theirs. :)

Julia said...

That red teapot with the poka dot cover is so you. I love your tea cosy or teapot dress. It should keep the tea nice and warm.

Enjoy your tea and vanilla cookies.
Have a restful day.

Debi said...

I used to be a tea drinker... not so much anymore, just once in a while and my tea of choice is peppermint. I love your tea cozy for Betty. My Cousin has a yarn winder and I use it whenever i visit her or she visits me. I love the balls that it makes! I love those copper canisters... you are right, copper is warm.

Amy at love made my home said...

I loved reading the Borrowers when I was young! Enjoy reading them! xx

TexWisGirl said...

cute tea kettle. :) and noticed your fence views, too!

ellen b. said...

Brown Betty does look so cute in her flowery cozy! I had to go to the Social Security office today and boy was that an adventure! I made it out alive!! Have a fun coffee date tomorrow!

Happy@Home said...

You know how to do it up when it comes to tea time.
Love the little cross stitch. It does look so springy.

Kezzie said...

Hello! Betty is beautiful! I also love the copper nesting tins! xx

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I love copper in the kitchen, it does make it feel warm and cozy!

I think your tea cups and pots are just beautiful, I am a huge tea drinker too.

eclectichomelife said...

It took me a while to get the hang of the yarn winder, stick with it, it will get easier and YES I love that green tea cup x

Granny Marigold said...

You know how I love tea cups and tea pots so of course you know I love the ones you got. How kind of your neighbour to give you hers.

Two of the three books I picked up just last week turned out not worth reading. I think I'll read The Borrowers instead. Thanks for reminding me of them.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Loved this post! I really like your Brown Betty as well -- I have been looking at them and think I really need one! I love the tea cozy too!

Wood Fairy said...

I am glad you warm the pot! it makes all the difference! I haven't read the book but loved the film of The Borrowers. I think there is a family of Borrowers in my house as I am always losing things but they are good and return them to me when they don't any longer need. It happens all the time with my glasses for instance. Betty

M.K. said...

A yarn winder! That looks like a helpful friend! I have such tangles too. Your lovely green cup of pale darjeeling looks JUST RIGHT -- my favorite too. We are enjoying many of the same things in January -- Brown Betty (with my girl Anna), Susan Branch (her new book). Happy winter days to you, dear Pom!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Your yarn winding story made me smile. So glad Betty has a new dress!

Now those copper canisters...I can envision several philodendron in each of them ( leaves immersed in water held by canning jars). Maybe?

Your pictures are happy and I love stopping by!

Fat Dormouse said...

Lovely to catch up on your blog, dear Pompom. It sounds as though you are giving yourself time to just "be" and to think carefully about things. May God bless your ponderings.

Farm Girl said...

I love that Bill got you the whole set to the Borrowers. I have loved them since eighth grade. I still read them. I enjoy them just as much as I did as a kid. Your copies are lovely.
I love your teapots. They do look so cozy as does your canisters. Copper is so nice and cheery. I bet you do miss your Sunshine. I Love that sweet counted cross stitch. You have lots of snow.
It makes me chuckle about your yard winder. Thankfully the boys like to take my yarn and roll it into balls. I have a terrible time too.
I wish you a wonderful day.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm glad you're getting good use out of the yarn winder!

Please keep your flamingos out! One of our neighbors put some out recently and they cheer things up considerably!


Happyone said...

I've not read any of those books yet but I've put them on my list now. : )
LOVE the tea pot.
Hope you did well with the yarn winder.

Henny Penny said...

I love your tea pots. I've never heard of the books, The Borrowers. Now I want to read them. I enjoyed this post.

Lisa Richards said...

Thanks for all the nifty news and beautiful photos!
What a nice gift from your neighbor!
I'm interested to learn more about your Rule of Life.
Hugs to you, friend! :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Yes, to Susan Branch's calendar bring cheery fun into the days! I do enjoy winding yarn, probably more than actually knitting. Not familiar with The Borrowers but think I'll look them up; reminds me of the proverb of the man who needed bread because he had late night guests. He roused his neighbor who didn't want to accommodate but the man was such a pest the second man got out of bed to give bread. Happy New Year to you and yours!

handmade by amalia said...

What a fun post today, dear Pom. Spotted kettle, pink flamingos, borrowers! I think the Borrowers have been to the cookie jar, the brownies are almost gone.

Heather LeFebvre said...

Finally managed to buy and hang both the large and small Susan calendar for this year! yay!!!