Friday, March 20, 2015

At Home

 Here's Samantha making the dirt soup.  Millie made some, too.  Mud is fun.
 Look at the gigantic fireplace in the dining hall, at the mall (that's a lot of prepositions).  
 Kelli's seeing mountain bluebirds out at her house!  The previous owners placed many bluebird houses along the fence.  Yay!
 Yesterday Jenny was sick so the girls came over to our house to play.  Granny was able to sneak in LOTS of hugs and kisses.  
 Don't you love Plum Cake's lovely little feet?  So young and beautiful!
 We had a lot of fun on St. Patrick's Day!  Kelli's family comes over every Tuesday so we planned accordingly.  I made very tasty stew (with no carrots because the girls say yuck to them).  Here's the recipe:
Place three packages of stew meat and one quartered onion in a cast iron skillet. Of course salt and pepper the meat.
Bake at 250 degrees for five hours.
One hour before dinner boil a bag of fingerling potatoes until done.  Take the meat out of the oven.  Drain the potatoes and put them in the meat skillet.  
In a saucepan mix two pkgs. of gravy mix with the recommended amount of water.  Stir it up until it thickens and add it to the meat and potatoes.  Leave the lid on until it's time to eat.

We had warm Irish soda bread, deviled eggs (green), green jello, and green Kool-aid.  Bill bought green jelly beans.
I read the story of St. Patrick while we dined.
 The daffodils smell SO spring-y!
Yesterday Birdie was recovering from a cold.  She snuggled under my great granny's hand sewn quilt.  Oh, I cherish these relaxed visits with our grands.
 And I can't forget to tell you:
I'm not doing any more Pauses until Easter.  I'm going up to spend a week with our Brad and Aria and Atticus.  Their mama and CB and Finn are going to the east coast to celebrate April's granny's birthday.  They'll go with April's parents (two GEMS!) and tour DC, too.  Yay!  I will enjoy being at their house!  I must remember to take my chicken boots!  I'll probably blog quite a bit so that they can check on our doings while they are away.
Thank you for popping in today.  Happy SPRING to you!


magsmcc said...

Happy spring to you too xx You had a greener St Patrick's than we did!!

Farm Girl said...

What a lovely happy spring day post! It seems everyone is sick. I felt like poor Birdie this whole week. I love your Daffydownlillys.
I always that name.
I love the green with the yellow. Your stew sounds like a wonderful recipe. I need to make that. Toes are lovely on baby feet. It is funny how such simple things make grandma's happy.
Have a lovely day.

Nancy McCarroll said...

Glad you had a great dinner and sweet times with the grands. Love hearing about you and yours.

Betty said...

Happy spring weekend! I would love to make mud stew with your grands. I have never seen a bluebird, hope Kelli gets nests in those boxes. Betty x

TexWisGirl said...

sweet little ones. :) love the bluebird, house and fence, too!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

awwww, your little ones are so sweet. :-))))))

Julia said...

Happy Spring PomPom.
The meal sound delicious and easy. I love the way you celebrate St Patrick Day. Full of fun and goodness.

So sorry the little one is sick.

Enjoy your time with the grandkids. They grow up way too fast.

Anonymous said...

Happy Spring to you Pom Pom. Looks like you've had lots of good times at your place. I'm hungry now just reading about your good stew!

Happyone said...

Sounds like happy days. : )
Always nice to visit here.

Kit said...

Oh it sounds like you had a wonderful time. Your family is so lucky to have you. You make every day and holiday so special. :) Kit

Scrappy quilter said...

Your posts are always so "happy". I so enjoy reading them. Enjoy your time with your grandkids. I agree, they grow up way too fast.

Lisa Richards said...

I love Tomie DePaola. I bet that's a good book!
Snuggling under a quilt is a necessity when recovering from a cold. She looks very comfy.
You're getting lots of good time with your grands! Enjoy!
It's snowing here.

Gill - That British Woman said...

grands are always a joy to be with, even when they are not feeling 100%.

The meal sounds good.

Granny Marigold said...

Bluebirds are some of my favourite birds! Enjoy your time away.

Happy@Home said...

Happy Spring to you too.
Your St. Patrick's party looks like a lot of fun and the food sounds yummy.
You are such a loving grandma.

Gumbo Lily said...

You are a good Irish Granny! What a fine St. Patty's Day celebration. Your little snoogems boogems are so cute. Have fun with the far away grandchildren.

Happy Spring!!!!!

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

A very happy Spring to you and your lovely family. Your little poppet looks so sweet under the quilt, the best place to be when ill and surrounded by love. You look to have had the most amazing St Patricks Day. Enjoy your time with your grandchildren. xx

M.E. Masterson said...

The meat dish sounds yummy!

Happy Spring!

ann said...

Srping break certainly takes on new meaning now that we are retired now. They boys are here for the week. It would be nice to get together while you are in Ft. Collins. Let me know after the week end if you want to catch up for a walk or take the kids to the park. I'd come play.

M.K. said...

I know I say this often, but how BLESSED you are to be so near to your kids and grands, and to have such rich, happy relationships with them, and see them so often. I know the love your help, and what good use you are making of your time, now that you are home!!! I like all the green. I've been meaning to get some M&Ms for pre-Easter nibbling. They are so BAD for us though! Don't forget your chicken boots!