Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Ribbed Hat on Old Needles

 Yarn Along is a nice little boost, motivation to get something new on the needles.  This will be my third hat for the boys I love.  I made the black rib hat for my Bill, the brown roving wool cap for our Jeff, and now a stretchy hat for our Brad (it's his birthday today!).
I took a screen shot of the pattern.
 I have so many needles.  My mother-in-law's needles became mine when she passed away.  She had many of the plastic and metal needles and they are VERY long.  A friend gave me HER mother's needles, too.  I also buy needles.  I have LOTS of needles.  Don't you wish they could talk, telling us of all the projects they clicked?
 The needles I'm using for Brad's hat are bendy.  I like the tops of the ivory colored ones.
 I'm using the first ball we wound with my new-to-me winder from the Left-Handed Housewife, Frances.  She's so nice, trying to help me with my yarn winding problems.  
 Here is one of the beautiful books I'm reading.  It's about a French girl who becomes a bound out girl in Maine.  She takes care of a family of children in the wilds of the new world.  She's a soft and deep character, this Marguerite.  It's a lovely read. 
 Now if you are a yarn along-er and don't have time to read further, it's okay.  The light yesterday was so glowing that I snapped some things around the house. 

 The grocery store tulips were VERY worth nine dollars.  They are juicy little cups of joy.
 So are these three princesses.  They came over for dinner after their swimming lessons.  Aw.  I love their bright eyes and their loving smiles.  They each ate a huge bowl of popcorn before dinner.  Swimming works up an appetite.  
I'm joining good Ginny for Yarn Along.  It's FUN!  I love knitters.  I really do.


Tracey ~ Clover said...

What a great hat pattern, thank you for the link.
And your granddaughter's are just so sweet!
I have a lot of old metal knitting needles too and
I have been turning them into bracelets, perfect for
a knitter!

Rednesty said...

Hello dear Karen. Wow what an amazing collection of knitting needles. It must feel special when you knit with them. Your loves are so lucky to each be receiving a hat to keep them warm. I popped over earlier and saw you've been cold. Those cheery girls would warm anyone's soul. The little toadstool pepper pot made me smile too. Have a really lovely week and stay snug with plenty of yarn on your lap. Tania ~hedgerowharvest~

Anonymous said...

The hat looks like a great everyday hat! Don't you just love working with old needles. I think they were made so much better than the ones today.

Your girls are adorable. And yes ----- popcorn is much needed after swimming! Oh heck --- popcorn is good ANYTIME!

Julia said...

I love the hat pattern. I wear a tuque to work and it keeps my head war.
Nice bundle of knitting needles and yes, I love those black ends on the needles.
Your granddaughters are so pretty and sweet.
Nice photography.

TexWisGirl said...

such cuties. :) you do have some neat needles. :)

Nancy McCarroll said...

Your beautiful grand girls are really growing up. Fun to see all those needles.

Anonymous said...

Your three princesses are so cute! That's going to be a nice birthday present. My fingers and hands just don't click for this lovely craft!

Granny Marigold said...

I love the slippers you're wearing in the first photo..... and I love all your tea cups ( of course I do), and your lovely grands and last but not least I love the orange tulips!!

Kezzie said...

I like the look of the book! You could play a game with the knitting needles with the grands. Pick them all up in one hand and then drop close to the carpet. Then, each grand has to try and remove a knitting needle from the pile without disturbing or moving any of the other needles. The person with most needles removed successfully is the winner!x

Jayne M said...

I love all your knitting needles. Your book sounds great - just what I would like. On the list it goes! Love your teacups. Are you a teacup and teapot collector like me?! And Holly Hobbie. I used to love my Holly Hobbie bedcover.

Farm Girl said...

So nice to see all is well in Pom Pom land. It is nice to see all of the good things and read about your lovely life, I love all of your knitting stories.
The girls look so cute standing there. How nice they get to go swimming like that.
The tulips look worth every single penny. Nothing better than tulips in January.
I am glad you showed us all of your happy colors.
Have a lovely evening my friend.

Gumbo Lily said...

I'm no knitter, but I love hearing about all your knitting projects and seeing what you are up to! Love the hats you've made.

Your princess swimmers are sure cute. It's nice that you feed them after swim lessons. Lucky, hungry girls!

Wishing you lots of happy time clicking those needles.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

I'm sure the boys appreciate those nice warm hats. You have done a great job. Good pictures too,
Have a great rest of the week.

M.K. said...

I hope you're staying warmer? Love all your pretty photos. I also prefer those bendy knitting needles like those pink ones and the ones with the black yarn cast on. They work well. I have quite a few too, and don't use them much. I use my big needles most. I did some knitting tonight after so much weaving. Stay toasty warm, Pom!

Fat Dormouse said...

We have some of that twisty shiny Christmas decoration, which I used to put outside...However as it got battered and lost its stars it began to look less festive and more like barbed wire twisted around our fence! I didn't use it this year. I bought some tinsel instead. Mr FD refers to it as "the festive barbed wire"!!

Heather LeFebvre said...

Enjoyed seeing all your pictures from around the house. That hat looks like a fun knit!!! I sure remember how hungry I was after swimming classes as a girl!!! Often I think we had something like instant pudding. :) Glad you are enjoying Calico Bush

ann said...

Hey. We have a week above freezing. Woo Hoo. So much color in this post. Will you teach the little girls to knit? I hope so. Have a fine week end.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

I don't knit (don't know where I was when that gene was passed out) but I do have my grandmother's needles -- lots of them -- and I am happy to say that my granddaughter has a sweater knit by her other grandmother using my grandmother's needles. Very special.

Jeannette said...

As usual, quite a roll of splendid photos...and impressive knitting. Keep warm and happy to you.

Lisa said...

I've also inherited collections of needles, but not from any family. Seems that if people know you knit, they are eager to pass them on rather than drop them at the Goodwill or other donation site. Popcorn is such a good treat!!

Nana Go-Go said...

Happy Birthday to Your Boy!You'll never believe it but I knitted that hat last week for my eldest boy, in dark grey and pale grey stripes. I didn't knit the headband as wide due to lack of time (he wanted it in a hurry!)but I know it's being put to good use - rapid return to Winter over here!! I love your little vignettes of all sorts of colourful things. Your Grandbabies are just too beautiful. I hope they ate their meal after all that popcorn!!!

Elise said...

Your slippers look so cosy! I love those hat patterns, nice easy knits :)

Lisa Richards said...

So many cheerful knick-knacks around your cozy home! I love looking at them. Sweet, smiling grandkids are a blessing, indeed. :) Keep up that good knitting. You're good at keeping your family warm!

Laura said...

I want to learn to knit!
All of my family members crochet, but I have no knitters to call.

Should I look for lessons online?

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Danette Bartelmay said...

I DO wish used knitting needles, crochet hooks, teacups and the like could tell us their stories!
This is a fabulous post. I love the tulips and I will have to look into that book. The crowning jewel, however, is the Little Princesses!

karen said...

I have all of my mother's stuff when she died and I love to go through it once in a while. lovely hat and lovely girls!!

kathy b said...

THose girls have lots of Hair to dry in the winter! My mom was always worried about our mandatory swimming for gym during the winter months!
I love your needle stories

Brad M said...

Hello my lovely mama! I am so behind on my blog reading! I am so excited to see the new hat, you are an amazing knittertastic! I love your new dress! It is beautiful and looks super comfy!