Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pretty Plants

 My neighbor and friend Reve has a lovely little pear tree.  I think the fruit is like a jewel.  They are tiny and they taste delicious.  Pears are my favorite.  

 She shared from more of her garden bounty.  We'll eat the squash tonight.  
 Because I know plants do good things for the house air, I am going to indulge in more house plants (I haven't had any for ages).  This is a tropical plant.  Don't you love the colors?
 And OH!  Thank you, Lord!  It's mum time!  Small pots are very reasonable at the grocery store, so I'm putting some in where the summer flowers have faded.  Pansies, too.
 I'm so thankful for this little "pack-n-play" that we bought when our first granddaughter came into our world.  I still love the blue gingham and the cradle hood.  Miss Plum Cake still sleeps in it when she naps here.  She snuggles right down even though it's on the small side.  James will sleep in it, too.  He is so attached to his gentle mommy right now.  It's beautiful to see.  The way they smile at each other is pure love.  
 My mom's shawl is coming along.  I knit more when Jenny's girls are here on Thursdays.  I think it's because I sit in the family room with them and I reach for my knitting.  Didn't old- time nannies knit while they watched their charges?  Yay!

 Here's the cute book in which I found the cat pattern.  I have a feeling we'd all really like Lucinda Guy!
 I do like my out-of-date family room.  I mean to take the old wallpaper borders off and freshen up the white paint.  I wonder if I'll actually do that.  Hmmmm.
 So our August is almost ready to bid us farewell.  She's been so kind to us here in Colorado.  We've had cool evenings and soft rains.  September is my favorite month (my birthday!  Ha!) and I am hoping she is gentle as well.  I so appreciate Susan Branch.  She is a VERY NICE artist and blogger.  She is so humble and tries very hard to connect with her readers.  She's so inspirational.  Sharon Lovejoy is also a very personal author.  She is a busy writer, too. Her garden wisdom is epic and her heart for others shines through. I love people who tend to those they've found favor with.  Don't you?

 I'm glad my Gladys Taber collection still sits on the shelf.  Her cheerfulness is soothing.  She loved people, too.  She was goodness personified.

 My other neighbor had this thistle sack hanging from the spruce trees and the finches are crazy about it!  Now I have one, too! They cling to the net with their toes.  It's adorable!

 Thank you, God.  For zinnias.

 All of the annuals are full and prosperous just now.  
Some buggy thing is eating my basil, but it's still going strong. Can you see the lavender in the back?  
My coughing muscle has been bothering me (this virus lasts forever and quite a few of us have it) so I am going to lay low AGAIN today.  I've run out of interesting Netflix to watch.  Any suggestions?  
I hear lawn mowers chugging along and I smell decongesting smells coming from the oil diffuser.  
I think it's a good day to make some beautiful chocolate chip cookies.  I'll share.
Good day to you.  May God be with you.


Angela said...

I have Lucinda Guy's book of Motifs for Babies and Kids- it is really cool, but I have yet to knit any of them up!!

Julia said...

You do knit a lot and your post is overflowing with happy colors today.
So many things to be thankful for. Enjoy your Labor Day long weekend.

TexWisGirl said...

no suggestions for netflix. :) love your blooms and i love pears, too.

Farm Girl said...

This post is filled to the brim with lovely thoughts. I think you have a wonderful neighbor she shares with you. I am a big fan of Susan Branch and Sharon Lovejoy.
Your collection of Gladys Tabor is quite impressive and so hard to find now.
I love her too. I was just staring out the window at my zinnias I think they are the best kind of flower.
I am so glad you have had a nice August.
I am glad though that Miss September is tomorrow. I love turning calendars.
Have a nice restful day and I do hope you feel much, much better soon.

Granny Marigold said...

Love your Zinnias. I must have gotten seed for Giant Zinnias because they grew to be 30" high or more. Their flowers too are huge. Nice, but they want to fall over. Next year I'll look for different seeds. Something is munching on my Basil too. It is in a pot up on the porch so I know it's not a slug or snail. I love pears too but have trouble knowing when they are just ripe and not OVER ripe.

Lisa Richards said...

Those are cute little pears! My garden has kind of gone to pot. I don't have the energy to keep it up, but I'll clean it out one day soon. Saving my energy for mowing! :)
Nice GT collection. I'm thinking of having a giveaway every now and then. I tend to not read a book twice, so I may see who would like one!
"I love people who tend to those they've found favor with. Don't you?" Yes! And YOU are one of them.
Thanks for a lovely post full of beautiful knitting and colorful plant life. LOVE those Pack-n-Plays! :D
Take good care of yourself and have a relaxing Labor Day!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Aw sweetie, THANK YOU. And YES, Sue is wonderful. We have been girlfriends since the 70s and she has never let me down in the friendship department.

When 238 of my illustrations were lost Sue was the first one I called. She sent me a HUGE bouquet of roses and lilies and she kept my spirits going.

Love to you,

Sharon (Now you're eligible for the Stillmeadow Cookbook!)

GretchenJoanna said...

Good idea about the mums - I do need a few spots of color around here where some annuals have faded out. But not the zinnias! They are still something that I also thank God for.

