Friday, February 14, 2014

Veil and a Valentine

 It's the LOVE day!  It's the LOVE day!  I wish you BIG HUGS and an abundance of chocolate.  Buy some for yourself, for heaven's sake!  My niece borrowed my bridal veil (and wore it) and she recently sent it back to me.  Isn't it pretty?  I hung it up in the living room, so I could view it for a day or so.  

 Even though we have a HUGE population of bunnies in our neighborhood, I'm going to plant carrots this year, peppers and cucumbers, too.  Yes, we still have icebergs, but the temperatures today are supposed to be in the 50's.  REJOICE!
 The other day I received REAL MAIL!  My art buddy Lisa sent me some treasures!  

 She is SO good at houses and other buildings.  I notice the unique detail in her drawing and painting.  THANK YOU, Lisa!  I am keeping all of your work on the walls or in a notebook (I'm responsible for part of her portfolio, I decided!)

Let's keep praying for the UK.  It's raining and flooding so much.  Keep them safe, dear Lord.
Also, the snow is getting a little old in the USA.  


Farm Girl said...

Happy Valentines Day! Have a wonderful day today. Your veil is beautiful. I love how pretty it is still.
I love your gift what a lovely gift.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

ann said...

Ditto on everything, PomPom. Hopefully we will have a major melt down today and over the week end. Your feiend's art is wonderful. I can't draw. Happy Valentine's.

Betty Manousos said...

happy valentine's day!

sending thoughts and prayers to the uk.
bless you.

TexWisGirl said...

love her artwork!

Bonnie said...

Love your wedding day. An Appropriate post for today.

Kezzie said...

You are fabulous dear Pom pom!!!
God bless you and thank you for UK prayers- the Lord knows, we need them!
I've never noticed your Mary Poppins background before!x

Attic Clutter said...

love the veil..happy V day dear Pom

Debi said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I love your veil... mine was my "something borrowed" so I don't have it. :-( Your friend makes beautiful drawings, I so envy those who can look at something and then draw it... I can't draw anything but stick figures and those aren't always identifiable!

Betty said...

hi pompom, I bought chocolate and lit candles for the men in my house. happy valentines day. your veil is beautiful and fresh and white. I admire your friend Lisa,s art work, it has a wholesome and gentle style. Betty

magsmcc said...

English floods are the main topic of conversation in school and everywhere. Months of sewage flowing through your home. How do you get to work or school or anywhere? Please God send the right people at this time.

Thank you for a lovely Valentine's post. We had a family dinner here, with the instruction to dress smart. It was nice. Lots of candles and the boys totally got into the swing!

I love Lisa's Irish cottage!

M.K. said...

Seeing your veil makes me wonder where mine is. In my big trunk? I forget. What a good idea to look at such things on VAlentine's Day. If we had a VCR player again, I'd watch my wedding video!! :)
Lisa's pictures are very nice, as always!

Lisa Richards said...

Happy Valentines day, Karen! Glad the envelope got to you safely. I'm treasuring your art as well and keeping it safe for when you become famous. :)
Praying for our English friends!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Karen, happy valentine's day and, yes, plant those goodies. they'll be enough to go 'round. the UK is in dire straits indeed, prayer is needed.

Nancy McCarroll said...

A sweet remembrance is that wedding veil. Lovely to have good memories within your eye range as you walk by.

Many hugs, Nancy

wayside wanderer said...

Such pretty lace on your veil and I really enjoy seeing the art. It makes me want to pull out the paints.