Monday, April 20, 2015

The Tiptoe Guide to Tracking Fairies

 After my last post it snowed.  Yes.  I am hopeful that we will not have any more snow until next fall and so my temporary favorite color is yellow.  The lemon elixir I told you about is YUMMY!  Black tea and a splash of this = crisp and delicious!
 Do you eat a lot of cheese?  Maybe you don't like to admit you do because cheese has a bad reputation these days, but I don't care.  I love all cheese and blue cheese is especially luxurious, don't you think?  It pairs well with apples.

 With all the walking we've been doing, I'm too tired to go out and plant my seeds.  I have a lot of weeding to do, too.  Do you wait for the gardening bug to bite you?  I trust that it will bite ME!  Soon, I hope!
 I read the book below a few years ago and then gave it to my niece (another English major) but I've missed owning it.  This came the other day, an old library cast off.  Have you read it?  Everyone who reads it, likes it!  Try it!
 I also ordered this after recommending it to a fellow grandma for her granddaughter who happens to be crazy over Little Women. I read it years ago.  Cornelia Meigs was a fine writer.  She respects children and gives them a lot of credit for being smart.  
 This made me happy!  I like the way she wrote:  Yours very truly.  
 Jenny and Scott had fun up at the hot springs this weekend.  I was home with their girls.  We had a nice friendly weekend together (cherubs, they are!) Jenny brought me this cute fairy story.  Aren't the fairies adorable?  I usually don't like artists' fairies but I love the cutie pies in this book.

 The photo below is also in the book.
 Before it snowed I snapped this shot of one of the loveliest bushes ever!  The lilac!  
 I must say that planning a new kitchen and trying not to spend a fortune is difficult.  First, it's important to decide what one LIKES  and then a host of additional problems arise.  For example:  You can't always HAVE what you like the BEST!
I'm okay with that, but it means more looking.  I think we've sort of figured out most of the plan.  One glorious success is that I was able to find this shutter for my pass-through (I've been staring at a wall when I wash dishes for 20+ years) The kind people at Sliverz sent it quickly, so now we'll know the exact size to cut the hole. You can find them on Etsy, too! 
I realize that the kitchen project will NOT be all hearts and flowers, but I am taking it as a little sign that this gorgeous item, the first purchase, is so very perfect.  Yay!

I've been saving strawberry containers so I can plant seeds indoors.  This is the first year since I started teaching ten years ago that I have been able to begin gardening at a normal time in the spring.  I am so thankful.
Bless you as you begin thinking about your bit of earth.
Thank you very much for popping in!


Kezzie said...

Oooh, lots of book goodness.So is that Book about Louisa an actual spin-off from the Little Women or just a book that is similar? I DO like your heart cut outs, they are beautiful. I've never planned a new kitchen.xx

Gill - That British Woman said...

love cheese but not blue cheese. I agree a kitchen can cost a fortune if you let your imagination get away with you!

Julia said...

I love Blue Cheese or any kind of cheese and I'm a big cheese eater and even went as far as to make my own cheese. I love Montagnolo cheese. It's to die for... and I buy a piece every time I have the chance to go to the market on Saturday morning.

Your kitchen is going to be very cheery with those heart shutters. Planning a new kitchen is a big job.
I'm sure it will all come together well.

Take care.

Farm Girl said...

I love those shutters! I have had something like that pinned forever because I wanted to make some. :)
Cheese, is something I like sometimes. I love your books. I am not familiar with your Kristin book. I will look for it. One good thing about Jury Duty is it is right next to the biggest library in town and it has the nicest, old books.
I love all of your seeds. I hope you don't have any more snow. I meant to make your lemons this weekend. I just got to busy, maybe tomorrow. I love your fairy book. I watched a tiny hummingbird in a tree, I pretended it was a fairy. I really thought I could see its golden clothes.
Have a lovely day.

Debi said...

Yellow is a wonderful color when spring is here on the calendar but Mother Nature hasn't gotten the memo! We are contemplating a kitchen re-do also... it's a daunting project! Good luck!

Catherine said...

Oh yes Pom cheese is wonderful & actually making a cheery recovery from the bad rap days. I just adore your entirely perfect. Just like your lily of the valley wallpaper! Oh yes I would very much like a tracking fairies book, any day. May the gardening bug bite your bottom, well & truly & very soon ; ) Yours very truly indeed, GK x0x0x

MamaF said...

I'm not a big cheese eater in general but I love bluecheese !!! I try not to buy it so often because i'm the only one at home who likes it and I can easily finish all the package in a couple of days (shame on me ).
About fairies, I have some nice idea about fairies, check on my blog from time to time, as I will show few fairy-related things :)
As for gardening I was so ready to start but the weather set on cold again and everything is on hold. Hopefully in may.
Have a great week dear friend !

TexWisGirl said...

good luck with the kitchen re-do! yikes! :)

snow would dampen my gardening bug, too.

Anonymous said...

The shutters are so much fun. I've written down the titles of both those books so I can see about reading them. Glad you had a peaceful time this past weekend. Oh yes, a kitchen redo is a huge undertaking. Hope all goes well to the finish line!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

That "Kristin L." book, was loved by an old friend of mine. She named her daughter Kristin.

Betty said...

Your shutters are delightful, what a great start to the kitchen makeover. What a lot of books you have on the go! I can't see to even settle with one at the moment although I have a trip to the library planned on Thursday. Betty

Happyone said...

I like cheese a lot too but don't really eat that much of it, enough but not a lot. : )
I'm excited about our vegetable garden this year. I've always wanted a raised one with paths between the boxes and I'm finally getting it this year. : )
I've been doing a lot of weeding of the flower beds too. Lots of work but its fun work.

Lisa Richards said...

I love the books! I've been ordering mostly Kindle books lately, but I miss getting those packages in the mail, so I may need to order a "real" book.
I would like to cast my cheese vote for Monterey Jack. Cheese and crackers is a favorite snack or cheese melted on most anything.
I don't think I'll have a garden this year. But I may change my mind. We don't plant gardens here until May 15th. I hope your kitchen turns out as adorable as your dreams of it. Love the shutters!

Lisa Richards said...

I ordered a very old copy of Invincible Louisa. I hope it's as old as the picture looks! I look forward to reading it. :)

Aisling said...

Yes! Bring on the yellow, the brilliant blue, the bright sparkling color of blooming flowers. Woke to snow cover this morning, and prefer the bright cheer of your blog to the dreary, lingering winter!

ann said...

Hello. More cheerfulness from you always makes me smile. I wish you well on your kitchen redo. What a chore and the decisions are always so hard to make, especially within a budget. Ours is nearly complete, just waiting on tile to be installed on the backsplash. Worked in the yard yesterday; felt good. Keep walking.

Jeannette said...

I am not going to say a word about weather in my neck of the woods...well, maybe one word, what is snow? You are at least well stocked with cheer and color to weather you, hopefully, last snow.

Are those hearts the right size for framing the faces of your grandchildren for photographs?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Pom Pom ~ your shutters are lovely! I think they are perfect for YOU! What a pretty kitchen it will be!

Sweet blessings,

Attic Clutter said...

Hi POM..
Oh yummm-- lemon elixir
great idea..I drink a lot of tea so would be tasty.. (: )
have a good one ..