Your Pack'n'Play is so brilliantly clean, I thought it must be brand new. What tidy babies you have!

Kezzie said...

I love your sensory experience here!!! Mmmm, squashes are nice!! My Mum has been growing pattycake squashes! Something got my Basil too!! Grr! Nothing else has grown.
I love the love you have for your family- it's beautiful to behold!x

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Forgot to tell you. I am a September girl too! September and October are my favorite months.


Amy at love made my home said...

Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, I hope that you are better very soon. What a kind neighbour you have to share the produce from their garden. Take care. xx

Fat Dormouse said...

Poor you not feeling well. Some films you might enjoy, if you can get them on Netflix:
Millions (
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (
Etre et Avoir (
Confetti (

The last one is fun, but a little "saucy" at times. I love "Etre et Avoir" but it might be much more difficult to find.

I love house plants but sadly the Pookies do tend to eat them, and then vomit spectacularly, so they have to be limited. Sigh.

Betty said...

Oh what nice things you found to show us today - I like your idea of more plants - I have quite a few myself, I remember as a child in hospital the nurses removed plants from the ward every night and told us plants give us good air in the day and bad air at night! I think it's true although I doubt they go to this much trouble nowadays! Your knitty shawl is looking warm and cuddly. Isn't it lovely to enter rooms and think about how you might pretty them up - being homely and creative is just the best! so pleased for you there is more time for this in your days. Get well soon - I only wish you weren't millions of miles away or I would be round to administer elderberry cordial on a shiny spoon like Mary Poppins! Betty

April said...

Hi MP! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, PP! I enjoyed your soothing post. Big hugs, Tina xxx

Nana Go-Go said...

What a lot of 'Scottish-ness' in your neighbour's garden with those trees. I think I could get used to living there! Is your wallpaper Laura Ashley? I wouldn't get rid of it at all. I love it. Have a good week, Pom and I loved your little knitted cat. (I've looked out my 'travel cot' which is what we call them here but ours don't have those cute hoods like yours,wish they did. I'm babysitting my special girls on Friday night and shall take my knitting or crochet with me too though may not have time to do anything!). Have a lovely week, Pom. xxx

M.K. said...

Have you watched "From Time to Time" on Netflix? Starring Maggie Smith. Lovely!!! Also, if you enjoy suspense stuff (mild spy movie), I just watched "Two Lives" the other day, and it was excellent. Not a happy kids' movie, but very good, serious. I also enjoyed "Redwood Highway," with only one slightly scary spot, but all turns out well in the end!! "The Buccaneers" is also on Netflix, an oldie but goodie. Have you seen "The Paradise"? Only the first season is there, but I think the first season is the only good one. And another thriller type was "The Bletchley Circle."

Enough :) I love your shelf of Gladys. I just finished Still Cove Journal, and tonight I will begin My Own Cape Cod. That's the last of the four that I bought. I've enjoyed her so much -- she is just as you describe.
You're doing so well in your knitting! Charge forward! :) Think of all you'll make this fall and winter? Isn't it exciting?

Kit said...

Oh look at all those wonderful books! You have many of the same ones I have. Pretty soon it will be time to read all about Autumn. :) Kit

ann said...

What a great post, so much color. Love your knitting colors, too. Glad that you are over your virus. Takes forever for those sore muscles to recover, though. Ok. We need a fall adventure. Any ideas?

Attic Clutter said...

O-MY what a beautiful colorful post
love it POM..'

Leslie aka the wayside wanderer said...

What a lovely shelf dedicated to Gladys' Stillmeadow. Have you watched Friday Night Lights? Get well soon, PP. Hugs from Texas.

Catherine said...

Hello Pom, laying low isn't much fun. I hope your coughing muscle doesn't wear out...coughs can be so annoying!! Especially as they like to be busiest at night all too often.
I suspect that your basil has a few sneaky green caterpillars lurking under the know the ones that are the same colour as the basil & they hang on for dear life with sticky little feet.
I love all your wonderful colour. Isn't it such nourishment for our souls. I love all the colours that zinnias come in such a lot. Do you ever pick yours? Rest well dear friend. Much love Catherine x0x0x

Heather LeFebvre said...

Wow! Look at your Gladys Taber collection!!! Well, mine is now at 3 books which is pretty good since I've never known of her before this year!!! Just turned over my mini Susan Branch calendar for September. and did you see that her next trip and book will be to Scotland!!!!? I can't wait! Yikes. It's going to be a long time before we hold that book in our hands! I hope her other book will be out next year so we have something to keep us in the mean time. We have another day of 90 and then we go down to the 70's so that will be nice. I have not been looking forward to Autumn but today I am thinking nice things about it except that it will go so quickly and be over before we know it. And the holidays always seem like so much work. Maybe I just have too many memories of how worn out one can get. :) There are always lots of good, special memories to go with the hard work. Well, I must go and cook up some dinner!!

Aura Main said...

I agree about the Zinnias! I grew them this year from seeds and I am pretty sure every seed must have grown. Yours sure are pretty and healthy looking. I checked out of my Library the BBC series Berkley Square and are enjoying it. Just wish it had subtitles but since this is an old series it doesn't. Not sure if it is available on Netflix.